2It is election time . You will find sulking leaders , angry regional chhatraps and grieving dynasties . One thing always disturbs me . If party is so important , as claimed by BJP , why its OBC leaders are at loggerheads  with the party .

The mighty Kalyan Singh . who , once upon a time , was as popular as Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Lal Krishna Advani , left the party , accusing the leadership . He returned later on , only to leave it again and this time , it seems permanently .

The  curious case of maverick sanyasin Uma Bharti is more pertinent . She led the party to victory , resigned in view of the case filed against her in Karnataka and after her acquittal , when there was delay in anointing her , she left the party accusing all and sundry . Little did she realize that there is an incumbent in her place , who can not be removed at her will and there are norms to be followed . 

And now comes Gopi Nath Munde . He spits venom at Congress for dynastic policies . He is so saddened when Congress proposes Rahul Gandhi’s name for any post , because in democracy , it is party or people , who are supreme and not an individual . But when it comes to Ms. Poonam Mahajan , he is consumed by amnesia . She becomes  paragon of virtue , she should be anointed in this election only , as if there wont be any other chance , what if a leader like Kirit Somaiya is sacrificed . Poonam was denied ticket and Munde is sulking .

Not very long ago , Vinay Katiyar in U.P. was also angry with the party . He got ticket in this election and he is satisfied.

I fail to understand this syndrome . Why almost all the OBC leaders of BJP fail to adjust with the norms ? Why are they always sulking ?  Is there any answer ? I fail to find one . 




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