Indian Politics:Rise Of Money Power

2Elections for the 15th Lok Sabha are over and dust has been finally settled. All kind of studies and every possible analysis is out. While going through those statistics, I stumbled upon a very bizarre and startling fact. I am astonished at the rise of millionaires and even billionaires in every political party of India. Not only Indian Nation Congress and BJP, but Samajvadi Party 0f Mulayam Singh Yadav and even BSP of Mayawati have many millionaires and billionaires. In a country where almost 77 per cent of the population of India earn an income of Rs. 20 per day and over 300 millions are living below the poverty line, how come, nearly half the Rajya Sabha members and nearly one third of Lok Sabha members are crorepatis?  Gone are the days of Freedom Struggle, when politics was a medium of social service and virtually all the leaders lived  very simple life.                                               


I admit that there are many industrialists and many ex Maharajas and scion of royal families also, in both the houses of Parliament  and because of their background they have to be rich. But what about normal and common politicians? Some of the millionaire M.P,s do not have even PAN card. So how come they have amassed so much wealth?                                                                                                              

Statistics about our MLAs and various Chief Ministers are also startling. Out of 30 Chief Ministers, 21 are crorepatis. Among all the Congress Chief Ministers only Tarun Gogoi of Assam is not a crorepati. Among all the BJP Chief Ministers only Narendra Modi of Gujrat is not in the millionaire club. Communists are the only exception. All the 3 CPM Chief Ministers: Buddhadeb Bhattacharya of West Bengal, V. S. Achuthanandan of Kerala and Manik Sarkar of Tripura are not in this exclusive club. Other famous exceptions are Nitish Kumar of Bihar, Okram Ibobi Singh of Manipur and N. Rangaswami of Puduchcherry. You must be wondering about Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest state of India. Mayawati, the  Chief Minister of this poor state is the richest Chief Minister of India. Her total assets are more than 50 crores. Champion of Dravid politics M. Karunanidhi, who is always vocal about his allegiance to E.V.Ramaswami Naikar Periyar, is worth 43.8 crores. Are you not stunned?


Let us have a look at the various State Assemblies :

ANDHRA PRADESH            –      71 Crorepatis out of 294 MLAS

ARUNACHAL PRADESH    –     15 Crorepatis out of  60 MLAS

ASSAM                                       –     11 Crorepatis out of 126 MLAS

BIHAR                                        –      6 Crorepatis out of 243 MLAS

CHHATTISGARH                   –      22 Crorepatis out of  90 MLAS

 DELHI                                       –       42 Crorepatis out of  70 MLAS

GOA                                             –       17 Crorepatis out of  40 MLAS

GUJRAT                                      –      46 Crorepatis out of 182 MLAS          

HARYANA                                  –      33 Crorepatis out of   90 MLAS

HIMACHAL PRADESH          –      17 Crorepatis out of   68 MLAS

JAMMU & KASHMIR              –       24 Crorepatis out of   87      

 MLASJHARKHAND               –        3 Crorepatis out of    81 MLAS

KARNATAKA                             –    116 Crorepatis out of 224 MLAS                

KERALA                                       –       5 Crorepatis out of 140 MLAS

MADHYA PRADESH               –    80 Crorepatis out of 230 MLAS

MAHARASHTRA                       –   74 Crorepatis out of 288 MLAS

MANIPUR                                    –     0 Crorepatis out of    60 MLAS          

MEGHALAYA                              –     14 Crorepatis out of   60 MLAS

MIZORAM                                    –     12 Crorepatis out of   40 MLAS

NAGALAND                                 –       5 Crorepatis out of    60 MLAS

ORISSA                                           –     29 Crorepatis out of 147 MLAS

PUDUCHERRY                            –       9 Crorepatis out of    30 MLAS

PUNJAB                                        –     69 Crorepatis out of  117 MLAS

RAJASTHAN                              –     76 Crorepatis out of 200 MLAS

SIKKIM                                          –        8 Crorepatis out of    32 MLAS

TAMIL NADU                              –     31 Crorepatis out of   234 MLAS

TRIPURA                                       –       3 Crorepatis out of     60 MLAS

UTTAR PRADESH                      –   113 Crorepatis out of  404  MLAS

UTTARAKHAND                        –      10 Crorepatis out of   70  MLAS

WEST BENGAL                             –         6 Crorepatis out of 294 MLAS 


Wow!! Are we really so rich or there is something fishy. The malaise seems to be deadly, otherwise how would you justify 113 Crorepatis in the Uttar Pradesh assembly? How  it’s Chief Minister could be the richest in india, while one third of the state’s population lives below the poverty line?

[The statistics,I have quoted, is taken from  February 23rd edition of INDIA IODAY]




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