Vidur’s Open Letter – 6 : To Ferena Wazeir

Hi Ferena ,

Congratulations for your debut movie “ Sadiyaan ”!

I start my letter with this note in spite of the fact that movie is not well received by the critics. In fact it is panned by them. But critics are also human beings. They have their own pre-conceived notions. They have their prides and prejudices and some times have their egos and biases too. While reviewing “ Sadiyaan ”, they simply ignored you. There is no mention of your name in most of the reviews. Mr. Komal Nahta of “ Film Information ” and Mr. Taran Adarsh of “ ” and few others did mention you. But that’s it.

It is cruel and cussed on their part and I feel sad for you. Youngsters start their journey with lots of hope and aspirations. It is definitely a tentative and feeble step towards a long and illustrious journey. And every journey, ordinary or great, starts with just one step. If a kid falls after taking the first step, it doesn’t mean end of the world. It doesn’t mean that he/she cannot walk ever or he/she should be crucified for the first fall and be denounced perpetually. A kid’s tumbling down is, in fact, the beginning of an illustrious and glorious journey.

As a trainer I have a very long association with you and I can vouch for your talent and the commitment to the films you choose. I am privy to the fact that you rejected a role in a recent hit made by one of the avant garde film makers of our industry. The film is considered a modern classic and got rave reviews. It was one of the biggest hits of 2009 and the actor, who played the character rejected by you, is a major star now. But you stood by your conviction and chose to do “ Sadiyaan ” instead. If I mention the name of that movie, people will think that you had gone crazy. But since I am privy to the information and know you personally, I know your strength as an artiste and as a human being. You stood by your conviction and never cribbed for your judgement, which now seems to be a wrong one. Don’t ever feel bad for the hostile press, which “ Sadiyaan ” got. Many legends of world cinema and numerous stalwarts of Indian cinema had shaky starts but rose to gigantic heights later on.

You are a thinking actor and I am proud to be associated with you. In fact I got benefited by the association, as you introduced me to the world of Chekhov and Uta Hagen. You introduced me to “ Sushi ” also. I do remember the evenings I spent at your place discussing world cinema over cups of coffee with hazelnuts.

I wrote about you in my earlier blog – “ Kong Poush Of Jammu & Kashmir : Kashmiri, Dogri, Laddakhi Film industry & Me ”, way back on December 12, 2009. But after posting my letter to Luv Sinha, I felt an urge to write to you too.

You are a conscientious and talented actor. “ Sadiyaan ” is just a beginning and not the end. There are so many other heights to scale. Be brave!

Best of luck for your journey ahead ! Blessings !



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