Vidur’s Travel Diary – 2 : Tirupati

CHENNAI – TAMIL NADU – INDIA            NOVEMBER 25 , 2011              07.00 A.M.

First of all I must express regret that I am writing my Travel Diary after a long time . My last Travel Diary was about my Udaipur visit in October 10 , 2010 . After that I did visit few places but could not write anything . On November 20 , 2011 , when I started my journey to Tirupati for pilgrimage and vacation , I thought that it is right time to start writing Travel Diaries again . With my wife and son , I started my journey for Tirupati from Mumbai on November 20th and reached Renigunta on 21st afternoon . I stared clicking photographs and tried to post blog from Tirupati but insufficient network coverage failed my attempts every time . I resigned to my fate and gave up .

On November 24th , when I reached Chennai , I decided to complete and post my blog about Tirupati visit . Sitting in my room in Hotel Golden Tower , I am remembering things about Tirupati visit and writing this blog .

Tirupati is a small town in Andhra Pradesh . It is just 4 hours drive away from Chennai . It has nothing except the world-famous Balaji temple . Though it is not known to many that the famous temple is not in Tirupati town but at Tirumala Hills .One can reach Tirupati by air and train . It has two stations ; Renigunta and Tirupati .

Tirupati Raiway Station

There are several hotels for spartan or luxurious stay. And then you can hire a cab for Tirumala Hills . Buses are also available in plenty .

I took a cab from my hotel and started my journey on 22nd November , early morning . A giant idol of Shri Garud ji welcomes devotees at the gate of Tirumala Hills . After that climb to the hills starts .

Idol of Shri Garud Ji

When you climb the hill after crossing the idol of Shri Garud ji , you drive through lush green and verdant forest . Watching sunrise while driving is always pleasure .

Sun Rises at Tirumala Hills

Sun Rises at Tirumala Hills

Crossing lush green forest through zig – zag and extremely well maintained road , one reaches Tirumala .

Road to Tirumala

And suddenly the grand , heavenly gate of the temple appears in front of your eyes . Idols of Jay and Vijay , the mythical gate – keepers of Vaikunth , stand here also and gret you .

Gate of Tirupati Balaji Temple ; Jay & Vijay stand as Guard

And after crossing the gate one reaches the temple , which stands tall and magnificent .

With My Wife : Shri Balaji Temple in the Background

Since cameras are not allowed in the campus , I could not click photos inside the temple . After visiting the deity , I stood near the queue – gate and clicked one more and last photo .

Pathway to the Gate , Where Queue Starts

I drove back to Tirupati and to my horror found that I forgot the Mannat , for which I came . It was regarding my dead mother . So next day < that is on November 23 , 2011 , I again went for second Darshanam and completed the Mannat .

I have visited Tirupati 4 times , but only on this visit I went for Darshanam second time . So it comes to 4 visits to the town and 5 Darshanams . On November 24 , when I started for Chennai , I looked back at the town and decided that I would be visiting the shrine soon . Suddenly few lines of famous Hindi poet Agyeya occurred to my mind :

पार्श्व गिरि का नम्र चीड़ों में , डगर चढ़ती उमंगों सी ;

बिछी पैरों में नदी ज्यों दर्द की रेखा , विहग शिशु मौन नीड़ों में ; 

मैंने आँख भर देखा , दिया मन को दिलासा ; 
पुनः आऊँगा , भले ही बरस दिन , अनगिन युगों के बाद ;

क्षितिज ने पलक सी खोली , दमक कर दामिनी बोली ;
” अरे यायावर ! रहेगा याद ? “

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  1. Its very wonderful information about tirupati trip and Hotels Accommodation.Thanks for the inofmration.After reading this i have planed to visit tiruapti. Awesome post.


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