Team Gadkari & New Look BJP : Sunny Days Are Here Again

Few months back, when Mr. Nitin Gadkari was anointed as the new president of BJP, it was a foregone conclusion that he will usher a new era in the party. He promised to bring new and fresh faces in the team to give the party a new lease of life. Mr. Nitin Gadkari announced his organisational team few days back. As expected and as announced by him earlier, many young and new faces have been inducted in the new team.

As soon as the team was announced, electronic and print media swung into action and started criticising the new team vehemently. The venom and diatribe was specially directed towards Hema Malini, Kirron Kher, Smriti Irani and Shaina NC. As per the view of media these ladies were selected only because of glamour and this glamour quotient will not help BJP. According to them, these above mentioned ladies have done nothing for the public at large. For arguments sake , if we accept that these ladies have done nothing till now, can’t they start fresh ? If they wish to serve the nation and society,is it a valid reason to de bar them on the pretext that they are fresh and they have done nothing. May I ask, what was Sonia Gandhi’s contribution when she was initiated into politics and started her journey? Apart from being the widow of a slain Ex Prime Minister, she had no credentials.

Second argument is that the team is full of the leaders who have lost elections. May be in some cases it is true but in democracy there has to be a loser and a winner. Without a loser there can’t be a winner. Some times a leader loses because of so many factors. Losing an election doesn’t certify that the particular leader is incompetent. Moreover the most glaring example of a loser being anointed for the most important post, is Mr. Manmohan Singh. He lost election from Delhi, got elected to Rajya Sabha from Assam. Now he is a sitting Rajya Sabha MP and he is the Prime Minister of this country. Does anyone object ? So why this hue and cry about BJP team ?

Third objection of the media was regarding Varun Gandhi. Why this Gandhi scion was inducted ? This is just to counter Rahul Gahdhi. Again if you accept this argument for the sake of argument, is it wrong for any political party to counter its opponent ? What should BJP is supposed to do ? To go and garland Congress leader ? Is countering Rahul Gandhi blasphemous ? In democracy people’s will is supreme. If people have elected Varun Gandhi, he has every right to be in public life and serve the party of his choice. As for his hate speech, I have made my views public in my earlier blog – Varun Gandhi’s Hate Speech & Lalu’s Sermon On The Mount ”, posted on April 09 , 2009.

Last point which media made is , that discontent is brewing up in the party because of the list . BJP is a big party with many competent people. It is difficult to accommodate everybody. It is impossible to satisfy everyone. There has to be some rambling. In fact it shows that contrary to Congress, BJP is a democratic party, where any one can air his views.

In my opinion Mr. Gadkari has chosen a very competent team and once this team settles in office, they will surely make a difference. BJP will truly be a party with difference very soon. The sun will shine once again and I will see a resurgent BJP and that too – YACHI DEHI , YACHI DOLA !!



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