Twenty Years of Leaving Deoria, Twenty Years of Being An Acting Trainer &amp A Film Called “I Hate Luv Storys “

Today is Vijaya Dashmi, a day very significant in Hindu calendar and tradition. A day which is prominently etched in the psyche of every Hindu. A day which is associated with Bhagwan Ram and Devi Durga. But for me  it has an added significance and importance. 20 years ago on the same day in 1989, I left Deoria, U.P. and came to Mumbai. It was a painful and difficult decision. It was like leaving a part of your life permanently. It was like leaving all your near and dear ones for ever. It was a journey towards an unknown and uncertain future. But at the same time It was a fling towards a seemingly bright career.

I still remember that Vijaya Dashmi day in 1989. It was early in the morning. I left my home and family and came to DEORIA SADAR station to board a train to Lucknow. A group of my close friends came to bid me farewell. After some time train arrived and I boarded it. Train started chugging out of station and slowly all the familiar faces , the very familiar railway station of DEORIA SADAR and the city of my birth, started fading away from my sight . Slowly everything was left behind and I moved ahead. It was a traumatic experience and it still lingers in my psyche.

I reached Mumbai two days later. I will write about my struggle in the new city in some other blog. Today on the 20th anniversary of my arrival in Mumbai, I would like to state that I started my life as an acting trainer in a very humble way and today as I look back, I feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Apart from Hindi film industry, stars trained by me are working in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali film industry also. In fact, now my students are working in every field of film making. I will give you just one example today :

Mr. Karan Johar has announced a film, “ I Hate Luv Storys”. It has 4 major stars : Imran Khan , Sonam Kapoor , Sammir Dattani and Aamir Ali. They all are my students. Film’s director Punit Malhota, nephew of Mr. Manish Malhotra and a first timer, is also my student. Film’s music director Shekhar, of Vishal-Shekhar fame, is my student too. The film has just been announced, shooting is yet to commence and it has got 6 students of mine and that too in various departments. The feeling is overwhelming and humbling.

On my Facebook, I have up loaded my various photos and divided my life in three phases. But I must admit that my 4th phase starts today. They are  :

Phase – 1 :  The Formative Years: 1952-1974 (DEORIA & ALLAHABAD)

Phase – 2 :  The Quest of A new Path: 1974-1989 (DEORIA)

Phase – 3 :  The New Path, Voyage starts: 1989-2009 (MUMBAI)

Phase – 4 :  The Unknown Future: 2009 – …………..

The First phase of 22 years started with my birth and it ended with the death of my father in 1974.

The Second phase of 15 years started after my father’s death, when I returned to Deoria from Allahabad and it ended when I left Deoria for Mumbai in 1989.

The Third phase of 20 years started with my arrival in Mumbai and perhaps, it is ending today with the culmination of my journey as an acting trainer.

The Fourth phase lies in the womb of future. It is still unknown and uncertain. I do not know, what is in store for me now onwards but I must say that the third phase is ending on a very satisfying note. I know nothing about my future. It could be summed up as

Phase – 4…………….. ……………. 2010 to ……… ( Unknown )



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