My Association with ” Dhobi Ghat “

Today , on January 21, 2011 Aamir Khan‘s film Dhobi Ghat is releasing worldwide. Aamir Khan is known for his quality work and penchant for perfection. But Kiran Rao is unknown as for as her working style is concerned. So when I got a call from Advait Chandan , Kiran Rao’s Associate Director , for supervising the dubbing of the film, I was apprehensive initially. I was wary of a star wife, who is making her debut. I didn’t jump at the offer. But since Aamir Khan’s name was involved and in the credits of the film , he is billed as the producer as well as lead actor , I agreed to be part of the film.  After all, who will not be tempted to work with Aamir Khan ?


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I reached a studio in Bandra and met Kiran Rao. I must admit that after meeting her all my apprehensions disappeared and I was pleasantly surprised . Kiran Rao is so unassuming and easy-going girl that I developed an instant admiration for her. She introduced herself to me and then introduced me to her artiste Kriti Malhotra and other assistants and members of her technical team. I started my work. Kriti Malhotra started dubbing her part. You can see the studio and Kriti’s photo on the monitor in following photos.

Kiran Rao’s penchant for perfect accent of Uttar Pradesh and her insistence on details was a revelation. She was very particular about Urdu pronunciation also. She was insistent that accent of Uttar Pradesh should come clearly and prominently in the dialogues of Kriti , as she is playing a muslim girl from Uttar Pradesh. I am posting my photo with Kriti Malhotra.

I must admit that Kriti Malhotra is very hard-working girl, though she is not an actor by profession. She is a costume designer and lives in Pune and has never visited Uttar Pradesh. Despite the obvious handicaps, she worked hard and mastered the accent. I must say that Kiran Rao should also be congratulated because she had guts to cast a rank newcomer [ who is basically not an actor by profession ] in her debut film as a director.

From Bandra to Versova, dubbing continued in various dubbing studios and I got opportunity to know Kiran Rao personally. Now I admire her as a film maker.

Her Sound Designer and the whole technical team was fabulous. It was a nice working experience. I shall always be proud of the fact that I have an association with this amazing film called ” Dhobi Ghat .” I am yet to watch it completely, but I have gut feeling that after ” Lagaan ” , ” Taare Zameen par ” and ” Peepli [ Live ] ” , Aamir Khan has again a winner in his hands.




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