Vidur’s Open Letter – 1 : To Ranbir Kapoor

Hi Ranbir ,

I saw your film “ Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani ” on November 26 and frankly speaking I was blown out. In all fairness it is an ordinary and routine film. But your performance was extraordinary. In Hindi film industry, there are only few instances of actors performing extraordinarily in an ordinary film. Before telling you about the nuances of your performance and your brilliant characterization, let me remind you about some other ordinary Hindi films, where actors performed extraordinarily :


I watched “ Gopi in Allahabad. It was first film of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banoo together after their marriage. It was an eagerly awaited film but it got delayed because of Saira Banoo’s illness. When released, it got bumper opening and was a major hit of that year. I went to watch “ Gopi ” with lots of hope and excitement, but frankly speaking I was disappointed. Its story was very ordinary and routine. But Dilip Kumar was extraordinary in that film and his performance is still fresh and permanently etched on my aging wall of memory. His naughty as well as emotional scenes with Om Prakash and Nirupa Roy, who played his brother and bhabhi in the said film, are text book for any actor and student of film acting.

Amitabh Bachchan in “ Sharabi ”

Amitabh Bachchan’s “ Sharabi ” comes second in the reckoning. An insignificant film in every respect, it is still remembered by the sheer brilliant performance of Amitabh Bachchan. It was huge hit of that year and it has memorable performance of Amitabh Bachchan with Om Prakash, who played his man friday Munshi ji and Pran, who played his father in the said film.

Aamir Khan in “ Ghajini ”

This film is third in the list. Hoping that I am going to watch a psychological thriller, I watched it with lots of excitement and hope. But I was disappointed because actually it turned out to be a routine revenge drama. We have seen umpteen films where the protagonist avenges his wife’s death and beats the antagonist blue and black. Its only saving grace was Aamir Khan’s brilliant, superlative performance.

These three above mentioned films are going to be remembered only because of the memorable performances of Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan did above mentioned films when they were almost on the verge of taking retirement from the leading roles and were preparing for their second innings as character artistes . Aamir Khan did “ Ghajini ” when he is in the in the middle of his career. But Ranbir, you did this film when you are only 3 films old.

Romantic comic roles are always difficult to perform and portray. You did all the light scenes brilliantly. And you were equally good or rather brilliant in the scene where you are remembering Your lady love after she departs. “ Chhod na yaar kuchh aur baat karte hain…..”. That drunken scene of yours will always be remembered by all the connoisseurs of Hindi films. I vividly remember drunken scenes of Dilip Kumar in “ Sagina ” and “ Saudagar ” and Amitabh Bachchan in “ Amar Akbar Anthony ” and “ Shakti ”. Aamir Khan will always be remembered for his drunken scene in “ Raaja Hindustani ”. Your drunken scene matches their brilliance.

Towards the end I would like to say something about your dancing skills. After Hritik Roshan’s arrival almost every newcomer started aping his dancing skills. You are the only one who danced in a very different way. All the songs of “ Saawariya ” specially “ jab se tere naina ” are still fresh in my memory. In this film also your dance in “ prem ki naiyya……” Is very different and will always be remembered.

A very strong point in your journey as an actor is the way you work on your characterization. “ Saawariya ”, “ Wake Up Sid ” and now “ Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani ” bear poignant testimony of your ability in this field. “ Saawariya ” was a difficult film to start your journey with. But you accomplished your feat beautifully. I hope you remember a long letter that I wrote to you after attending the premiere of Saawariya ”. In that letter I penned my views about your acting skills in general and about “ Saawariya ” in particular in detail. Now instead of writing my thoughts on paper and sending it to you I am jotting down my thoughts on my Black Berry and shall post it on my blog space. This will enable this letter to be shared by many.

You score in your films because you love life and you are keen to experiment with it. I still possess a note which you wrote on a book, which you gave me as a present, while I was working with you at your home prior to the release of your debut film “ Saawariya ”. The book in question is a biography of your legendary grand father Late Raj Kapoor. I am posting that note here. I still have very fond memories of my training lessons which I did with you. But I will write about them later.

Hope to watch you in many more memorable performances in future.

And best of luck for your new Yashraj film “ Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year ”.

Regards !


