Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination & R. S. S. : Facts & Fiction

Deutsch: Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), polit...

Mahatma Gandhi

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 31 , 2012           01.25 A.M.

January 30 , 2012 just ended .  On this very day , 64 years ago , Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse  . It was January 30 , 1948 .

Nathuram Godse

No murder can be justified . violence has no place in today’s civil society . And Mahatma Gandhi is considered the apostle of peace and non – violence . It is irony that this apostle of non – violence was violently assassinated .

Funeral Procession of Mahatma Gandhi

I am not writing this blog to express my condemnation of this gruesome murder . No one can justify it . This blog is to refute the accusation that some Hindu organizations like Hindu Mahasabha and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [ R. S. S. ] were behind this murder .

Congress , The Indian national Congress has a well oiled dirty trick propaganda machinery . They started their rule in 1947 with immense goodwill . But an astute politician Jawahar Lal Nehru knew that this goodwill is not going to last till eternity . So they wanted to eliminate all possible opposition . Nehru was particularly wary of Hindu Nationalist movement and its leaders . So in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination , he found a perfect opportunity to defame and denigrate Hindu Nationalist leaders.

Shri Golwarkar - 2nd R.S.S. Chief

Veer Savarkar - Leader Hindu Mahasabha

Public adulation for Mahatma Gandhi was at its peak . After his assassination sympathy was all – pervading and public outcry was unprecedented . To utilize this public outcry and make maximum use of public anger , the dirty trick machinery of Congress , The Indian National Congress was activated . Congress blamed R. S. S. for the murder and several respected Hindu leaders were implicated in the Gandhi Murder Case .

Mahatma Gandhi Assassination Trial in Court

All the accused were put to trial . Case was filed in the court on May 27 , 1948 and reached to its logical end on November 08 , 1949 . Nathuram Godse was sentenced to death . After a week Godse , along with Narayan Apte , a co – conspirator , was hanged at Ambala Jail on November 15 , 1949 . It should have been the logical conclusion of this infamous case .

Veer Savarkar , who was also charged with the conspiracy , was acquitted and subsequently released from prison . Rashtriya Swayamsevak sangh [ R.S.S. ] , which was banned by Congress , The Indian national Congress , was found not guilty by the Commission of Inquiry . Ban was subsequently lifted in 1949 .

Group photo of Hindu Mahasabha. Standing: Shan...

Veer Savarkar & Godse with Hindu Mahasabha Leaders

For any law – abiding organization the case should have been ended here . But Congress leaders of the day knew that they have a good stick to beat Hindu leaders , particularly the R. S. S. Therefore they continued the tirade . They accused that Godse was a homosexual and propagated this theory and they further made insinuation that he was a swayamsevak of R. S. S.

Nathuram Godse left R. S. S. in the 30s . It was 20 years before he assassinated Mahatma Gandhi . Even if we accept that he was a member , should all his actions be attributed to the organization ? Present day General Secretary of Congress , The Indian National Congress , Digvijaya Singh a.k.a. Diggi Raja says something about Batala Encounter case and The Congress says that it is his personal view . He keeps on burping his personal views on every matter under the Sun , which are contrary to the official views of Congress , though he is the office bearer . If Diggi Raja is entitled to his personal views and actions and Congress , The Indian National Congress is not responsible for his controversial personal ( ? ) views , how could R.S.S. be responsible for the controversial action of  a person , who left the organisation 20 years prior to the assassination ? But no , Congress knows that it is a suitable stick to beat the opposition .

In para 27 of his statement in the court , Godse mentioned names of Dadabhai Naoroji , Swami Vivekanand , Gopal Krishna Gokhale and  Bal gangadhar Tilak as his idols . In the same para he stated that he was very much inspired by the ancient and modern histories of India , England , France , U.S.A. and Russia . He proclaimed that he adheres to the tenets of Socialism and Marxism .

Nathuram Godse

Not only Hinduism but Socialism and Marxism were also his tenets of political belief . May I ask why Congress never highlights this fact ? Why Communists are not held responsible for Godse’s actions ? A play called ” Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy ” also amplifies his views .

