Sycophants Of Congress & Dissidents Of BJP — YSR, YSJ & JASWANT SINGH: Media’s Different Yardstick

2I did not write any blog about the ongoing internecine war in the BJP. I was saddened. What could you say when there is a discord in the family? What could you say about mudslinging by an erudite and elderly person? What could you say when a family member, who was part of the family for 30 long years, starts hurling abuses on the aging patriarch? I was very sad. Mr. Jaswant Singh, who has held every conceivable post in the BJP barring that of Party President and Prime Minister, suddenly became bellicose and started throwing venom on everyone. True that he was thrown out of the party. True that, as claimed by him, he was not given a chance to explain his conduct. True that he got lots of sympathy from the media and intellectual fraternity. Every news channel and every news paper wrote that he should have been given a chance to explain himself. I fail to understand the logic of this clamour. Mr. Jaswant Singh has written a book on Jinna. It is selling like a hot cake. Everything is there in print. And he stands by his thesis. So what else could he explain? Every thing is well documented. Even if you are talking about democratic principles, in democracy the view of majority should prevail. If the majority of BJP Parliamentary Board feels that Mr. Jaswant Singh should cease to be a member of BJP, so let it be.

Last week again BJP was fiercely castigated by the media. The immediate reason for this was the meeting of BJP leaders with the SAR SANGHCHALAK of RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEVAK SANGH, Shri Mohan Bhagwat. Sangh is a family and if family members want to meet head of the family, is that objectionable? An article says that Shri Mohan Bhagwat is not elected. Does it matter? Is a father elected by family members? SAR SAGHCHALAK ji is not intruding in BJP’s matters. He is not dictating terms. But if I feel that I should seek his advice, as a citizen I should be allowed to do so. There should be no sword dangling on my head. I should not be penalized for doing that. But media went berserk with all kinds of speculations. Okay, let’s, for arguments sake, accept media’s views on BJP; then why are they behaving differently in the matter of the Congress?

Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy, Congress Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, died in helicopter crash last week. A very sad and untimely demise of a dynamic leader. What followed in Andhra Pradesh after his death is bizarre. His so worthy son ??, Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy’s supporters started canvassing for his candidacy just a day after the burial of his father. A Chief Minister K. ROSAIAH is there in place. But the chosen ministers refused to take oath of office. They took the oath following day after much persuasion but they are not attending their respective offices. An important state like Andhra Pradesh is functioning with an interim Chief Minister. And the Chief Minister is functioning without a council of ministers. This democratic? Drama of Congress is going on during the official mourning period. Worthy ? Son of YSR is orchestrating this drama and allowing it to happen during the period of mourning. The Congress high command is watching the on going tussle helplessly. I am sorry to state that I am yet to read any disapproving comment from the media. Is Mr. Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy elected to lead the Congress Legislature Party of Andhra Pradesh? Is it proper for the ministers to take oath of office and then not to attend the office? Is it proper for a politician to aspire for a post so shamelessly? Why is media silent? If this is internal matter of Congress, then expulsion of Mr. Jaswant Singh is also the internal matter of BJP. If seeking a post so assiduously should be permitted to a young politician of Congress, then seeking advice of a patriarch should also be allowed to the politicians of BJP.

Politicians can play games. It is in fact their job. But media should desist from it. For some, behavoiur of BJP is unwarranted and uncalled for, but for me behaviour of Congress is unethical and unconstitutional.



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