George Bush,Wen Jiabao & P.Chidambaram

2You might be wondering, what is common between all these three men. They belong to an august company, against whom shoe has been hurled as a protest weapon.

But there are few more members in the club. In 2008, a pair of shoes were thrown at Sarah Palin during a news conference. In March,2008 a shoe was hurled at Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as he was waving to the crowd from an open top car. On March 19, members of the Boss School of Music swung a slipper at Supreme Court judge Arijit Pasayat. This completes the list.

Let us talk today, about the 3 most prominent members of this club. George Bush, American president, was the victim of an Iraqi journalist  Muntazar-al-Zaidi, while Wen Jiabao, Chinese Premier, became victim of a protester, while he was speaking in Cambridge University. And now home minister P. Chidambaram is latest member of this set.

But still there is a difference. George Bush and Wen Jiabao were in alien lands. They had no control over the security apparatus of the countries, they were visiting at that time. But Palaniappan Chidambaram is the home minister of this country and he was addressing a press conference in the national capital and that too in the Congress Party’s head quarters and yet he became a victim. Why ?

Because, Sikhs are angry. How, on the eve of Lok Sabha elections,         can you declare that Jagdish Tytler is not guilty of 1984 riots? How CBI can issue a clean chit to this gentleman? And subsequently he gets congress ticket also, to fight from Delhi. Why Congress is so keen on him? Why can’t Mr. Tytler wait for the clearance of the court? And why on earth Mr. Chidambaram was dodging the question. If you are addressing a press conference, you have a duty to answer the question, even if it is an unpalatable one. You can’t  evade the question. You can’t duck the question. If you duck a question, so be ready to duck a shoe also. A deplorable act, but in this case an inevitable one.



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