Not A Drop of Tear for Baleshwar Yadav ?

I am so pained and sad to hear that eminent Bhojpuri folk singer Baleshwar Yadav died on January 9th, 2011. This 68 years old legendary BIRAHA singer was being treated in Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Hospital in Lucknow at the time of his death. He was cremated on January 10th, 2011 in Lucknow.

He was born in the Badanpur village of Mau District of Uttar Pradesh on January 1st, 1942. The folk song , he specializes in , is known as BIRAHA. “हमार बलिया बीचे सजना भुलाईल सजनी”  and  “निक लागे टिकुलिया गोरखपुर के”  are some of his famous BIRAHA songs. Among his admirers and fans he was known as Balesar baba. After being famous in his birth-place, he was invited to come to Lucknow [ Capital of Uttar Pradesh ] by the local leader and Member of Parliament Late Jharkhande Rai in 1962. He never looked back after that.

Apart from recording several cassettes and CDs, he started doing stage shows from 2008. His shows were very popular not only in India but also in countries like Mauritius, Germany, Holland, Thailand and various other European countries. He gave a new respectability to Bhojpuri folk music. His last stage show was in Surinam.

He was awarded Yash Bharati Puraskar by Uttar Pradesh Government in 1995 for his contribution to popularise Bhojpuri folk music, specially BIRAHA.


Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

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He is survived by his wife Chhanguri Devi and three sons – Rajesh, Avadhesh and Mithilesh.

I am so peeved that the news of his death was completely ignored by electronic and print media. Indian News Channels have time to mourn death of Salmaan Taseer, a rabid India hater and Hindu batter and Governor of Pakistani Punjab. They are inviting his children for sound bytes. They are shedding copious tears for so-called liberal ( ? ) and Shaheed ( ? ) Salmaan Taseer , but they don’t have time to inform the viewers about the death of this son of the soil called Baleshwar Yadav. I am giving few of the tweets of Salmaan Taseer, so that readers can gauge the mentality and true feelings of liberal ( ? ) and Shaheed ( ? ) Salmaan Taseer:

Salmaan Taseer
SalmaanTaseer Salmaan Taseer
We pray 4 the heroic brave ppl of Kashmir. Inshallah 2011 bring them azadi from the brutal occupation they have faced 4 so many long years
Salmaan Taseer
SalmaanTaseer Salmaan Taseer
Pak has always resisted US pressure on Iran why is India so subservient? Transfer of nuclear technolagy?
Salmaan Taseer
SalmaanTaseer Salmaan Taseer
Why does India make fools of themselves messing in space technology (GSLV)? Stick 2 bollywood my advice

Salmaan Taseer
SalmaanTaseer Salmaan Taseer
Me India bashing? Im shocked! It’s because I like India that I advise them 2 stop butchering Kashmiris & messing up things in space
I hope that now you can understand the psyche of this so-called liberal Salmaan Taseer. I will write about him some other time. Here I quoted from his twitter handle to show what kind of person he was and our anchors have time for him and not for Baleshwar Yadav. Only Jai informed us about his death.
Any way, leaving Indian Media aside, I have to state that I am a huge fan of Baleshwar Yadan and his music. ” Kawane Karanawa Nhauji Gharawa Me Bolawalu ” and ” Patana Saharia Me Ghume Dui Nataniya “ are his evergreen hits and are my personal favourites. I am sad and I deeply mourn the death of Baleshwar Yadav, who went unwept and unsung, though he sang all his life.

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  1. I an a hnge fan of b yadav


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