Manu Sharma & Sheela Dikshit : The Congress Game

Manu Sharma, the shameless and remorseless brute who killed Jessica Lall, was out on parole last week. I don’t think anyone has forgotten the way he killed Jessica Lall, a young bartender. Manu Sharma walked in an up market and trendy Delhi pub well past midnight. He ordered a drink but was politely told by the bartender that bar is closed for the day. An enraged Sharma pulled out a gun and shot Jessica Lall point blank. Manu Sharma was arrested and a case was registered subsequently. It dragged on for years and this politically well-connected brat was acquitted. The nation wide outcry and immense public anger ensured his conviction from The Delhi High Court and in spite of all dramatic performances by his lawyer Ram Jethmalani, he got life imprisonment and was put behind the bars. People heaved a sigh of relief.

But because of his influence, because of the political affiliations of his family, Manu Sharma applied for parole, got it and was out and was hitting Delhi’s clubs once again. He sited three reasons in his applications for parole :

First – to perform religious rites for his grand mother. We later on got to know that his grand mother had already died in 2008.

Second – to attend his ailing mother. We later on saw his hale and hearty mother Shakti Sharma attending a press conference in Chandigarh.

Third – to look after his dwindling business. But as per Delhi police, his business is fine.

Out of 132 parole applications, Delhi government rejected 33 and granted parole to 11 only. 88 applications are still pending. Manu Sharma’s case is among those 11 lucky people. Why ?

The question arises, why the government was in hurry to release him on bail? The answer is elections for Haryana Assembly. It changed the equations. Manu Sharma’s father, Venod Sharma got elected on a Congress ticket. In spite of all the so called good work done by the incumbent Chief Minister of Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Congress failed to get majority. They were desperate to form government and Venod Sharma with his ill gotten money not only bought and brought 7 independents but also engineered defection in Kuldeep Bishnoi’s party and brought another 5 MLAs and thus saved the government. This is ample proof of the power he commands. Just before the elections, in September Manu Sharma moved an application for parole and it was granted by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit with alacrity. In spite of the objection of Delhi police, government got clearance from Tihar jail officials and Chandigarh police and Manu Sharma was out on parole. It is not a mere coincidence that Manu Sharma moved the parole application a month before crucial Haryana elections. Need I say anything else?

Out on parole, this gentleman was attending parties, visiting pubs and nightclubs with immunity. As per his lawyer Mr. Ram Jethmalani, these were just business meetings over few drinks. As per Congress, after getting parole a prisoner is free to visit a temple or a bar. It is not government’s concern.

Had it not been his scuffle with Delhi Police Commissioner’s son, this gem ( ? ) of a murderer would have been enjoying his business meetings ( ? ) with few drinks with immunity. We are yet to see any kind of remorse, repentance or guilt in Manu Sharma or in his parents. After the scuffle he fled the scene and next day surrendered. Before surrendering he wrote a letter to his mother blaming the media for his fate and thanking her for teaching him right values. He concluded the priceless letter, “ Ma I assure you that I have done nothing wrong……” . I am amazed by the audacity of this brutal murderer, who claims that he has done nothing wrong. I shudder when I think about his shameless mother, who taught her son some right values as claimed by him. And I dread his powerful benefactors, who unfortunately are our rulers.

God save us !!!!!


20 Years of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

2It was precisely on November 09, 1989 that the infamous Berlin Wall, ostensibly built to protect the interests of GDR ( German Democratic Republic ) but actually built to keep her fleeing flock in captivity, and preventing them from crossing over to FRG ( Federal Republic of Germany ), was demolished. I was in Mumbai when this epochal incident happened. I do remember and vividly remember the day when I read about it in the morning news papers.

In the history of the world, there are many instances of Nation and State dichotomy. Sometimes there is one state but there are many nations in it. But there are other examples also. There is one nation but there are many states. It is a broad subject and I will write on it some other time. Germany is one nation but after the World War 2, it was divided into two states : GDR( German Democratic Republic ) or East Germany and FRG ( Federal Republic of Germany ) or West Germany. East Germany was Communist and West Germany, as per their views, was Capitalist. The historical capital Berlin was also divided into East and West Berlin. In spite of the lofty ideals of Communism and so called Socialist dogmas, the hungry and impoverished populace of East Berlin used to cross over to West Berlin in search of greener pastures. When droves of people started fleeing, red faced comrades of Communist Germany, instead of trying to improve the lot of their hapless, destitute people, erected the wall and thus tried to prevent their people from crossing over. Strict and elaborate security steps were enforced and thus for the time being the communist rulers succeeded. From 1961 to 1989, the infamous wall stood as the silent testimony of their failure.
It became the symbol of the cold war for 28 long years.

