In Defence Of Narendra Modi

These days defending Narendra Modi is blasphemous. The title of this blog would seem offensive to some one and repulsive to others. Some would hate me till eternity for writing this blog and few would think that I am out of my senses. But I am not. I am not saying that communal riots are good or they are justified. No one can condone violence. In fact Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee himself said that Gujarat carnage is a blot on the face of our government. Shri Lal Krishna Advani also condemned the violence. But the fact of the matter is, that Gujarat riots are a reality and no one can deny that. But none in the BJP ever said anything in the favour of it or condoned it.

But vehemence of the media, which gave graphic details of the carnage at the time it was going on and still pursues it relentlessly, astonished me. They are refusing to let it die its natural death. I fail to understand why they are so hell-bent on keeping this festering wound open ? It’s a painful memory and a sad chapter in the history of our country and it is in the interest of this country that it should be allowed to die its natural death. I fail to understand media’s extra interest in the Gujarat riots.

If they say and feel that they are fighting for the justice, then why were they silent when the prime accuse of the genocide of the Sikhs, Mr. Sajjan Kumar simply vanished to avoid arrest and Delhi police was unable to locate him, though he has Z plus security. In spite of the grave nature of the incident, media coverage was almost negligible. Some feeble protests, some routine sound bytes here and there and that’s it. He resurfaced after few days but no one even asked him anything. All the culprits of the genocide of Sikhs are still roaming scot-free and with impunity. Another accuse of Sikh genocide Mr. Jagdish Tytler was appointed in charge of a crucial state like Bihar by the Congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Bihar goes to polls later this year. This incident I am mentioning to illustrate my point. Genocide of Sikhs happened in the national capital and Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister. He sheepishly and shamelessly defended this genocide by saying, “ ek bada ped girta hai to dharti hilti hai”. Media has forgotten it altogether and hails Rajiv as the harbinger of change.

Let me make it further clear. I am not saying that cases against Narendra Modi should be withdrawn. I am not saying that SIT should be disbanded. I am not saying that Narendra Modi is above the law of the land. But I am asking a simple question ; who has the power to persecute him ? Who will deliver justice, Honourable Supreme Court or the media ? In this case relentless media trial is creating a disturbing scenario. Media is declaring him guilty and desperately trying to prove him guilty without any kind of legal sanction. Media has no authority to pronounce judgement. In a clear case of one-upmanship, media is weakening their own case and they are giving strength to Narendra Modi, without intending the same. They had to eat crow, when they announced that Modi had been summoned by the SIT. The fact of the matter is that Modi was just served a notice, which in the eyes of law is not binding. Then media unilaterally declared that Modi has been asked to appear before the SIT on March 21. The fact of the matter is that Modi was not asked by SIT to appear on March 21. Moreover in their eagerness to nail Modi they forgot that March 21 is Sunday and the SIT office is closed and officers are out of the town. They had to eat crow because of their over-eagerness. They had egg on their faces because of unusual haste. They just want to hang Narendra Modi, before the judgement of the court. We have fairly competent judiciary. In this scenario Supreme Court is monitoring the cases. So why media is so desperate to pronounce the judgement ?

I am sorry ! In Narendra Modi’s case media is wrong. Narendra Modi had categorically said that I am a law-abiding citizen and I shall abide by the order of the court. If I am summoned, I will do what law requires me to do. And he is an elected Chief Minister of a state. He is not a fugitive. So let the court decide his fate. The judgement will be and should be pronounced in a court of law and not in the studios of the news channels. I am sad to see media personnel with eggs on their faces. They simply goofed up and now shamelessly trying to put blame somewhere else.

This is my defence of Modi. Media should refrain from pronouncing judgement and awarding sentence to an elected Chief Minister. Courts are competent and they are doing their duties. People of Gujarat have already given their judgement thrice. Now let courts decide.



3 Responses

  1. Amazing insightful article.


  2. Very true sir…….the self appointed judiciary that is media ….which it claims to be has to stop this nonsense….n i for one am a firm supporter of Modi’s doings….coz the people of this country cannot be controlled by democracy….some amt of dictatorship is needed n that can be seen by the growth which is happening in gujarat…..n if he has committed a mistake he is human after all….


  3. It’s a well known fact that Narendra modi is a victim of this goebbelsian journalism. Given birth to Himalayan lies, then give illogical facts to prove them. It is the way media use to demonize Modi. But they forget the fact that there is some people who able read between lines.


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