Nepal:A fierce flower called Lotus

2Have you ever heard about fierce flower or a fierce Lotus? Flowers can blossom, flowers can wilt but they can’t be fierce. But Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda was trying to be that. Pushpa ( flower ), Kamal ( Lotus ) and Prachanda ( fierce ), he wanted to combine all three into one and failed miserably.

Let us have a look at the career of this Maoist guerrilla. He fought 10 year long battle against monarchy and for democracy, as he claims. When elections were announced, he fought them and won maximum number of seats in the national assembly and with the help of allies formed the government.

Then he started his experiments with untruth. It was an old tradition that after being sworn in, every Nepali Prime Minister first visited India. Prachanda first went to China. Fine, but then he lied that it was only for the Olympic. India will be the country for his first official visit. He came subsequently, but his preferences were clear.

After that he started media campaign for the abrogation of Indo – Nepal friendship treaty. It is an old treaty between India and Nepal, signifying special status, where citizens of two countries don’t require Visa or Passport for visiting the other country.

Then the head priest of Pashupati Nath temple was removed unceremoniously, simply because they are of Indian origin. This is again a centuries old tradition. A nonbeliever like Prachanda should not have meddled in the matter, but Prachanda’s anti India belief is stronger than his religious belief or the traditions.

Next point in Prachanda’s agenda was to integrate 19,000 maoist guerrillas into the Royal Nepal Army. When the army chief refused to toe Prachanda’s lines he was sacked. In fact this action was imminent because Rookmangud Katawal, the army chief, was trained at the Indian Military Academy and is considered a royalist by the maoist government.

It was said that Prachanda wanted to assimilate maoist people’s courts also in the constitutional legal system. And next on the agenda was to sign a treaty of friendship with China.

Prachanda forgot that he was heading a coalition government. He forgot that Nepal has some Geological compulsions. She has some political complexities, which can’t be avoided. It’s for the good of Nepal that his march towards anarchy was stopped by the President Ram Baran Yadav. Finally. Prachanda resigned yesterday.

It is too early to sing his political obituary, but the crisis has been averted for the time being.


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