But not giving publicity to the expressed and clear views of Godse , Congress , The Indian National Congress still harps on the false propaganda that Hindu organizations and R.S.S. killed Mahatma Gandhi . In my opinion they fear the might of R.S.S. and hence the dirty trick machinery of Congress , The Indian National Congress still shamelessly propagates the falsehood .

R.S.S. Congregation

I wrote this blog to express my respect for Mahatma Gandhi and make my point clear on some facts and some fictions of his assassination . I wanted to make it clear that Congress , The Indian National Congress exploits even Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination for its benefit .



50 Years of Bond , James Bond

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 29 , 2012           09.25  P.M.

In 2012 , Bond , James Bond completes 50 years of his screen existence . First Bond film Dr. No was released in October 1962 . Till date 22 James Bond films have been made and 6 different actors have enacted the iconic British spy on-screen .  Sean Connery ,  George Lazenby , Roger Moore , Timothy Dalton , Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have played James Bond in 22 Bond movies till date . In this 50th year , 23rd Bond film ” Skyfall “ will be released in October .

Cover of

Cover of 007

Here is the complete list of Bond Films  :

1 – Dr. No – 1962

2 – From Russia With Love – 1963

3 –  Goldfinger – 1964

4 – Thunderball – 1965

5 – You Only Live Twice – 1967

6 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – 1969

7 – Diamonds Are Forever – 1971

8 – Live And Let Die – 1973

9 – The Man With The Golden Gun – 1974

10 – The Spy Who Loved Me – 1977

11 – Moonraker – 1979

12 – For Your Eyes Only – 1981

13 – Octopussy – 1983

14 – A view To A Kill  – 1985

15 – The Living Daylights – 1987

16 – Licence To Kill – 1989

17 – Golden Eye – 1995

18 – Tomorrow Never Dies – 1997

19 – The World Is Not Enough – 1999

20 – Die Another Day – 2002

21 – Casino Royale – 2006

22 – Quantum Of Solace – 2008

23 – Skyfall – 2012 [ Yet To Be Released ]

James Bond is the fictional character of M 16 agent . His code sign is 007 . He first appeared in the books of Ian Fleming . Earlier Bond films were based on the novels of Ian Fleming but later films were based on some original storylines  also .

Ian Fleming first approached Sir Alexander Korda to make films based on his novels .  Alfred Hitchcock was also approached to direct a Bond film with Richard Burton as Bond . But things didn’t materialize . It is very strange that major Hollywood studios were also reluctant to put their money in Bond films because they thought it is too British and too sex oriented . Slowly in 1961 things started falling in place . Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Salzman stablished their production company Eon Production and started filming ” Dr. No  “ .

Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Salzman produced Bond films under their banner Eon Films till 1975 and after that Broccoli became the sole producer . This is the reason , Bond films are called and known as Eon series films .

In fact the creator of James Bond , Ian Fleming had created a sketch of Bond as per his vision. Broccoli and Salzman started searching for a suitable actor as per Flemings’ sketch and vision . Their first choice was Cary Grant . But he wanted to do just one film . Then James Mason was approached but he wanted to do just two films . Rex Harrison and David Niven were also approached but they also refused to play Bond for various other reasons and finally and reluctantly Sean Connery was chosen .

Ian Fleming's image of James Bond; commissione...

Ian Fleming's Image of James Bond

Sean Connery as James Bond

Ian Fleming's Screen James Bond

Sean Connery was the first Bond . He was the first one whom I saw as a Bond and therefore till date , for me , he is synonymous with James Bond . He acted in 6 + 1 films { 6 Bond Films Eon Series & 1 Non Eon Series }; ” Dr. No ” [ 1962 ] , ” From Russia With Love”  [ 1963 ] , ” Goldfinger ” [ 1964 ] , ” Thunderball ” [ 1965 ] and ” You Only Live Twice ” [ 1967 ] . After the gap of 1 movie , he returned again as Bond in ” Diamonds Are Forever ” [ 1971 ] . That was last movie of Sean Connery as Bond . An era ended with his retirement . Sean Connery again returned 12 years later to play Bond in a non – Eon series ” Never Say Never Again ” [ 1983 ] .

