Red Storm Over India : Where Does The Buck Stop ?

Last week 76 security men were massacred by the Maoists in the jungles of Chhattisgarh. I am anguished and saddened. But I am more saddened when some of the intellectuals still try to justify it and defend the Maoists. Some are subtle and hidden supporters while some like Arundhati Roy are more brazen and remorseless in nature. In fact they are not genuine intellectuals, they are crypto-Maoists themselves. I fail to understand the motive of the Maoists and the logic of their supporters. What Maoists want to achieve by this wanton killing ? And why on earth killings in Gujarat are bad and killings in Chhattisgarh are not ? Why on earth Narendra Modi should be punished, though no one saw him killing Muslims and these Maoists should be pardoned though they often engage in indiscriminate and brutal killings ? Are the supporters and sympathisers of Maoists listening ? Do they have any credible and justifiable answers ? I don’t expect any answers from these crypto-Maoists. My thoughts are echoed in the following tweet :

DeShobhaa: Am seriously worried abt Arundhati Roy. No sane thinking Indian can support\justify Naxal terror attacks.Treason!

To general public Communists, Naxalites and Maoists are same. But they are not. Let me explain this position first. Communism was a utopian idea based on the books and treatises of Karl Helnrich Marx ( 1818 – 1883 ). His two books; The Communist Manifesto ” and “ Das Kapitalpaved the way for this idea and as per the tenets of this utopian philosophy, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin led a revolution and formed the first Communist government of the world in the erstwhile USSR. He ushered in a revolution in 1917, which is now known as Bolshevik Revolution. After defeating the fascist forces of Tsar Nicholas the 2nd, a tyrannical and oppressive ruler of Russia, he formed USSR in December 28, 1922. This all-encompassing totalitarian regime, which believed in “ Dictatorship of Proletarians” , continued in USSR until it was overthrown in another silent revolution on December 08, 1991. At present Communist USSR doesn’t exist and it is honourably consigned in the trash bin of history.

After settling down in the corridors of power, the rulers of this Communist regime tried to export their philosophy to all the nooks & corners of the world and sometimes they were successful in over throwing the governments of the day and establishing various subservient Communists regimes in all the continents of the world. China was one of these countries. Mao zedong overthrew the Nationalist Kuomintang government of Chiang Kai Shek in China and established his own communist government. In the initial years he was willing to toe the line of USSR but later on started following his own agenda. He started exporting his own brand of radical Communism to the different parts of the world. This brand of Communism is called Maoism. Followers of this brand of Communism accuse the USSR as a revisionists power and denounced her in strongest terms. They claim that they are the true champions of Proletarians and that USSR now represents the Bourgeois.

Before her vivisection, when USSR splintered into 15 independent and sovereign nations in 1991, she was the only fountainhead of Communist philosophy. She helped in establishing Communist Party Of India in 1920. Later on when China emerged as an alternate source and the second fountainhead, some radical elements of CPI broke away from the party and established Communist Party Of India – ( Marxist ), known as CPM, in 1964.

Both these parties take part in elections and are part of multi-party democratic system of India. Forward Block and Revolutionary Socialist Party are two other parties of this family. They formed an unholy alliance and it is almost 30 years, since they are ruining West Bengal. Tripura and Kerala are other states where they have sizable presence.

Watershed moments of this movement came In 1967, when unarmed protesting farmers of Naxalbari, a small village in northern Bengal, were fired at and the government tried to suppress this peasant movement and took side of the landlords. Aghast by the incident, some ultra radicals of CPM broke away from the party and formed a more radical party named Communist Party Of India – ( Marxist-Leninist ), known as CPI-ML in 1969. Charu Mazumdar, Jangal Santhal and Kanu Sanyal were the founders of CPI-ML and foremost exponents of this radical Communist philosophy called Naxalism. Initially they believed in War Of Annihilation ”. They believed in individual killings. After Charu Mazumdar’s death, Naxalite movement was weakened and after Jangal Santhal’s death, it started petering out. Lone surviving founder, Kanu Sanyal denounced violence and accepted that individual killings were counter productive and that it should end. He announced that Naxalism had a cause and a purpose and now that cause and purpose is over. As per the tradition of communism, he was given the title – revisionist and bourgeois and was denounced. { To read my views on Naxalism, please read my earlier blog – “ Kanu Sanyal : Death Of A Man , Death Of A Revolution ” posted on March 25, 2010 }

Now the new torch bearers of ultra new radical Communism emerged on the scene and called themselves Maoists. They were descendants of Naxalism or CPI ML, but instead of one party, they splintered into several area specific groups like ; CPI – ML ( Liberation ) , CPI – ML ( Janashakti ) , CPI – Maoists , Maoist Communist Centre and People’s War Group. A supreme body of the Maoists was formed for better coordination and it was called All India Coordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries ( AICCCR ). They now carry the mantle and are trying to establish Communist state by violent means. Among the three sections of Communism, the first – CPI & CPM are part of democratic process. The second, CPI- ML or Naxalites are now extinct and the third , Maoists are ruling and running the show.

So these Maoists have massacred 76 CRPF personnel and are waging an armed struggle to establish Maoist regime in India. Currently 195 districts of 16 states are infested by Maoists. They are blazing bloody and treacherous battle to liberate the country from bourgeois political system. Now, who is to blame ? Congress ruled this country uninterrupted for several decades. And the result is for all to see :

RT @shekharkapur: India has sent paramilitary forces against it’s own people more often than any other democracy in the world.

Communist Alliance of CPM, CPI, RSP and FB is ruling West Bengal uninterrupted fo more than 3 decades. And the result is for all to see :

RT @PritishNandy: The magic of Calcutta was the magic of hope. 30 years of CPM rule has brought in despair.

Internet intellectuals are urging for bombing the Maoists. They are clamouring for army operations, demanding hard and befitting reply. But saner voices are also there :

RT @sagarikaghose: Modernise police, extensive intelligence, setting up govt offices, dense network of roads and Greyhounds: Andhra model shd be replicated.

In my opinion, the option is what Sagarika Ghose says. It has to be two-pronged strategy. State has to crush the rebellion and at the same time massive developmental work should start in the Maoist infested areas. State can not annihilate its own people but it can’t be soft towards an armed rebellion also. But if it is said that there should be development in the Maoist infested areas, it is amply clear that Congress at the Centre and CPM at the state failed miserably in their several decade long rule. So you should decide, where does the “ buck stop ” ?

RT @swapan55: Now we know that Salwa Judum was right. If only the Centre hadn’t been so partisan then, Maoists wouldn’t have been so emboldened now.



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