Gradually after “ Perestroika ” and “ Glassnost ” ushered and unleashed by Michael Gorbachov in USSR ( Union of Soviet Socialist Republic ), the fall of the Communism began. The infamous dictator of Communist Germany, Enric Honecker, finally succumbed to public pressure and on November 09, 1989, the East German politburo led by its newly elected leader, Egon Krenz, decided to allow refugees to exit the country through crossing points between East and West Germany. It was announced in the press conference. When journalists asked the spokesperson about when this would come into effect. The spokesperson didn’t know but he assumed that it would be that very day and replied, “ As for as I know – effective immediately, without delay. ”

News spread like wild fire and thousands of people gathered near the wall and they forced the guards to open the gates. Caught unawares, guards were forced to open the gates. Thousands and thousands moved from east to west and thus ended the division and in the process brought unification of the German nation. Subsequently people started hammering the wall and the scar of mankind and symbol of despotic communism was brought down. After 28 years Berlin was united.

Subsequently communist regimes were booted out of power everywhere. In Russia ( former USSR ) gigantic colossus of Lenin were dislodged and were consigned to museums. She broke into several small sovereign states. City of Leningrad was renamed again as St. Petersburg. Defeating communists in Poland, Lech Walesa came to power. Communist East Europe was dismantled and now an unified Europe surges ahead. It was history in the making and I was witness to it. I am lucky that I saw defeat of communism, dismantling of USSR, unification of Germany and Berlin and birth of one Europe, with my own body, with my own eyes ( YACHI DEHI, YACHI DOLA ).


40 Years of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

2In the month of September 2009, I posted a blog : 40 Years of Internet. And today in the month of November, I am posting a new blog , 40 Years of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. In 40 years, both internet and Amitabh Bachchan have become an inseparable and intrinsic part of our life. They have become so omnipresent that you cannot think of a life without them, even for a fraction of second.

Mr. Bachchan’s first film “ Saat Hindustani ” produced and directed by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas was released on November 07, 1969. Utpal Datt, A. K. Hangal, Jalal Agha and Mehmood’s brother Anwar were his other co-stars. It was a colourless and unimpressive debut, though Mr. Bachchan got National Award for Best New Comer that year. From “ Saat Hindustani ” to “ Zanjeer ” Mr. Bachchan gave 12 duds and few gem like “ Anand ”, “ Namak Haram ” and “ Parwana ”. He was booed by the audience, rejected by the critics and got replaced in many films by the likes of Sanjay Khan and Romesh Sharma. Even In his film “ Parwana”, he was not the lead actor. Navin Nishchol played the male lead and Yogita Bali played the female lead and Mr. Bachchan played the quintessential villain. In “ Anand ” and “ Namak Haram ”, Rajesh Khanna played the main lead.

Faced with such situations Mr. Bachchan decided to call it quit and started packing his bags. But fate willed otherwise. Late Prakash Mehra was ready with the script of “ Zanjeer ” and was in frantic search of a leading man for it. Dev Anand, the first choice, rejected the offer because he was interested in acquiring the script for his own banner, Navketan International. When few other reigning kings of that era like Raaj Kumar and Dharmendra also rejected the role, Mr. Prakash Mehra signed Mr. Bachchan, as per the advice of writers Salim-Javed and Late comedian Om Prakash. Film was released and made history.

After that Amitabh scaled dizzying heights and got unimaginable success. From “ Saat Hindustani ” to “ Paa ” , it is a journey worth living, worth imitating. It is so well chronicled that there is nothing more or new to say.

His foray into T. V. is also very successful. Kaun Banega Crorepati ” season 1 & 2 and now “ Bigg Boss ” season 3 tells the story.

I must and should admit here that I am a fan of Mr. Dilip Kumar. I saw Mr. Bachchan’s “ Zanjeer ” in Ajanta Talkies of Allahabad. Zero Road of Allahabad had many theaters and I had gone to see some other film at Rupbani Talkies. Unable to get ticket, I ventured into nearby cinema hall Ajanta. I watched “ Zanjeer ” with lots of negativity. One reason was that I had seen his two earlier films, “ Ek Nazar ” and “ Bansi Aur Birju ” and did not like them. The second and most important reason was that being an ardent fan of Mr. Dilip Kumar, I was not ready to accept any other leading man and that too as unconventional as Amitabh Bachchan. I watched the film “ Zanjeer ” and frankly speaking, came out unimpressed. Even the Silver Jubilee of the film failed to impress me. Year after year, I kept on watching his films in denial mode. But slowly and steadily he grew on me. By sheer force of his performances, he crept into my psyche and I do not know when he became an intrinsic and inseparable part of me just like Mr. Dilip Kumar.

