51st Anniversary Of Tibetan Uprising

Today ( March 10 ) is the 51st anniversary of Tibetan uprising. On the same day 51 years ago, Chinese forces occupied Tibet forcibly and started their brutal and unholy rule and HH Dalai Lama had to leave his country with his followers and took shelter in India. Potala Palace remains vacant ever since, silently waiting for HH 14th Dalai Lama’s return.

Though I was only a toddler at the time of Tibetan uprising, but the event stayed in my psyche forever. It happened in 1959. Then I was just a 7-year-old boy. But I always heard my father talking about it. So the brutal suppression of Tibetan people became a part of me and my personality. And an independent Tibet became my goal and aspiration.

Let me dwell a bit on the history of Tibet for the present generation. Tibet was always an independent nation. She had close and warm relationship with India. Before her unholy subjugation, India used to manage Post & Telegraph department in Tibet. We had centuries old cultural relationship and ties. Kailash and Mansarovar, two very holy places of Hindu religion, are there in Tibet. After red star rose in China and after Mao took over reigns of China and became unquestioned leader of the country, Communists started claiming that Tibet is a part of China. Slowly but very steadily they started moving ahead in that direction. After making provocative noises and statements in every international forums, Chinese Peoples Liberation Army moved into Tibet and took control. Suppression and subjugation of Tibetan people started and Chinese government started controlling every aspect and spheres of Tibetan population. Strangely the international community kept quiet. HH Dalai Lama left Tibet along with his chosen followers and came to India. Ever since he is here in Dharamshala and runs Tibetan government in exile. It is brief and layman’s information about Tibet.

51 years have passed since then. Han Chinese are being brought in hordes and are being settled in Tibet. Ethnic Tibetan culture is forbidden and their tradition is ridiculed and curbed. Communist China is hoping that one day ethnic Tibetans will be in minority and they could subjugate Tibet forever and perpetuate their hegemony. The introduction of railway is a sinister step in that direction.

World is still silent and watching hopelessly. Younger generation is almost oblivious of the trials and travails of Tibetan nation. Are we not going to see independent Tibet in our life ? I firmly believe, I will. I am 57-year-old, but I believe and firmly believe that before my death I will see an independent Tibet. Tibet’s cause is not lost. Millions of Indians believe like me.

Long live HH Dalai Lama !!

Long live independent Tibet !!




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