L.K.Advani v/s Babalog

2This election for the 15th Lok Sabha is unique in many ways. It unfolds very interesting scenario. One side is represented by Shri L. K. Advani, 82 year old leader of BJP. The other side is represented, as claimed by The Congress, by younger lot. As per their theory, it is important that this country should be led by young leaders. For them young is an euphemism for Rahul Gandhi. So it, in all probability, becomes a fight between L. K. Advani and Rahul Gandhi. For tactical reasons Congress is unwilling to accept this fact. But this is the emerging scenario.

During my childhood, spent in the hinterlands of Uttar Pradesh, I often heard a story. In olden days, somewhere a marriage was fixed and a barat was scheduled to go to the brides place. Groom’s side was very adamant for a hefty dowry and brides side had no option but to agree to each and every demands of the groom’s side. But they were a clever lot and to put groom’s side in their place, they put a condition. No elderly person should accompany them in the barat. Groom’s side apparently agreed but, later on they thought that without an elderly person, they won’t be able to handle a tricky situation. So they hid an elder in a box and reached at the brides place. As suspected, they were put to severe and most uncomfortable situations and tricky positions. Unable to deal and cope with the situations, they used to rush to the elderly person in the box and got answers and solutions to everything. Suspecting foul play, brides side accused groom’s side of renegation and told them that there have to be an elderly person with them. Then the elderly person was brought out of the box and was honoured and felicitated by the bride’s side.

I used to hear this story with rapt attention from my bua, chachi and mamas and heard it umpteen times and it remained with me till today. And today, when I see this unequivocal fight between Advani ji and Rahul baba, I smile. Rahul baba and so many babas of his ilk are still in the perambulator of politics and are no match to the sagacity and wisdom of Advani ji. A country as complex and diverse as India, needs a statesman, a visionary, a gigantic and yet a fatherly figure like Advani ji. At this juncture we can ill afford to have babalog as our helmsman and experiment with their child play.



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