Internecine War In BJP

2I am anguished and pained to read about the BJP in the newspaper. Elections are part of the game. And there could be only one winner in it. It is sad that BJP lost the elections and it is destined to sit in the opposition in the 15th Lok Sabha. But that does not mean that the loss should obfuscate the vision.

More than loss of vision, it is the attitude of some so called big leaders, which is troubling me. What is the problem of Jaswant Singh and Yashwant Sinha. From Rajasthan Jaswant Singh has to go to Darjiling and he won the seat but with the total support of the protagonists of Gorkhaland movement. As for Yashwant Sinha, this great leader lost his own seat last time. This time he won and that is the cause of his hubris.

They have lots of complaints and their grievances are not ending. They are finding faults the way campaign of the party was handled. They are not happy with the chief strategist of the party and they have gumption to question the authority of Advani ji also. Like a reckless cannon, these two so called greats of BJP, Jaswant Singh and Yashwant Sinha are firing aimlessly and in reckless manner. They should know their place under the sun and if they refuse to budge, they should be shown their place. These Lilputians should not be allowed to malign a leader like Advani ji. Advani ji is too great to stoop to their level. One defeat is not going to take away any sheen from Advani ji and an aging tiger like him should not be left alone to be teased by these two Liliputians.



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