Manu Sharma & Sheela Dikshit : The Congress Game

Manu Sharma, the shameless and remorseless brute who killed Jessica Lall, was out on parole last week. I don’t think anyone has forgotten the way he killed Jessica Lall, a young bartender. Manu Sharma walked in an up market and trendy Delhi pub well past midnight. He ordered a drink but was politely told by the bartender that bar is closed for the day. An enraged Sharma pulled out a gun and shot Jessica Lall point blank. Manu Sharma was arrested and a case was registered subsequently. It dragged on for years and this politically well-connected brat was acquitted. The nation wide outcry and immense public anger ensured his conviction from The Delhi High Court and in spite of all dramatic performances by his lawyer Ram Jethmalani, he got life imprisonment and was put behind the bars. People heaved a sigh of relief.

But because of his influence, because of the political affiliations of his family, Manu Sharma applied for parole, got it and was out and was hitting Delhi’s clubs once again. He sited three reasons in his applications for parole :

First – to perform religious rites for his grand mother. We later on got to know that his grand mother had already died in 2008.

Second – to attend his ailing mother. We later on saw his hale and hearty mother Shakti Sharma attending a press conference in Chandigarh.

Third – to look after his dwindling business. But as per Delhi police, his business is fine.

Out of 132 parole applications, Delhi government rejected 33 and granted parole to 11 only. 88 applications are still pending. Manu Sharma’s case is among those 11 lucky people. Why ?

The question arises, why the government was in hurry to release him on bail? The answer is elections for Haryana Assembly. It changed the equations. Manu Sharma’s father, Venod Sharma got elected on a Congress ticket. In spite of all the so called good work done by the incumbent Chief Minister of Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Congress failed to get majority. They were desperate to form government and Venod Sharma with his ill gotten money not only bought and brought 7 independents but also engineered defection in Kuldeep Bishnoi’s party and brought another 5 MLAs and thus saved the government. This is ample proof of the power he commands. Just before the elections, in September Manu Sharma moved an application for parole and it was granted by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit with alacrity. In spite of the objection of Delhi police, government got clearance from Tihar jail officials and Chandigarh police and Manu Sharma was out on parole. It is not a mere coincidence that Manu Sharma moved the parole application a month before crucial Haryana elections. Need I say anything else?

Out on parole, this gentleman was attending parties, visiting pubs and nightclubs with immunity. As per his lawyer Mr. Ram Jethmalani, these were just business meetings over few drinks. As per Congress, after getting parole a prisoner is free to visit a temple or a bar. It is not government’s concern.

Had it not been his scuffle with Delhi Police Commissioner’s son, this gem ( ? ) of a murderer would have been enjoying his business meetings ( ? ) with few drinks with immunity. We are yet to see any kind of remorse, repentance or guilt in Manu Sharma or in his parents. After the scuffle he fled the scene and next day surrendered. Before surrendering he wrote a letter to his mother blaming the media for his fate and thanking her for teaching him right values. He concluded the priceless letter, “ Ma I assure you that I have done nothing wrong……” . I am amazed by the audacity of this brutal murderer, who claims that he has done nothing wrong. I shudder when I think about his shameless mother, who taught her son some right values as claimed by him. And I dread his powerful benefactors, who unfortunately are our rulers.

God save us !!!!!



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