Celebrating ” RAAJNEETI ” With No Regrets

As the cast & crew of Raajneeti celebrated their success by throwing a lavish bash, I went to watch the movie that evening in a theatre. When a trainer starts training        artistes for a particular film, that film takes a special place in his the heart. And as I was training Katrina Kaif specially for this film, I was attached to this film  even before its theatrical release. I was eager to watch it in theatre. Though I read all the reviews , which were very positive, I got all the bytes from the discerning viewers, which were very good about Ranbir Kapoor and katrina Kaif, but still I wanted to watch it myself. As I watched this film in Cinemax , Versova I was pleasantly surprised to watch Ranbir Kapoor in a very different role of his career. According to me  ” ROCKET SINGH : SALESMAN OF THE YEAR ” is his best film till date, followed by ” WAKE UP SID “,  ” AJAB PREM KI GAZAB KAHANI ” , ” SAAWARIYAand BACHANA AE HASEENO and that too strictly in that order. But I must say that RAAJNEETI is his most mature , different  and difficult film till date. I am happy to watch him grow as an artiste and portraying various roles with  finesse and panache of a mature actor. But frankly speaking he is an accomplished actor and everyone recognizes and accepts that. So there was never any doubt about his acting abilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

My main concern was Katrina. As everyone knows, she is yet to get fluency and mastery in Hindi and in this film she had quite lengthy speeches and that too in chaste Hindi. I was sceptical because I got very less time to train Katrina. But one fact,  which is not known to her detractors, is that she is extremely confident actor and knows her job well. As drama unfolded on the screen and Katrina appeared for the first time my heart started beating faster. my palpitation grew, and I watched her with lots of anxiety.  Frankly speaking, all my anxieties vanished soon. I was happy to watch Katrina Kaif’s performance. I must admit that she worked hard and perfected her Hindi speeches.It should be admitted that she had done a commendable job.  Some critics are still critical and some cynics are still sceptical, but Katrina has done a brilliant job as for as her diction is concerned. No doubt, still she has miles to go as for as her acting skills are concerned. I am sure she will accomplish that also because she is very hard-working and dedicated artiste.

Arjun Rampal is also my student. And he is very good in the film. But I have no contacts with him. He is not my private student. He was in the class. So it was just a formal relationship. Warmth and intimacy in relationship was never there. I only met him once after he left classes and that was eons ago.

As the film ended and credits started rolling, I started coming out of the theatre wading through the crowds.  Suddenly a thought occurred  to me. I was also associated with this film in a way. Three students of mine ; Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina kaif and Arjun Rampal are doing prominent roles in the film and they are hugely appreciated for their histrionics. But in the crowd no one knows this fact. No one recognizes me. Should I be sad ? Am I complaining ? No way . This is the beauty of the job. Bhagwan Krishna is known to the universe but his guru Sandipani Muni lived an unknown and spartan life. While Krishna bestrode this terra-firma like a colossus, his guru was silently doing his duty in the hinterlands of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. All the kudos , all the claps and all the praise belong to my students only. I wont ever be there to share their due credits. My job is to train them to the best of my ability and then, as they start taking gigantic steps in the world of cinema, watch them in the dark confines of a theatre with misty eyes. Glitter and glamour belong to them and them only.

After watching RAAJNEETI, I came out of the theatre fully satisfied and treated myself with a spartan dinner.





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