Nepal: Communism in a Hindu Nation

2I was disturbed by the ongoing war in Sri Lanka and the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils and hence last week I wrote twice on the matter. I thought that now till May 16, I will write only on the ongoing elections in my country, because it concerns our future. But Nepal government’s brinkmanship and harakiri forced me to write on the topic today.

Which party comes to power in Nepal is definitely the internal matter of Nepali people. So when communists were voted to power, I looked at the situation with alarm but finally I resigned to the fait accomply and moved on.

Then the communists started imposing their hidden agenda. The apprehension, which I had about them, appeared to be true. They abolished “ Hindu Nation ” status of Nepal. The only Hindu Nation of the world is now a thing of the past. They made Nepal a secular country. World tolerated this as there are so many misgivings about the word Hindu, though unnecessarily.

Then they abolished the monarchy. Shah dynasty was ruling Nepal since centuries. I remember Tribhuvan Vir Vikram Shah, Mahendra Vir Vikram Shah and Birendra Vir Vikam Shah, three genaration of Nepali kings, who were true friends of India. King Birendra was killed in his palace under mysterious circumstances and his brother Gyanendra was crowned as a new king. In Nepal, the king is regarded as the custodian of the revered Pashupati Nath temple. Not caring about Hindu sentiments, he was deposed by communists by a constitutional provision and after that virtually quarantined in a secluded building.

They didn’t stop here. Hell bent on hurting Hindu sentiments and that to successfully  twice, they decided to remove head priest of Pashupati Nath temple and appointed a crony of their’s. The Indian origin of the head priest was the pretext, but it was a centuries old tradition. They ignored it and appointed a priest of Nepali origin. This time there were widespread protests and they had to backtrack.

After burning their fingers they remain silent for few months. Soon they found a new target. Under the pretext of integrating maoist gurillas in the Royal Nepal Army, they started putting pressure on the army chief. When he didn’t relent and communists found him not to be amenable, he was unceremoniously dismissed. He refuses to vacate his post and the country plunges into turmoil. In this matter the government ignored advice of Indian government also.     

I fail to understand the motive of communists. They want to undo everything which are centuries old.  They want to undermine India’s position and want to sever all the ties with India. They want to abrogate Indo-Nepal treaty. They want to have closer ties with China. And they are pursuing all these things vigorously.

They should know and remember one thing. They are elected representative of the people and can’t impose their will mercilessly.  They believe in dictatorship of the proletariat, but that kind of communism is banished from their fatherland also. They are playing with fire, which will engulf them one day for sure.



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