Despite spending 20 years in the film industry, I am yet to meet Mr. Bachchan one to one. I was fortunate enough to see him once. I was invited for the music release function of “ Pyar Zindagi Hai ”, a film produced & directed by K. C. Bokadia. It was the debut film of my students Vikas Kalantri and Ashima Bhalla. Mr. Bachchan was the chief guest and came for the music release. I could see him from the close quarters.

On the completion of 40 years in the industry, I wish him long life and many more years in the industry. And I pray to God that I should be given a chance to meet him and interact with him at least once.


Remembering Hemant Kumar : A Sonorous Sonata from Kolkata

2It is 20 years since Hemant Kumar left this world. First ever song sung by him, which I heard, was from a famous movie called “ Anupama ”. It was a Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed movie, for which Hemant da scored music also. The song, which caught my fancy was “ Ya Dil Ki Suno Duniya Walo, Ya Mujhko Abhi Chup Rehne do ”. It was picturised on Dharmendra. As I mentioned in my blog about Lata Mangeshkar, titled “ Lata Mangeshkar is 80 ”, I started listening radio when I passed 8th standard. I got introduced to the voices of Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Manna Dey and of course Lata Mangeshkar. One day sitting in the study of KRISHNA KUNJ, my Deoria house, I came across this above mentioned song. Distinctive sonorous quality and deep voice immediately attracted my attention. It is needless to say that I fell in love with the song and the singer. At the same time a duet of a film “ Mamta ” , sung by Hemant Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar and tuned by legendary music director and Hritik Roshan’s grandfather Roshan, was being aired on Radio Ceylone. The song in question was “ Chhupa Lo Yun Dil Mein Pyar Mera ”. It fortified my relationship with the genius called Hemant Kumar.

I started following his music seriously. I got to know that S. Mukherjee’s “ Nagin ” was his first Hindi film. S. Mukherjee was brother-in-law of legendary Ashok Kumar and Kishor Kumar, father-in-law of Tanuja, father of yesteryear actor Joy Mukherjee, grand father of Kajol, and Ayan Mukherjee, whose first directorial venture “ Wake Up Sid ” just got released. He was grand uncle of Rani Mukherjee and grand-father-in-law of Ashutosh Gowarikar and Ajay Devgan. My God, what a pedigree! He culled Hemant Kumar from anonymity and gave break to him. All the songs of “ Nagin ” were rage in their time and they are still popular. It is worth remembering that Kalyan ji-Anand ji and Lakshmikant-Pyarelal, who in later years became famous music directors themselves, were his assistants in this movie. Little did I know then that the famous been tune in “ Man Dole Mera Tan Dole, Mere Dil Ka Gaya Qarar Re, Ye Kaun Bajaye Bansuria ” , which enamoured the whole nation and which enchanted me in my adolescent years will be copied by Pritam in the  song “ Its A Twist ” in “ Love Aaj Kal ” almost 50 yeas later.

Hemant Kumar, apart from Kishor Kumar, was the voice of Dev Anand. Songs like “ Hai Apna Dil To Awara, Na Jane Kis Pe Ayega ”, “ Teri Duniya Me Jeene Se To Behtar Hai Ki Mar Jayen ”, “ Ye Rat Ye Chandani Phir Kahan, Sun Ja Dil Ki Dastan ”, “ Na Tum Hamen Jano, Na Ham Tumhen Jane ” and scores of other golden hits still mesmerize the connoisseurs. In Hindi he was voice of Guru Dutt also. “ Jane Vo Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila ”, a song from the film “ Pyasa ” easily comes to mind. In spite of being a music director himself, his voice was used by other legendary music directors for classical raga based songs. Naushad used him for “ Chadan Ka Palana Resham Ki Dori, Jhoola Jhulaun Main Nidia ko Tori ” in “ Shabab ” . Vasant Desai used him for “ Nain So Nain Nahi Milao ” in V. Shantaram’s “ Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje ” and C. Ramchandra used him for “ Jag Dard-e-ishq Jag, Dil Ko Beqarar Kar ” in S. Mukherjee’s “ Anarkali ”. Famous classical singer Ustad Amir Khan Saheb heard his voice and when he got to know that Hemant da is not classically trained singer, he was awestruck.

