George Bush, Nuclear Deal & Barack Obama: Indo-US Ties Down The Years

2United States Of America is too important country to be ignored. But India’s relationship with her was never a smooth affair. It is strange that world’s two great democracies were at loggerheads most of the time. The thaw came during the tenure of GEORGE BUSH and as our Prime Minister aptly described, he is loved by Indians. He should be, because he really pushed hard for Indo-US nuclear treaty and India’s pariah status ended after signing it. After GEORGE BUSH, now BARACK OBAMA heads the government. What is in store for us during the tenure of the incumbent president? May be for younger generation everything between these two nations was always hunky dory. But it is not true. Indo-US relationship always suffered during the rule of the Democrats. And the present incumbent is a democrat.

It all started during the tenure of HARRY S TRUMAN. He was a Democrat and during his tenure JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU was our Prime Minister. NEHRU visited US in 1949 and tried his best to forge relationship, but failed.

A general prevailing perception is about JOHN F KENNEDY. Indians think that he was a friend of India, but he was not. During his tenure, again NEHRU was our Prime Minister. He tried hard to get KENNEDY’S support during 1962 Indo-China war, but US support was illusive. It is futile to say that JOHN F KENNEDY was a democrat.

JIMMY CARTER visited India during the tenure of MORARJI DESAI,Who tried hard to convince CARTER to supply fuel for Tarapur atomic plant. CARTER refused the supply. It is needless to add that he too was a democrat.

Then came BILL CLINTON. Despite his sweet words and enchanting persona, he imposed sanctions on India after atomic tests. Our Prime Minister ATAL BIHARI VAJPAI failed to convince him to lift sanctions. Needless to say, CLINTON was also a Democrat.

GEORGE BUSH is truly the only exception. He risked his reputation and steadfastly batted for INDIA and saw to it that the deal is sealed and signed before end of his term. And he was a Republican. Now another Democrat, BARACK OBAMA is at the helm. He is sagacious, eloquent and charming, but still he is a Democrat. And I am not sure, what is in store for our country. Some sound bytes emanating from WASHINGTON are ominous.



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