Congress & Manmohan Singh : No Sharm for Sharm el-Sheikh

2It happened last week. Dr. Manmohan Singh went to Egypt to participate in the Non Aligned Movement ( NAM ) conference, and as expected, there he signed a joint statement along with his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani. The venue Sharm el-sheikh will be so apt, I didn’t know. Literal meaning of sharam in English is shame. And by signing the joint statement Dr. Singh brought shame to the people of India. He and his party should be ashamed of their action, but they are not.

Quite unexpectedly Congress won last Lok Sabha elections and UPA started it’s second innings, which is now known as UPA2. Signing of IndoAmerican nuclear Deal and victory in the 15th Lok Sabha elections, two consecutive achievements swept Dr. Singh out of his feet. Basking in the false glory Dr. Manmohan Singh, aimed high and wished to re-write the history of this subcontinent. Little did he know that even the most naïve Pakistani leader is much smarter than him. He put faith on Gilani and believed him completely. He forgot fate of his two illustrious predecessors. We won the 1965 war. But Lal Bahadur Shastri fell to the charm of Ayub Khan, the then President of Pakistan, and gave away everything, which was won by our armed forces. After achieving what he wanted, Ayub Khan went to his old ways. Second example is of Indira Gandhi. We decisively won 1971 war and Indira Gandhi was a modern day Chanakya, still she was hoodwinked by wily Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Along with thousands of P.O.W. She returned every inch of the land, won by our security forces. Bhutto got what he wanted and in spite of the humiliating defeat, returned to Pakistan from India as a victor. If these two worthy predecessors of Dr. Singh and great politicians of this country failed to fathom the mind of Pakistani leaders, what can we expect from a naïve like Dr. Manmohan Singh?

He agreed to de-link composite dialogues and terrorism. So even if 26/11 is again staged in any city of Indian, we will keep the parlays on. And second, he agreed to have talks with Pakistan on Balochistan. I fail to understand, why the hell should we agree to have talks on Balochistan. India has nothing to do with Balochistan. After independence Amir of Kalat , the then ruler of Balochistan, signed letter of accession with Pakistan and thus it became the 4th and the biggest province of the new born country. It shares it’s boundaries with Iran and Afghanistan. It is sparsely populated and rich in minerals and other natural resources. Pakistan exploits Balochistan’s natural wealth and refuses to share the income with Baloch people. Pakistan’s biggest and most modern all-weather port Gwadar, built with the help and support of China, is situated in Balochistan and here again Pakistan behaved like a colonial power and fraudulently deprived the locals of the benefits of the developments. The unrest was bound to happen and insurgency started in Balochistan. It is very old story and instead of trying to understand the reason, Pakistan simply blames India for the unrest and in order to quell the unrest bombs the villages, cities and civilian populations indiscriminately. Pakistan’s ruling oligarchy refuses to talk to the Baloch tribesmen and they refuse to lay down their arms. India has precious little to do in Balochistan. What ever contacts were made in Pakistan during the regimes of Indira Gandhi and P. V. Narasimha Rao, were unilaterally shut down by I. K. Gujral, the second most utopian and idealistic Prime Minister of India, the other being Jawahar Lal Nehru. So even if RAW wishes, it can’t do anything. In fact Baloch nationalist leaders accuse India of not helping them. It is the common refrain of the leaders of Baloch Awami Party. And here Pakistan is accusing us of helping them, and fanning the unrest.

After Mumbai attack of 26/11, when Pakistan was standing naked in front of the whole universe and after her nefarious designs on Kashmir became talking point in every world capital and every world forum, she desperately needed some point to counter India. She wanted to show the world that India also foments terrorism and in fact is guilty of training Baloch insurgents, so she should also be condemned. Pakistan wants world’s attention on Kashmir, she wants India to be on American radar, so she is trying to make a case. And our gullible Prime Minister has given them the opportunity on a platter. And the Congress is very silently watching it without any shame for the so called joint statement which it’s leader signed in Sharm el-Sheikh.



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