Ode – 4 : To Anusha Rizvi


I wanted to write about Anusha Rizvi and her film ” Peepli [ Live ] ” ever since I watched the film. My initial reaction was of shock and awe. I was unable to believe that a journalist-turned-director, who is a first timer, can make such a poignant film about rural India. It is so well-written and treated with such a sensitive way that after the film gets over, you are unable to believe that the story of Natha is over. It speaks volumes about the legendary conviction of Aamir Khan also, who backed the film to the hilt and saw to it that it gets a mainstream release. But had the film been a mediocre one, any amount of publicity, any amount of hype would have been gone awry. So in my opinion, the stupendous success does not stand only at the door of  the producer of ” Peepli [Live ] ” . Aamir Khan deserves full marks for agreeing to produce the film. He should be congratulated for having implicit faith in a debutante and a wannabe director Anusha Rizvi. But Anusha Rizvi also deserves distinction marks because she could justify the faith imposed in her by her star producer and his banner.



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She becomes the second Indian, after Satyajit Ray, whose debut film is going to the Oscars. Isn’t it incredible? ” Pather Panchali ” and ” Peepli [ Live ] ”  have few things in common. Both the films are the debut films of their directors and both the films depict the story of rural India. Recent Hindi films have been city centric and since the new crop of the directors are ignorant of our rural ethos, their films are based in urban India and they cater to urban people only. ” Peepli [ Live ] ” beaks this rule and that too quite poignantly and successfully. Like Satyajit Ray’s ” Pather Panchali ” it portrays rural India’s poverty, misery and simple way of life. It portrays the forgotten village life of India’s approximately 5,75,000 villages.


Apu and his sister Durga running to catch a gl...

Image via Wikipedia - Famous Scene Of Pather Panchali


Rural India has fascinating stories to tell and this debutante director Anusha Rizvi decides to tread the unbeaten path and succeeds impressively like her predecessor legendary Satyajit Ray.


Satyajit Ray.

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Aamir Khan is also unique in a way that his first film as a producer ” Lagaan ”  was a village-centric film. It was India’s official entry to the Oscars and it was selected also in the foreign films category. Only 5 Indian films have qualified for the Oscars so far. incidentally ” Peepli [ Live ] ”  is Aamir’s 4th film, which is selected for the Oscars – ” Lagaan” ,  ” Rang De Basanti “,  ” Taare Zameen Par ” and now ” Peepli [ Live ] “.


Bhuvan (Aamir Khan) with his cricket team cons...

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I have become a huge fan of Anusha Rizvi and wish her all the success !



Udaipur – Rajasthan – India






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  1. Anusha Rizvi is not the second debut director to go to Oscars. Aamir Khan was also a first time director when TZP was sent to Oscars. The director of Harishchandrachi Factory was also a debut director and the film was his first film to be sent to Oscars. She deserves accolades for making a good film, but not undue credit so as to equate her with Ray.


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