Adieu Michael Jackson

img_8024I was sitting in the office of my acting institute, Kreating Charakters in Mumbai today, when I was informed about this sad news. Michael Jackson’s death evoked so many memories. It was in 1996, when I heard the news that he would be visiting India and would be performing in the Andheri Sports Complex. I desperately wanted to buy ticket and attend the concert, but the steep rates were prohibitive. I came to Mumbai in October 1989 and even after 7 years, my struggle was far from over. At that time pre-production work of Prem Aggan was going on in full swing and I was asked by Late Feroze Khan to train  Fardeen Khan.  One day I was talking to him about the concert and he noticed my disappointment. He asked me, if I really wanted to attend the concert. I answered in affirmative but added that I wont be able to go as I don’t have money. Fardeen was very kind and gracious enough to buy me a ticket, and I could attend the concert. I stood for an hour in queue and finally I entered the venue. It was packed and bursting at the seams. I was waiting with bated breath and finally THE KING OF POP appeared on stage and what an entry it was! For the whole evening I remained spellbound and the memory still lingers on and refuses to fade away.          

Years later I attended another concert. The city was Bengaluru and the performer was Elton John. But Michael Jackson’s concert is still fresh in my memory and it will always remain so.                                                                                                                      

And today after 13 years, when I heard about his death, a pall of gloom descended on me. His songs shall always be there. His memory shall always be fresh in my mind but physically he ceases to exist. His endearing persona will never come to enthrall us and I have lost him for ever.                                                                                    


Adieu Michael Jackson, farewell the king of pop, there shall never be any one like you.                                                                                                                                                      



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