59% Shameless Mumbaikars

2Mumbai voted on April 30, 2009. It was the third phase and it shall always be remembered for low voter turnout. There was high decibel campaign. So many eminent citizens and movie stars came out and urged people to vote. People believed that because of 26/11, Mumbaikars will come out in large numbers and they will vote. So when the media:electronic and print both, reported that voter turnout in Mumbai was just 41%, a shock wave gripped the nation. Everyone started wondering, everyone started analyzing the situation. I would like to state that it is not a new phenomenon and Mumbai always voted like this.

But this time the euphoria was created because of the campaign. Page 3 celebrities, small time models, starlets and jobless N.G.O.s swooped on India Gate with candle in their hands. Fully made up and donning white designer outfits for the occasion, they chanted slogans, lit candles and denigrated politicians of all hues. Our fault is that we believed them. We thought that this time they are real, this time they will stand, this time they will not sit in their ivory tower. But all in vain. 59% shameless Mumbaikars did not come out to vote. May be heat, may be long weekends or may be sheer apathy, it could be anything or everything.

I have just one question to ask? If these page 3 celebrities cannot walk their talk, why on earth they try to grab media space? Why on earth they whip the passion and why on earth they try to fool people?

Out of these 59%, there are people like me also. I woke up early, went to the polling booth of my area to vote. But my name was not listed in the voter list. I had applied two months earlier but the careless and lethargic system simply sat on my papers and because of this I was deprived of my rights. Out of 59% there might have been few people like me also. But one thing is clear that majority of Mumbaikars didn’t care to vote. I am ashamed of their behaviour, as i am also a Mumbaikar.


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