Sean Connery at the private party after the pr...

Sean Connery - James Bond - 1

After Sean Connery’s refusal to play Bond , George Lazenby played Bond just once . ” On Her Majesty’s Secret Service [ 1969 ] was his first and last film . He was rejected by the audience . In fact I disliked him so much that I am yet to see that film . After this , Sean Connery again returned as Bond in ” Diamonds Are Forever ” [ 1971 ] .

English: Actor George Lazenby at the November ...

George Lazenby - James Bond - 2

After Sean Conner’s last film , Roger Moore was chosen to play the iconic character . He played Bond in 7 films and then retired after playing Bond for 12 long years . After initial hitch , he was accepted as Bond and after Sean Connery , he is considered the most successful Bond . For some section of audience , he is the most successful Bond ever  . His Bond films are ;  ” Live And Let Die  ”  [ 1973  ] , ” The Man With The Golden Gun  ”  [ 1974  ] , ” The Spy Who Loved Me ”  [ 1977  ] , ” Moonraker  ”  [ 1979  ] , ” For Your Eyes Only ”  [ 1981  ] , ” Octopussy  ”  [  1983  ] and  ” A view To A Kill  ”  [ 1985  ] . After this film , Roger Moore retired at the age of 58 . For me an era again ended .

English: portrait of Sir Roger Moore

Roger Moore - James Bond - 3

Then came Timothy Dalton . He was chosen to play Bond when Sean Connery retired . But he refused on the grounds of age . Eventually he came after Roger Moore’s retirement . Like George Lazenby , he was also outright rejected . He also played Bond in just two films . ” The Living Daylights ” [ 1987 ] and ” License To Kill ” [ 1989 ] are his starrers as Bond .

Timothy Dalton - James Bond - 4

Third most successful Bond , Pierce Brosnan acted in 4 Bond films . He was supposed to play Bond after Roger Moore but fate willed otherwise . Ultimately he replaced Timothy Dalton . ” Golden Eye ” [ 1995 ] , ” Tomorrow Never Dies ” [ 1997 ] , ” The World Is Not Enough ” [ 1999 ] and ” Die Another Day ” [ 2002 ] . According to me he is the third most acceptable James Bond after Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

English: Brosnan Pierce at Cannes in 2002.

Pierce Brosnan - James Bond - 5

When Pierce Brosnan was replaced with Daniel Craig , there was again a furore . Many Bond fans and this includes me , found him uncouth and rustic . He is yet to get wide acceptance as the 6th Bond but he has already churned two successful Bond movies ; ” Casino Royale ” [ 2006 ] and ” Quantum Of Solace ” [ 2008 ] . His 3rd Bond film ” Skyfall ” [ 2012 ] is ready for release in the 50th year of Bond , James Bond .

Wax figure of Daniel Craig at Madame Tussauds,...

Daniel Craig - James Bond - 6

Produced mainly at Pinewood Studios , United Kingdom , this longest running film series in the history of motion pictures has grossed US $ 5 billion till date . Bond series is second only to Harry Potter series in total box office collection .

Countries James Bond has visited in the films.

Countries of the World Visited by James Bond in Films

James Bond Island

James Bond Island

From top left, clockwise: Peter Burton, Desmon...

Permanent Characters of Bond Films

The first Bond film , which I watched , was the third Bond film . It was Sean Connery starrer ” Goldfinger “ . I watched it in the Niranjan Talkies of Allahabad . The year was 1967 . This 1974 Bond film was running to packed houses and I went to watch it with my friends . It was nothing like the Hindi films , which I had seen before coming to Allahabad . The memory is still fresh  and till now I am a hardcore fan of James Bond films .

Out of non Eon series , I have seen Sean Connery starrer ” Never Say Never Again ” [ 1983 ] . I have not seen non Eon ” Casino Royale ” [ 1954 & 1967 ] . So cannot comment about two most famous non Eon Bonds ; Barry Nelson and David Niven .

In this 50th year , through this blog , I express my feelings as a fan . My keenness should be gauged by the fact that till date I have missed only few Bond films .

