L. K. Advani’s Jinna controversy….nothing controversial about it

2I heard about this issue few years back, when Advaniji was visiting Pakistan and in Karachi, went to pay obeisance to the founder of  Pakistan Qaed -E-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinna. There he described Jinna as true secular leader and the hell broke loose. I  read in papers all kind of comments, by all kind of people. Every one has some suggestions and every one was offering all kind of knowledge to Advaniji, as if he had none .

Let us go to the issue again. Qaed-E-Azam was the sobriquet given to him by Mahatma Gandhi.  No one questions Gandhiji’s patriotism.  Let us examine the issue in the light of Jinna’s utterances. On January 09, 1948 he addressed the nation in following words:

  “……………..I once more want to impress all Muslims that they should fully co-operate with the Government and the officials in protecting their Hindu neighbours against these lawless elements, fifth columnists and the cliques who are responsible for creating these disturbances, and restore trust and confidence among all the communities……………….    Pakistan must be governed through the properly constituted Government and not by cliques, or fifth columnists, or a mob, and the Pakistan Government are going to take the severest possible measures against the offenders, and they shall be dealt with sternaly and ruthlessly.”

Do we need any other proof ? Of course he was the founder of Pakistan. But his dream of Pakistan was totally different from what we see today. On February 1948 in his broadcast talk to the people of U.S.A. , he unfolds his vision of pakistan:

“……………..in any case Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic state to be ruled by priests with a divine mission. we have many non-Muslims- Hindus , Christians, and Parsis-but they are all Pakistanis. they will enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other citizens and will play their rightfull path in the affairs of Pakistan.”

These are the true thoughts of Jinna, a leader much hated in India. According to me Advaniji only stated the truth. Moreover, he was in Pakistan and as a true Hindu he should have shown courtesy to his host country’s father of the nation, which he did.

He doesn’t need my support at all. I am a small fry but I wanted to express my views on this issue and hence this blog.




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