Whither Nepal?

  1. 2Yesterday I read a very sad and disturbing news about Nepal. Ever since monarchy was abolished there and Nepal became a secular country, nothing is going right for her.

When the first ever communist government took charge, they started dismantling almost everything Indian, or even remotely connected with India. The very first step that communist Prime Minister Prachand took, is to abolish learning of Sanskrit. This ancient language of Hindus, this fountainhead of all the sacred scriptures and one of the still surviving prehistoric languages, is now banished from the curricula.

Then Prachand, against all advices, removed Head Priest of revered Pashupati Nath temple, who are traditionally brahmins of south Indian origins and replaced them with priests of Nepali origins. The whole country erupted in spontaneous protest and there were no pooja in the temple. The Supreme Court, The President all were against it but Prachand went ahead. It is because of the people that he was forced to rescind his order.

Then Prachand tried to replace Army Chief, who as per his assumptions was pro Indian. That he burnt his fingers and the President of Nepal refused to play his tunes, is another story. Eventually he resigned and blamed India for the fiasco. After few days of turmoil, another prime minister took reigns of the country.

Thanks to people like Prachand and our neighbours like China, anti India feelings run deep in Nepal. Yesterday I came across a very sad news. Education Minister of Nepal, while speaking in a public function, was heckled by people. His only crime or sin was the language he was speaking in. The minister, Ramchandra Prasad Kushwaha, President of Terai Madhes Democratic Party was speaking in a function, which was organized to inaugurate an Indo-Nepalese educational joint venture. Moreover, he belongs to Terai region, which is basically Hindi speaking region of Nepal. The irony is, previous speaker spoke in English in the same function, and no one objected. But if a basically Hindi speaking person speaks Hindi, they object. Why?

Anti Hindi and anti India feelings keep on erupting again and again and run deep in Nepali psyche. Last year when, Vice President Parmanand Jha took oath of office in Hindi, there were fierce protests for days. When the President wore dhoti, there were angry and wild demonstrations.

India and Nepal are neighbours and there are few historical and geographical limitations, which we can’t ignore. We can’t redraw our boundaries or rewrite our history. So let us accept it and live in peace and harmony.




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