Quo Vadis Mulayam ?

2Once upon a time there used to be a party in India, Socialist Party. I used to watch them since my childhood. I always wondered about their thoughts and actions. They couldn’t live togather for long and they couldn’t live without one another for long. So, since the days of Late Ram Manohar Lohia, they formed myriads of factions of Socialist Party. Two very prominent factions are coming to my mind: Praja Socialist Party and Samyukta Socialist Party. Would you believe, one faction even expelled Lohiaji for indiscipline. Late Madhu Limaye and Madhu Dandavate were other famous socialists, who were equally mercurial. Only surviving member of that era and group is George Fernandes.

They had peculiar dogmas, obscure theories and strange social behavioural patterns. They were rebel without cause, iconoclasts without reason and fighters without provocation. They were so righteous and bellicose that you cant even reason with them.  One thing I fail to understand was, their rejection of English. They wanted to stop English education and  would have loved to discard everything western. In those olden days, India’s nascent nationalism was too xenophobic. So they survived and prospered. They faded into oblivion , when this xenophobia receded and some prominent and quintessential socialists left this world. George Fernandes is still alive but he is a changed man now.

Then suddenly Mulayam Singh Yadav rose on the nation firmament and proclaimed himself a socialist and formed a new Socialist Party. I thought this new socialist party would be different from its predecessors but all my wishful thinking was in vain. When I read the manifesto of  Socialist Party for this election, a feeling of deja vu cropped up in my mind. The new socialist Mulayam wants to ban English and banish computers. In this era of globalisation and unshackled economy, how on earth can one think that he can do without English and computers? Does he have no educated and modern thinking advisors? Or the whole party is full of  obscurantists and fossilised vestiges of yore. The hypocrisy of this socialist is so pertinent that his own party’s Uttarakhand unit wants 10% seat reservation in prestigeous English medium schools like Wellham and Doon. Moreover, his two sons are foreign educated. Obviously medium of education would have been English. His elder son Akhilesh uses two BlackBerrys. Obviously this burly wrestler of Etawa does not walk his talk. Thank God, we know his thoughts before the elections.




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