Nepal: Hidden Agenda Of Prachanda

2 Yesterday when I was writing my blog about Nepal, I wrote about the communists in general and Prachanda in particular. About his China visit and his subsequent defense that it is not his first official foreign visit, I wrote that he simply lied. It was a very harsh expression about a foreign dignitary, and I thought that I shouldn’t have made it.

But today, when I read papers in the morning, I came to know about his secret video footage. Nepal is agog with all kind of speculation. Everyone is talking about a video, which is called “ Prachandagate ” in popular parlance, where Prachanda is seen addressing his maoist cadres. In the video he talks about how he hoodwinked everyone about the real numbers of his army. “ You know we were just 7000 to 8000. But our strategy was to convince them that we were 35,000. That way we infiltrate more people into the Nepal Army. ” Prachanda tells his troop that he wants control over the Nepal Army and eventually he hopes to transform the country to a single-party rule. “ That is our strategy. ”

My God! What a deceit? What kind of man is he? I know that every one who believes in communism, believes in the dictatorship of the proletariat. So declare your intentions loudly. Don’t use democracy as a facade. But this Prachanda is not only a liar but also a sinister person. He wanted to subvert Nepal’s nascent democracy into dictatorship. Good, he stands exposed.

And now maoists are saying that India is interfering in our internal matters. But they are not saying that this video is doctored. Not saying anything is acceptance. It goes without saying that they accept the content, but only accusing India of making it public. In any case Prachanda’s hidden agenda is out. All the other parties should unite and pull Nepal out of this turmoil.



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