Nitin Gadkari : Gushing Fresh Wind In The BJP

Last night when I was watching daily news on television, a news item drew my attention and almost hooked me. I saw a man singing on a dais. So what is unusual in it? A man can sing. In fact anyone can sing. Luckily singing is not yet taxed in our country. So what was unusual? Why was this news item unique? Why was is reported after all? The answer is known to all people who were watching that news. This news made headlines because the man in question was new BJP President Mr. Nitin Gadkari. In USA, President Barack Obama can dance in a TV show. A French President Nicolas Sarkozy can have a girlfriend and later on have the luxury of marrying her, while being in the office. Italian Prime Minister Burlosconi is a play boy and no one objects. But in a conservative India, a party President is supposed to be serious and not supposed to sing.
Have you ever seen a singing, swinging President of any political party in India? BJP and its predecessor Bharatiya Jana Sangh, had its own share of serious, sombre party Presidents. They were erudite, learned and men of wisdom :

1 – Shyama Prasad Mookerjee,
2 – Mauli Chandra Sharma,
3 – Prem Nath Dongra,
4 – Acharya D. P. Ghosh,
5 – Pitambar Das,
6 – A. Rama Rao,
7 – Bachharaj Vyas,
8 – Balraj Madhok and
9 – Deen Dayal Upadhyaya

All these great men were very reticent, erudite and philosopher Presidents of Bharatiya Jana Sangh. Out of these 9, I have met 5 presidents of BJS personally. They were : Prem Nath Dongra , Pitambar Das , Bachhraj Vyas , Balraj Madhok , and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya . Its new avatar BJP also had its share of serious, sombre Presidents :

1 – Murli Manohar Joshi,
2 – Kusha Bhau Thakre,
3 – Bangaru Lakshman,
4 – K. Jana Krishnamurthy,
5 – M. Venkaiah Naidu and
6 – Raj Nath Singh

They are glaring exponents of this kind of presidency. Out of these 6 , I have met 1 personally . He is Raj Nath Singh . Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Adwani were the only exceptions as presidents of Jana Sangh and later on BJP. They loved watching Hindi films and are connoisseurs of fine arts. I have personally met Atal Bihari vajpayee. Though Bachhraj Vyas as the President of Bharatiya Jana Sangh had unique sense of humour and now M. Venkaiah Naidu has also possesses that quality but they are exceptions.

In such scenario, when you see a party President bursting into impromptu song session, its a welcome relief. You feel as if a gushing fresh wind has gently caressed you. You feel as if dark clouds have suddenly hovered over you to protect you from the scorching heat.

Welcome Mr. Gadkari ! Welcome to the national arena ! I hope your tenure will bring luck and success to the BJP.



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