India’s black money in Switzerland’s white heaven

2This election is turning very interesting by each passing day. BJP’s P.M. in waiting, Advani ji raised the issue of India’s black money, which is  stashed away in the Swiss accounts. And it is not a paltry sum. It is any thing between Rs. 25 lakh crores to Rs. 70 lakh crores. He said that if elected to power, he will do everything to bring this money back to the country. To my surprise, the Congress reacted angrily. They said that BJP is politicising the issue. Then they said, why Advani ji is raising this issue during election times. What were they doing, when they were in power? They also said that Advani ji is fudging the figures.

Let us look at some startling facts . While this issue was raised by Advani ji in India, members of G20 nations met in London and raised the same issue. They are rich countries, but still they felt the need to tackle this problem. Still they felt the need to brought the money, which rightfully belongs to them, to their respective countries. Feeling the heat and buckling under the pressure, Swiss banks came forward to relax the laws of banking secrecy. They are now willing to share the information with the governments, who want the information about their citizen’s accounts. It’s a golden opportunity. We must use this rare opportunity to bring back our money and use it for the betterment of our people and development of our country. Even C.P.I. and C.P.M. , who oppose every move of BJP, are supporting the issue. Janata Dal(U), though an ally of BJP, had already issued a statement in favour. Then why only Congress is in denial mood?  What is troubling them? Is there something fishy? Are there any skeletons in the copboard?

Who knows? Only time will tell. But I want my country’s wealth back.



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