The Deccan Odyssey : Tamil, Telugu, Kannada Film Industry & Me

2Last week I could not write my blog. I was so busy in my acting classes that I had hardly any time for writing. And today when I sit to write, shadow of swine flue (H1N1) is looming large over Mumbai.

Away from the scare, as I am putting my thoughts on my BlackBerry, a newspaper article comes to my mind. It was about Ram Charan Tej, son of Telugu Mega star Chiranjeevi. His latest film “ Magadheera ” has been released and is running to packed houses in Andhra Pradesh. The article rekindled my memory and suddenly I realized that there are several stars, working in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada film industry, who have been trained by me. Let us take stock of those stars.

TAMIL : Tamil film industry is very old and once upon a time it was virtually ruled by M. G. Ramachandran and Shivaji Ganeshan. Gemini Ganeshan, Rekha’s father, was another star who had considerable clout in the industry. After the sad demise of these trio, Rajanikant and Kamal Hassan emerged on the scene and currently they are the demigods of the industry.

Slowly but steadily new breed of stars are emerging in the Tamil film Industry. ASHOK BALAKRISHANAN and GANESH VENKATARAMAN are prominent among them and  both are trained by me.

ganesh vankataramanGanesh Venkataraman is currently working in the Tamil version of “ A Wednesday ”. He is portraying the role, played by Jimmy Sheirgill in the Hindi version. Other two stars of the film are Kamal Hassan and Mohanlal.

TELUGU : Currently this is the biggest film industry in South, sometimes churning more films than Hindi, stars being paid more than the Hindi Mega stars. In olden days it was ruled by two giants; A. Nageshwara Rao and N. T. Ramarao. These days the reigning superstars are Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna. Incidentally the latter one is the son of A. Nageshwara Rao.

In the last two years several new star-sons emerged in the Telugu film industry. ALLU ARJUNA, SUSHANTHA ANUMOLU and RAM CHARAN TEJ are prominent among them. And the fact of the matter is that they all are my students. First to hit the screen was Allu Arjuna, son of producer Allu Arvinda and a relative of Mega Star Chiranjeevi. He came with a bang and left a lasting impression on the Andhra viewers like Hritik Roshan did with his first film. His film “ Bunny ” was super hit and he is continuously delivering one hit after another.

Sushantha Anumolu, nephew of Nagarjuna, was introduced in a film               “ Kalidasu ”. It was a moderate hit. Then came his second film “ Current ” and he is on his way to stardom.

Last to make debut with a film called “ Chirutha ” was Ram Charan Tej, Chiranjeevi’s son. It was a moderate hit. Now his second film “ Magadheera ” is a bumper hit and is creating box office history throughout Andhra Pradesh. So many youngsters died in stampede in the cinema halls. This son of a Mega Star is on the way to stardom.

Next to hit the screen in Andhra is CHAITANYA AKKINENI, son of Nagarjuna and grandson of thespian A. Nageshwara Rao. BALAJI GADDE and TEJAS KANCHERLA are other actors, who are going to make debut in near future. So these 6 stars are the future stars, who are going to rule the Telugu industry. I am proud to submit that they all are my students.Nagarjuna, Chaitanya

KANNADA : Compared to Tamil and Telugu industry, Kannada film industry is small. Dr. Rajkumar was the ruling deity and during his heydays, he was virtually an one man industry. As he grew older, his sons and Vishnuvardhan tried to hold the post and were fairly successful. Now a new crop of actors are emerging there too. Needless to say that they all are trained by me.

First to make his debut was DHYAN, who is known to Hindi film audience as SAMEER DATTANI. His first film “ Nanna Preetiya Hudagi ” created waves and was a block buster in Karnataka. Among his other notable and successful films “ Amrut Dhare ” comes first to mind.

This year a film called “ Yuva ” is making box office history in Karnataka. It’s hero KHARRTIK is my student and according to critics he is on his way to super stardom.

arvind ganapatiOM is another star, who will make his debut this year. His real name is Aravind Ganapati and the name of his film is “  Dhin Dhina Dhina ” .

I can humbly say it with pride that barring Malayalam film industry, there are 11 upcoming stars, who are currently working in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada . It’s a culmination of my 19 year long acting training career and it is very satisfying one.


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