Sri Lanka:Fall of L.T.T.E. & Rise of Eilam

2Yesterday I wrote about the unfolding scenario in Sri Lanka. Since the third phase of election is still 4 days ahead, I am taking this opportunity to post another blog about Sri Lanka. The demise of Velupillai Prabhakaran is imminent with no redemption in sight. His control over the Tamil dominated northern and eastern part of Sri Lanka was total once upon a time. Presence of Sri Lankan government was abysmal. Tigers ran a parallel government from Kilinochchi, with it’s own courts, schools and civic administration. Today their kingdom in Kilinochchi lies in shambles. Town has been recaptured by the advancing Sri Lankan army. It is pertinent to remember that L.T.T.E. was able to thwart their attempts to capture the town for 10 long years. Today Kilinochchi is a ghost town and Tigers are confined to a small area near the town of Mullaitivu. Once they held 15,000 sq km of land, now their sway runs only over 10 sq km. The fall of L.T.T.E. is imminent and annihilation of it’s chief is apparent. But the real problem will start after that. Once Prabhakaran is gone and the dreaded Tigers vanquished for ever, the true face of Sinhal chauvinism will resurface again.  

Congress Party always acts in a myopic ways. I can understand their feelings about Tigers and Velupillai Prabhakaran, who ordered Rajiv Gandhi’s killing. They now shun L.T.T.E. completely. Not only that, it is alleged, their government is helping Sri Lankan army in all possible ways. China and Pakistan are also fishing in the troubled waters for their own ulterior motives. My feelings are neither for the Tegers nor for the well-being of Prabhakaran, my feelings are for  Sri Lankan Tamils. Sinhal majority people are enimical towards minority Tamil people. Few liberals in India opine that since we are facing such kind of menace ourselves, we should not sympathize with the Tamil rebels of Sri Lanka.

Let us examine this argument. India now has 31 provinces. B.J.P. govt. created three new states, when the demand was made. Creation of Telangana seems to be imminent. B.J.P. has promised to look into the matter of Gorkhaland, if elected. We do not feel threatend, if a demand is made for a new state. At the time of accesion, when doubts were raised that Kashmir’s culture and Kashmiriat might be endangered with the influx of outsiders, a special provision was made in the constitution and Kashmir is protected by article 370.  Not only that, even tiny Mizoram was also protected by a special constitutional provision at the time of Rajiv, Laldenga agreement. But in Sri Lanka, if Tamilians demanded self rule, they were called traitors. India has 22 constitutionaly recognized languages. But in Sri Lanka they refused to have two official languages. They made Sinhalese compulsory and the only language of Sri Lanka. In their own country, Tamilians were treated like second class citizen. We have a grievance redress system in place. Regular elections are held even in so called disturbed provinces. And even after this if few disgruntled elements want to secede from India, it cannot be compared with Sri Lankan Tamils. They have genuine grievances and Sri Lanka has no grievance redress system.

After Prabhakaran, these hapless Tamils will be at the mercy of their Sinhal masters. India has some responsibility towards them and she should not shirk her responsibility come what may. We cannot and should not view every thing through the prism of Congress. Who knows fall of L.T.T.E. could be the rise of Eilam. 



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  1. Vidur, I’m afraid your view of the Sri Lanka from the comfort of your home in India is quite misguided.

    You are only partly right in that, in Sri Lanka, there are indeed quite a few Sinhalese chauvinists and nationalists, such as the JVP, who wish to impose their own political agendas on the rest of the country. But they are a minority. A vocal and at times aggressive minority. Every country has them. Look no further than your own country and even the US where right wing nationalists exist in abundance.

    But the majority of Sri Lankans are tired of them and their ideas. The Rajapakse brothers come across as tough nuts but if you actually look into their policies, they are Anti-LTTE but pro Tamil and pro Sri Lanka where ALL communities live side by side. This is a nuanced position many Sri Lankans have but not appreciated by LTTE sympathisers abroad. Look at the rise up the political ladder in Sri Lanka of even former LTTE leaders like Karuna Amman and you will realise this.

    Comparing the situation of India to Sri Lanka is like comparing apples to oranges. India is a very large country that without a federal system will fall apart in an instant. Not just because of the ethnic issues but also the sheer geographic size. A small country like Sri Lanka cannot afford to simply give statehood to a region because of the agitation of a minority like India can. The best it can do is to give a generous level of autonomy on a provincial level. In any case, even a federal system was rejected by Prabhakaran (showing his true motives).

    You should also do a bit more research and note that Tamil, along with English is already an official language. You are also wrong about what will happen after the war is over. A lot of people will realise that the Tamils DO have grievances and the determination to make them feel more part of the country will in fact increase. No one wants to go back to the death and destruction of the last 25 years and a HUGE effort will be made to improve the lives of Tamils right across the country.


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