Parliamentary Elections: Naive Rahul baba And Shameless Congress

2Because of the happenings of Sri Lanka and Nepal, last week I was writing my blogs on those topics. Indian Parliamentary elections became secondary. Four phases are over and the last phase is due on 13th. On 16th it will be clear, who will form the next government. B.J.P. is working hard and according to the media reports and as per general perception, seems to be doing well. This definitely unnerved the Congress and the grand old party of Indian politics is behaving in a very shameless way indeed.

Any person who knows anything about Indian politics, knows that few parties can not co-exist together. Forget co-existence, they can not even tolerate each other. Down South in Tamilnadu, DMK and AIADMK can not be there in one formation. In Maharashtra Shiv Sena and M.N.S. can not be there in one front. In Uttar Pradesh S.P. and B.S.P. and in Bihar J.D.(U) and R.J.D. never ever see eye to eye and you do not expect them to support one party or be in the same alliance. West Bengal shall always be maverick and mercurial. Only a fool could think  that C.P.I.(M) and Trinmul Congress shall come together one day.

Despite  this  Rahul baba is roaming around, begging bowl in hand and dishing out invitations to every body and any body who matters. Let me put facts in proper perspective. In Tamilnadu D.M.K. is the ally of Congress led U.P.A. Congress is fighting elections along with the D.M.K. but Rahul baba is keen to have A.I.A.D.M.K. also  in the U.P.A. In Bihar Lalu Prasad’s R.J.D. and Paswan’s L.J.P. are members of U.P.A. and they are cabinet ministers, still Rahul baba is praising Nitish Kumar and wants him to support Congress. In West Bengal Trinmul Congress is their ally, still Rahul’s overtures towards Left Front is very blatant and obvious. His Olive branch diplomasy is ridiculed by the above mentioned parties and the allies are seething with anger. So in this game of blatant opportunism Rahul baba is pleasing none and in fact antagonizing everyone.

Are there no values left in the Congress? Are they opportunists and selfish? Do they want power and that too at any cost? This is not politics. This is not coming of age of Rahul baba, as claimed by the Congress. This is only rank opportunism and foolishness of Rahul baba. His inexperience is only bringing ridicule to the Congress. Grow up baba. Don’t be so blatantly shameless.



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