Adieu Nalini Jaywant !

Yesteryear actor Nalini Jaywant died on December 21, 2010 at her Chembur bungalow at the age of 84. Her body was found 3 days later by BMC people. They wrapped her in a bed-sheet and it was taken away for cremation.

Shobhna Samarth

Image via Wikipedia Shobhana Samarth

She became recluse after the death of her second husband, actor Prabhu Dayal, with whom she worked in many hit films. During her later years she  was confined to her room in her bungalow, not even seen by her neighbours. incidentally she was Nutan and Tanuja‘s aunt. [ She was the first cousin to actress Shobhana Samarth, their mother. Shobhana Samarth’s mother actress Rattan Bai was Nalini Jaywant’s father’s sister. ] So it is wrong to say that she had no relatives in Mumbai or that she had no one, who could have taken care of her.

Sunil Dutt

Image via Wikipedia Sunil Dutt

She was a major star in 40s and 50s . ” Bahen “ [ 1941 ] , directed by Mehboob Khan was her first film. In those traditional times and orthodox era she was bold enough to make her debut in the film, which had incestuous story line. Later on she became a big star and worked with Ashok Kumar in many massive hit and cult films like ” Samadhi “ [ 1950 ] and ” Sangram “ [ 1950 ]. ” Samadhi “ film’s song Gore Gore O Banke Chhore sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Ameerbai Karnataki was immensely popular and is still remembered.  She worked with Dilip Kumar in ” Anokha Pyar ” [ 1948 ], and ” Shikast ” [ 1953 ] and with Dev Anand in  evergreen hits likeMunimji [ 1955 ] and ” Kala Pani ” [ 1958 ] . Songs like, Jeevan Ke Safar Me Rahi of ” Munimji ” and Nazar Lagi Raja Tore Bangale Pe of  ” Kala Pani “ are still popular and are still fresh in the memory of connoisseurs of old Hindi cinema. She also starred in ” Railway Platform “ [ 1955 ], Sunil Dutt’s debut film. Film’s swan song Basti Basti Parbat Parbat Gata Jaye Banjara still haunts me and echoes in the lonely corridors of my heart some times. Amitabh Bachchan starrer ” Nastik “ [ 1983] was her last film.

Amar (1954 film)

Image via Wikipedia Dilip Kumar

She gave numerous hit films. She won Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for ” Kaala Pani “ in 1958 and at least her following 4 songs are evergreen and unforgettable hits of Hindi film industry : Gore Gore O Banke Chhore , Jeevan Ke Safar Me Rahi , Nazar Lagi Raja Tore Bangale Pe , and Basti Basti Parbat Parbat Gata Jaye Banjara, but she died this way. She died like a non-entity.

poster for Kalapani

Image via Wikipedia

It is sad and cruel that her death was completely ignored by the electronic media. Print media, though, reported the news but it was insignificant coverage for a star of her stature. All the websites related to film industry were also silent about the death. She died unwept, unheard and unsung. She was cremated by BMC people, though she has relatives like Tanuja and Mohnish Bahel [ Nutan’s son ]. Only Dev Anand , her ” Munimji “ and ” Kaala Pani “ co-star and ex-editor of Screen Bhawana Somaaya tweeted about her death. And that’s it.


Image via Wikipedia Nutan

I am saddened. I fail to understand this film industry. Is there no one who could have given her a decent cremation? Cant Nutan and Tanuja’s family be there for the last rights?  Is is improper to attend a relative’s last rights? Cant CINTA [ Trade Body of Cine & TV Artistes ] do something about the aged and lonely members of the fraternity ? Is is sin to be aged and all alone. No one wants to live like that. It is destiny and very cruel destiny indeed. All the younger members of the film fraternity, all the ” Badnam Munnis ” and ” Jawan Sheelas “ are going to be old and helpless and hapless one day. ” Sheela ki jawani “ is not eternal. So for God sake be sympathetic to the older members of the family.

All these questions will be unanswered, I know. I am too small a person to do something in this matter. I can only grieve in silence. And that I will do till my last breath.

Farewell Nalini Jaywant, the enchanting beauty !

May you live in peace in heaven with your husband .

May you never return to this heartless world and this cruel Film Industry.


Mumbai – Maharashtra – India

4 Responses

  1. Aaaaahhhh so sad nalini. love u.
    im a young girl from pakistan and big fan of nalini jee.


  2. It is a great pity she had to go in this way. At least a video of her funeral, no…not even that. The only ones we have are her movies and songs. Not even an interview in her later years. The media and our cinema lovers have really forgotten their duty.


  3. Vidur Sir,
    Your article on Nalini Jaywant Madam is very touching. I am a great fan of Nalini Jaywant ji . I have watched her many films & songs. I feel she is the greatest actress ever.
    I would like to read more articles on Nalini ji by you please.
    Many Many Thanks !


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