Varun’s Hate Speech & Lalu’s “Sermon on the Mount”?

2Since the election was announced, much water had flown down the bridges of Ganga. Hate speeches are the norm of the day. First Varun Gandhi was accused of giving a hate speech against Muslims and was jailed. Subsequently NSA was invoked against him.

Then Lalu roared,“ If I were the country’s home minister, and if Varun had said this, then I would have run a roller over his chest, and thought about the consequences later. ”

Then came a little known figure from Andhra Pradesh. D. Srinivas, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee chief, thundered to cut off any hand that tries to point a finger at minorities.


I shudder to think, what is happening to our leaders. These were the voices coming in retaliation. They were trying to prove that Varun is a communal and hater of Muslims and we are secular and protectors of minorities. We must and should try to understand the inequalities of the two speeches.

Varun denies making the said statement. He says that the said cd is doctored and there is no apparent reason to disbelieve him. But Lalu and D. Srinivas made their statements in public meetings, in front of thousands of people. In both the meetings Muslim attendance was sizable and the immediate incentive to placate them, was to reap rich electoral harvest.

Varun is young and inexperienced. He is standing on the threshold of his political career and it is easy to get tempted and make a wrong statement in excitement. But Lalu and D. Srinivas are old, experienced and are definitely not standing on the threshold of their careers. Still Varun was punished and these two pseudo seculars are roaming scot free. Is it justice?

If Varun is guilty, then what about Mulayam, a three time chief minister of U.P., who threatened D.M. of Mainpuri and what about Rabri, two time chief minister of Bihar, who hurled abuses on Nitish Kumar. Aren’t they guilty also? If veterans like Lalu, Srinivas, Rabri & Mulayam can roam scot free after their hate speeches, why only Varun is facing the flak and is imprisoned ?

We need and demand an answer from the government of the day.


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