Taking Note Of Mr. Sachin Tendulkar

When Raj Singh Dungarpur died in September 2009, I posted my blog about him. I had stated that I have very limited and a layman’s knowledge about Cricket. And apart from him, I have only one more idol in Cricket : Sunil Gavaskar. I used to be his ardent fan. I started watching Cricket when West Indies toured India after Asiad Games. I specially remember the matches when Gavaskar equaled and then finally broke the record of Sir Don Bradman. I was enamoured by his persona and started following the matches and his art and craft. My interest in Cricket ebbed and receded when Gavaskar retired from first class Cricket and quit playing.

Then rose a little boy called Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Frankly speaking I didn’t take notice. I must admit in the beginning that I am not even a spec in the universe. My views and actions/reactions are not capable of changing anything and they don’t even matter. While writing about Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, I have stated that I had difficulty in accepting him because I was a fan of Mr. Dilip Kumar. Same syndrome appeared here also. It’s not a symptom of megalomania. I am stating my views to make it public and to show the world that a genius like Amitabh and Sachin can command respect and attention. They can force you into submission, even if you wish otherwise.

I was indifferent till the day Sachin scored 200 in Gwalior ODI. After his double century, a first by any male Batman, in ODI and that too after a career spanning 20 years, I was forced to take notice. Here it is needless to write about his achievements, his records, his techniques or his stature in world of Cricket. Everyone knows about those records. He now has all the probable and conceivable records of Cricket in his kitty. I think some of them won’t even be broken ever.

Congratulations Mr. Tendulkar ! I am ready to accept before the world that I was not your fan till recent past but you forced me into submission, just like Mr. Buchchan did few years ago. I bow and salute the genius.




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