How can you not see Bond , James Bond !



Pongal the Food ; Not the Festival

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 28 , 2012           01.40 A.M.

I always knew that Pongal is very important festival of Tamil Nadu . During my Allahabad days and then during my stay in Deoria , my native place , I came to know more about Pongal , the festival . This festival is akin to Makar Sankranti of North India .

An office in Tamil Nadu decorated for the fest...

Decoration for Pongal Festival

Pongal’s pan – Indian appeal is now known to all . Now even North Indians greet their Tamil friends on the occasion of Pongal .

Recently I went to Tamil Nadu for pilgrimage . Every single Tamil in the restaurant was ordering a dish for breakfast . It was called Pongal . I thought I am listening something else or simply I am not understanding the word properly . When a waiter approached me , he simply asked , what do you have sir ? Pongal – Dosai or Pongal – Vadai ? I was curious . I knew some of the South Indian delicacies like ; Dosa , Idali , Vada , Uthappam and Upma . I have eaten Appam also with Gassi , vegetables made in South Indian style . In deserts , I am fond of Thallaneer Payasam and Madurai Halwa . But Pongal ? I have never heard of this delicacy . Out of sheer curiosity , I ordered the dish .


I was shocked beyond belief when I ate it . It was so delicious .

It is a dish made of coarse rice cooked with lot of water . More than normal water is used , so that it should  not become dry as normal rice . Pepper , ginger , salt and curry leaves are used to make it spicy . If you wish , you can add some dry fruits also to make it more tasty.

English: Pongal at City Home

Pongal Being Cooked

It is served hot with Rasam and Chutney . I had my sumptuous breakfast of Pongal – Vadai and immediately became addicted . I ate it daily till my last day of stay there.

I am not a food – writer . So I cannot write much about the elaborate cooking process of Pongal and my prose is also not very lucid . It is a lay man’s account of the dish , which is tasty beyond belief .

Pongal - Vadai

I got hooked to Pongal and shall remain so till the last breath of my life .

In a Restaurant at Vaitheeswarankoil , Tamil Nadu




My Denunciation ; Shame Sagarika Ghosh Shame !!!

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 26 , 2012           11.55 P.M.

Our National Flag is dear to all Indians , who believe in nationalism .

Our Constitution is sacrosanct to all Indians , who are proud to be Indians .

Our Nation is supreme to all Indians , who think that they are just a foundation – stone in the edifice called India .

If there is insult to our flag , our constitution and our nation , we are outraged . Every right  – thinking Indian will be outraged .

You don’t have to be a worker of B. J. P. [ Bharatiya Janata Party ] to love India . You need not belong to R. S. S. [ Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ] to become a proud Indian .

But trolls feel otherwise . For them , everything related to the pride of India is Hindu . They believe that if you love your country , you belong to either R. S. S. or  B. J. P.

RSS Flag

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Flag of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a na...

B. J. P. Flag & Symbol

If you say that you are a proud Indian , it doesn’t automatically make you a follower of Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and Shri Madhavrao Sadashiv Golwarkar . Every Indian , who believe in the idea of India , can proclaim and say that he is a proud Indian .

English: Dr. Hedgewar

Dr. Hedgewar - Founder of R. S. S.

English: Guruji Golwalkar

Shri Golwarkar - 2nd R. S. S. Chief

And even if you follow above mentioned eminent Hindu leaders , it doesn’t make you a communal right – winger . But trolls think otherwise .

These trolls have made it a point to denigrate every Hindu symbol , everything that is Hindu and they want to show Hindu culture in poor light . They don’t also believe in Hindu ethos .

Today , on the occasion of 63rd Republic Day , Sagarika Ghosh , News Anchor CNN – IBN , tweeted about our National Flag . I don’t have access to her twitter account . She allows limited and like – minded people to follow her . But there was an outcry on twitter after she tweeted about our flag . I follow Mr. Kanchan Gupta and came to know about Sagarika Ghosh’s tweet through him . He was enraged .

