Women’s Reservation Bill

In principle I am against reservation. But I wholeheartedly supported reservation for SC/ST. Still being opposed to reservation, I am a supporter of Women Reservation Bill. Only reservation, which I wholeheartedly refuse to accept, is the reservation for OBC. For some it would be a confusing and paradoxical stand. But it is not. For me it is definitely not.

Reservation is meant for the betterment and uplifting of weaker section, but in my opinion, it cripples them permanently. It creates a mentality of deprivation and a continuous habit of looking for succour. I have seen some of my SC/ST friends suffering from an attitude of self-denial and lack of self-esteem. But there is no denial of the fact that SC/ST reservation helped these sections in a major way. Its contribution towards the emancipation of SC/ST is immense. These downtrodden and weaker section of our society were reeling under cruelty and neglect of upper caste Hindus since centuries. Our caste based system and Manu’s laws had oppressed them for more than a millennium. In fact they were suffering since time immemorial. Reservation came as a boon for them. Though upper caste people vehemently opposed it initially, but slowly they fell in line. Now SC/ST reservation is a foregone and accepted phenomena.

Let us take this new reservation for women. They constitute 50% of our society. In spite of all the adoration and worship of various goddesses and deities of our religion, condition of women were pitiable. They suffered in silence and were subjugated to all kinds of cruelty and tyranny. Their redemption and emancipation was desperately needed and thus the Women’s Reservation Bill was a much-needed and very much delayed legislation. It was conceived 14 year back but due to the objection of few OBC leaders, it was kept in cold storage. The Yadav troika of Mulayam, Lalu and Sharad, who are vociferous exponents of OBC reservation, furiously oppose this bill. Those who are enjoying fruits of reservation themselves, refuse to share this with other weaker sections. These hypocrites are precisely the reason, why I oppose OBC reservation.

Women’s Reservation Bill has some flaws. The main flaw is rotation clause of the bill. 33% seats will be reserved for 5 years. After that these seats will become general seats. Who would like to nourish their seats if they know that they won’t be representing these seats in next election? And why a woman will nourish her seat, if she knows that she won’t be representing it next time? So I suspect that in future only wives and daughters of male M.P.s will get tickets as proxy candidates. So amendments are needed. Re-drafting of the bill is necessary. But that could be done later also. It’s a revolutionary step and it should be welcomed wholeheartedly.




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