Apart from Hindi films, his contribution to Bengali films are significant too. Huge number of Rabindra Sangeet songs bear testimony of his genius. Apart from Rabindra Sangeet, he sang large number of Boul songs also. In Bengali films he was the voice of Uttam Kumar.

His swan song “ Tumhara Intezar Hai, Tum Pukar Lo ” , sung and tune by him for his own production “ Khamoshi ” , filmed on legendary Waheeda Rehman , is still fresh in my memory. Another gem tuned by him for this film and sung by Lata Mangeshkar is “ Hamne Dekhi Hai Un Ankhon Ki Mehakti Khushboo, Haath Se chhoo Ke Ise Rishton Ka Ilzam Na Do ”. I watched this film in 1972 in Lakshmi Talkies of Allahabad and was so enamoured and influenced by the music and ethereal beauty of Waheeda Rehman, that I cried and did badly in my examinations. After my graduation I came to Mumbai in 1972 to pursue a career in films. One day I gathered courage and reached Hemant da’s bungalow Geetanjali in Khar. Almost trembling, I rang the door bell and to my utter dismay and shock, door was opened by legendary Hemant da himself. He asked, “Yes?” and I fumbled for the first time in my life. I gathered courage and said that I would love to work in his production. Instead of getting angry, he looked at me with compassion and sensing my condition, he called me in, offered me a glass of water and said very politely, “ Beta, abhi to koi kam nahin hai, phir kabhi milna. Main zaroor tumhen kam doonga.” I came out of his house quite elated. I was on cloud nine. I could never believe that I was sitting with a legend and that he was so humble, so humane. After living here for a year, I returned to Allahbad to complete my post graduation. I came again in 1989 and started my struggle. I was in Mumbai when Hemant da died. Few month after his death, I went to meet Mr. Hrishikesh Mukherjee. He was directing a serial named “ Talash ” and gave me a brief role in it. When I went to shoot, I got goose bumps. By a quirk of destiny, “ Talash ” was being produced by Hemant da’s son. I shot for a day and after pack up, wondered that Hemant da was true to his words. He promised to give me work one day and though he was dead, I got a chance to work in his banner.

DSC00595Years later I got a chance to train his grand daughter Meghaa. She is extremely talented and well behaved. In October this year, she made her debut with a filmed called “ Ruslaan. ” I am happy that I am still associated with Hemant da’s family. Once he was kind enough to give me time and was very considerate and compassionate. Though he was a living legend and I was simply a spec of dust, he was a celebrity and I was a non entity.

Farewell Hemant da !

You shall always be there in my heart.


BJP’s Karnataka Crisis & Reddy Brothers of Bellary

2The first ever government of BJP in south is in danger. Karnataka crisis is still looming large and refuses to subside. In fact it is getting murkier by each passing day. In the olden Jana Sangh days ( BJP’s previous avatar ) there was a leader called Jagannath Rao Joshi. Later on he even became All India President of Jana Sangh. Workers of Jana Sangh affectionately used to call him Karnataka Kesari. That is the only glory of BJP or Jana Sangh in Karnataka. But he and workers like him laid the foundation stone of the party’s growth. And today BJP rules the state with absolute majority and basks in the glory. It’s opponents are baffled by it’s success and were in fact envious. Now they are getting vicarious pleasure as the crisis continues and threatens to engulf the government.

The root cause of this crisis is the emergence of money power in politics. This bane is going to muddle political water in future and many more governments in future will fall prey to it.

BJP did fatal mistake in admitting Reddy brothers, who are mine owners in Bellary, Karnataka. Elder brother G. Karunakara Reddy is Revenue Minister, second one G. Janardhana Reddy is Tourism Minister and the third one Somashekhara Reddy is MLA. These billionaire brothers became power broker in Karnataka’s politics by virtue of their money. The question arises, how they acquired such wealth. Their father was a police constable and they rode only bicycles in their childhood. From such a background they rose to control a business of Rs. 1,500.00 crores. Such kind of wealth can’t be created easily or by fair means. Now they are holding the elected government to ransom by the power of their ill-gotten money.

Chief Minister B. S. Yeddyurappa is at their receiving end not because of any political difference or because of their ideological moorings. It is their business interest which is at stake. Yeddyurappa imposed a toll tax of Rs. 1,000.00 per lorry per trip on mined iron-ore for flood relief. Reddy brothers resented that. They also could not fathom that many bureaucrats close to them were transferred by Yeddyurappa. They now want their chief enemy’s ouster.