KanchanGuptaKanchan Gupta

It’s a slur on the Tricolour. It’s calculated to mislead impressionable minds: RT “@sagarikaghose: Salute the Orange, White, Green today…”
Kanchan Gupta
KanchanGuptaKanchan Gupta

This is neither ignorance nor mischief. It’s sheer evil: RT “@sagarikaghose: Salute the Orange White, Green today…”
I was shocked beyond belief that according to Ms. Sagarika Ghosh , our flag has three colours ; Orange , White and Green . She is so secular that she is ashamed to acknowledge that the colour on the top is saffron and not Orange . I immediately checked :
I checked another picture :
It is saffron indeed and not orange . But is saffron so bad ? Is everything related to Hindu ethos is despicable ? Will you become less secular if you accept that the colour on top is saffron ? By not accepting the fact , Ms. Sagarika Ghosh is insulting our national ethos and also the founding fathers of our nation .
I was anguished and condemned Ms. Sagarika Ghosh on twitter . Immediately two trolls appeared on the horizon . @gsurya and @mediacrooks sprang to her defense . secular can despise our National ethos but you can’t denounce them . And if you do denounce them , then you are a right – winger . You are  B. J. P.  worker . And you are a communal R. S. S. swayamsevak . If Ms. Sagarika Ghosh has right to express her views , so am I .
India’s secular community might object to the following photo :

Portrait of Bharat Mata

But can they object the following one :
And the colour here is also saffron and not orange .
I denounce Ms. Sagarika Ghosh . I promise not to watch CNN – IBN .

Ms. Sagarika Ghosh

Shame Sagarika Ghosh ! If there is a secular like you , then I am a proud Hindu .

Sagarika with Her Husband Rajdeep Sardesai

My Denunciation ; Shame Norway Shame !!!

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY26 , 2012           00.01 A.M.

Since three days I am watching  Times Now coverage of the story of the Indian couple settled in Norway . The NRI couple lost the custody of their children to Norwegian Childcare Services . Anurup Bhattacharya and Sagarika Bhattacharya’s children Abhigyan ( 3 years ) and Aishwarya  ( 1 year ) were taken away from them and they have been living with their foster parents since May 2011 .

Anurup & Sagarika with Their Kids

I am aghast ! ……………… I am shocked ! ………………… I am anguished !

English: Location map of Norway within Europe

Location Map of Norway Within Europe

Barnevarne [ Norwegian Child Welfare Services ] took these children under protective ? ? ? care ? ? ? in May 2011 . The Norwegian authorities took objection to the fact that these kids are sleeping with their father , that the parents are hand – feeding the kids . According to them hand – feeding is akin to force – feeding . According to them kids must have separate bed and sleeping with father is akin to molestation . Authorities of Norway followed the mother Sagarika Bhattacharya and started filming her activities . Now they are saying that since the girl child has no eye contact with her mother so she is disconnected with her mother . Fact of the matter is that the girl in question is 4 months old .

King [Haakon] and Queen [Maud] of Norway and [...

King & Queen of Norway with Crown Prince - File Photo

In the above posted file photo of the King , Queen and Crown Prince Olaf of Norway , royal parents are not having eye contact with their child and vice – versa . What does it mean ? Does it mean that Norwegian price Olaf  was subjected to cruelty ? Does it show that he was not connected to his mother ? Or his mother was incapable of taking care of her child ?

It is absurd ! …………………. It is sheer nonsense !  …………………… It is idiotic !

Norway has some strict Child Welfare laws . They take pride in their welfare society . Mr. Gunnar Toresen , the head of child welfare services at Stavanger , said that , ” the child welfare service has a responsibility to intervene if measures at home are not sufficient to meet a child’s need . ”

Europe map de 2

Map of Europe

Norway and whole of Europe takes pride in their child welfare schemes . Have they forgotten Fritzl case ? Where were their child welfare services when Austria‘s Josef Fritzl was physically assaulting , sexually abusing and raping his biological daughter Elisabeth Fritzl ? Josef Fritzl imprisoned his daughter in the basement of his house for 24 years and raped her numerous times . He fathered 7 children with his daughter . There was 1 miscarriage also . So this incestuous relationship resulted in 8 births .

Fritzl Father & