” 3 Idiots ” & ” My Name Is Khan ” : A Layman’s Point Of View

“ My Name Is Khan ” is making waves these days. Not very long ago another Hindi film “ 3 Idiots ” was ruling the box office. Away from the raging controversies or comparisons, I waited for the dust to settle down before making my views public about these two films. Before expressing my views, I must admit that I am neither a film critic nor I could be one. I am little bit biased in favour of Aamir Khan. So it is almost impossible to become objective. And with a biased mind-set, if you write a critique , it is unethical. But when I start thinking like a connoisseur of Hindi Cinema, I think I can air my opinion. I can make my views public.

I watched both the movies and one thing which I liked most and appreciate, is the growing reach of Hindi Cinema. “ 3 Idiots ” released to universal praise, widespread acclaim and public euphoria. It netted more than Rs. 300 crore. Few weeks later came “ MNIK ” and it netted 150 crores within 10 days. What will be the final collection of both the films, what impact will they create in the world of cinema, is yet to be gauged. But I am happy for both the films. Now Hindi films are garnering more than 100 crores easily. It is not an exception but has become a rule. They are getting worldwide release. They are being dubbed in various European and African languages. And most important, they are getting worldwide attention and notice. Even mandarins of Hollywood are taking notice. “ MNIK ” is even distributed by Fox. “ MINK ” was premiered in Germany and is being dubbed in German, Polish and Arabic languages. It is biggest grosser of all times in overseas territory.

Much has already been written about “ 3 Idiots ”. It came as a whip of fresh air and the whole country lapped it up. It’s a universal hit throughout the country and that too after a very long time. Brilliant acting and social messages laced with humour added to its universal appeal. It made a brilliant and scathing comment on our current educational system. Here I would like to mention few things about “ MNIK ”. I watched it two days back. I was overwhelmed by the gigantic set up and huge canvass of the film. It has colossally mounted production value and frankly speaking, it’s a world-class cinema. It’s a new kind of Hindi cinema. The way Mr. Karan Johar has shot the film is praiseworthy. Scenes where president of U. S. A. appears on-screen, are fabulous. Though the characterization is highly influenced by “ Forest Gump ” and “ A Beautiful Mind ” but the approach is different. Lavish production value and huge canvass makes it a world-class film. For the first time so many actors of different nationalities are liberally used in a Hindi film.

I am ending this blog with satisfaction. We have a pool of fresh talents in every department of film making now. We have well-educated and intelligent directors and writers, who are crossing the known boundaries and setting new standards of film making. I am happy that now we are thinking out of the box and acting like harbingers of world cinema.

For me the earning of a film is of least concern. It hardly matters whether “ 3 Idiots ” will get No. 1 slot or “ MNIK ”. I am happy that in quick succession two Hindi films reached to such gigantic heights and scaled new peaks in world market. Their gross collection easily crossed Rs. 100 crore mark and is now nearing almost 300 crore. It is heartening.

Last and not the least, both the films have my students portraying important roles. Kareena Kapoor worked in “ 3 Idiots ” and Jimmy Sheirgill is working in “ My Name Is Khan ”.




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