A tale of two riots : Delhi & Gujrat

2Few days back, I was watching a very interesting debate on NDTV24/7. Anchored by suave, eloquent and elegant Dr. Pronoy Roy, it had Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni from BJP and Mr. Kapil Sibal from Congress.

During election campaign, that to as crucial as this one for the 15th Lok Sabha, you have to hear leaders of Congress wailing for the victims of Gujrat riots. So as expected Mr. Sibal started his rant about the hapless victims of Gujrat. In response to this, Mr. Kulkarni expressed his feelings about victims of Sikh riots of Delhi. To my shock and disbelief Mr. Sibal changed his track and in a voice full of grief and pain, a la Dilip Kumar, the tragedy king of yesteryear, started pleading that this subject should not be broached again and again, as it vitiates the atmosphere and generates communal hatred and disharmony.

If a mere mention of 1984 riots can reopen the wounds and so we should try to banish it from the public memory, then what about Gujrat riots of 2002? Shouldn’t they also be banished? Why on earth they bring the topic again and again and create a fear psychosis among the muslims. Each and every BJP leader has expressed regret and said that this was an unfortunate incident. A minister in Modi government, Maya Kodnani, has been stripped of her post and currently she is cooling her heels in prison. Several police officers are also behind bars and judicial process is going on unhindered.

At least BJP government didn’t absolve anyone a la Jagdish Tytler.  Mr. Tytler, on the eve of election, was given clean chit by CBI and subsequently got ticket also, along with Sajjan Kumar. They had to bow out of electoral race, thanks to public outcry, is another story. Congress can’t absolve itself from the sin. Still the double speak of Congress is going on.

It is tale of two riots, so different and so diverse.



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