Not only BJP but all parties should take care that such money bags can not hold elected governments to ransom and they should not be allowed to do that. Efforts of Reddy brothers should be rebuffed by all and sundry.


Vidur’s Film Diary – October 2009

2I posted previous blog on September 8th. Then I decided to take a brief sabbatical from film related posts and was intending to write exclusively on politics. But I could not write a single line. What was intended to be a brief and short sabbatical, turned out to be a long vacation. But I was not vacationing. I was very much in Mumbai and I was in the thick of action. First, surfeit of festivals in the month of October kept me busy. Then the 37th batch of my acting institute was getting over and I was busy shooting their show-reels. Some days I was shooting till 12 in the midnight. One day I finished class at 1.30 in the night. Apart from these hectic activities, we were in the process of shifting the institute to a bigger and better place and renovation work was going on in full swing. Along with these works, 38th, 39th and 40th batches were already there and training was going on vigorously. Last but not least, admissions were going on for the 41st batch. We started 41st batch on October 23rd and though my office and reception rooms are yet to be completed but there was some respite from the hectic schedule. So I am again at blogging and will post my blog today after 26 days. It is already November and it is time for my monthly film diaries.


Second consecutive month and there are no deaths in the industry. God is great and very kind.

New Releases and Me

In total 11 films got released this month.

First Week – October 02

1- Wake Up Sid………………………Ranbir Kapoor
2- Do Knot Disturb…………………xxx

Second Week – October 09

1- Acid Factory………………………Dino Morea
…………………………………………….Fardeen Khan
…………………………………………….Neha Vajpaee
2- 3 Nights 4 Days.………………….Hrishitaa Bhatt
Third Week. – October 16

1- All The Best………………………….Fardeen Khan
2- Blue……………………………………Zayed Khan
……………………………………………..Katrina Kaif
……………………………………………..Rahul Dev
3- Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna………Kareena Kapoor
……………………………………………..Mahak Chahal
……………………………………………..Prem R. Soni

Fourth Week – October 23

1- Fruit & Nut…………………………xxx
2- Love Ka Tadka……………………Sameer Dattani

Fifth Week – October 30

1- Aladin……………………………….Jacqualine Fernandez
…………………………………………….Shekhar Ravjiani
2- London Dreams…………………xxx

Out of these 11 films, only three films don’t have my students. They are “ Do Knot Disturb” , “ Fruit & Nut ” and “ London Dreams ”. In remaining 8 films 15 students of mine are there in various departments. Out of these 15 students, 13 are actors, 1 is writer-director and 1 is music director. Prem R. Soni, the writer, director of “ Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna ” and Shekhar Ravjiani of Vishal-Shekhar duo is the music director of “ Aladin ”.

Once again October was a very satisfying month. Out of 11 films only 3 have absolutely no connection with me. Out of these 3, “ Fruit & Nut ” is a small film. “ Do Knot Disturb ” and “ London Dreams ” are big films indeed and they do remind me that I have yet to accomplish my dreams. Work is not over yet. I have to travel some more extra miles.

Television & Me

It is difficult to keep track of various shows on various channels. But reality shows are  few. So it is easy to keep track of them. Bigg Boss – Season 3 is currently on air. It has Aditi Govitrikar and Shamita Shetty as inmates. They both are my students.

News This Month

1- This month IMPPA ( Indian Motion Picture Producer’s Association ) completed its 70th year.

2- Mr. Yash Chopra has been titled “ Asian Film Maker Of the Year ” by the 14th Pusan Film Festival. Previous recipients include Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Taiwan’s Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Edward Yang, Hong Kong’s Andy Lau and Kazakhstan’s Gulnara Sarsenova.

3- Yash Raj Film’s DDLJ ( Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge ) completed 14 years of uninterrupted run at Maratha Mandir, Mumbai. It enters in 15th year in October.

4- Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra got engaged in October.

5- Mr. Subhash Ghai’s production house Mukta Arts completed 30 years in the industry and it enters in 31st year.

6- Lata Mangeshkar’s song in Jail will be played every day during the morning assembly at Tihar jail.

7- Famous play back singer Manna Dey got prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Awards for 2007.

8 Himesh Reshammiya has composed his 500th song. He accomplished this feat with his “ man ka radio ” song for his film “ Radio ”.

Happenings & Events

1-This year’s MAMI film festival started on October 29th. It is now funded by Big Entertainment of Mr. Anil Ambani.



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