Sunset Boulevard ( 2 ) : Requiem Of ” Family Photo Album “

Today, just after posting my blog on “ 3 Idiots ” and “ My Name Is Khan ”, I logged on to media library of my blog space to upload my photo. This has become a routine or ritual for every blog. I posted my 76th blog with my photo. After finishing my daily chores of internet, I was sitting in my study and reading Times Of India. Suddenly a thought occurred to me. How easily I went to media library of my blog space and up loaded the photo. These days I click photos on my Sony Digital camera and immediately upload it on my Apple PC. If needed and necessary, only then I make a hard copy of the photo, otherwise not.

Suddenly I was transported to my childhood and adolescent days, when family photo album used to be so essential part of every household. Revisiting the dark corridors of my childhood, I vividly remember that these albums were kept very prominently on the central table of the sofa in the drawing-room of every home, it used to be a proud possession of the family. Visiting its pages again and again was an exciting affair of the family members and they never used to get tired of it. It used to be sort of history book of the family and youngsters used to get familiar with the people and other important events of their family. They feel their fathers and forefathers by touching the photos. It was compulsory and mandatory for a guest and a visitor to flip the pages of the family album. Though sometimes they used to get bored to death. But there was no escape, no respite. They have to endure the ordeal until tea and snacks were served.

I had three family albums. My marriage album still survives but other two albums are gone. I mercilessly tore the other two and preserved all the photos on my Apple PC. In a way it is good but in a way it is loss of a long tradition also. It is death of an excitement. People from this generation can’t imagine the fun and excitement when a family album was brought out of the box and used to be open under the supervision and guidance of a family elder. Touching a hard copy of a photo had a totally different feeling, which digital copy can’t give. Though it is preserved in a better way.

Few days back I wrote / posted a blog about Hamara Bajaj – Bajaj Scooter. Little did I realize then that within few days I have to visit this sunset boulevard again and write / post a blog about the family album. All the old familiar things are giving way to new things. Everything is changing beyond recognition. Life is also changing. Only memories are static. They refuse to change. They stick to all old things. Nostalgia refuses to leave you till you are alive. Bajaj Scooter and family photo album, these two things of yore are fading out. They are slowly and silently taking their place somewhere in the sunset boulevard. They will be forgotten soon. They will become history. But they are part of my history too. They are part of my life. Sooner or later I would also be sprinting on this sunset boulevard. I would be in the company of things, which once upon a time were part of my life. My circle of life will be complete then, only then.

Farewell !! Farewell !!

Family photo albums will be extinct soon. But I will mourn its death.



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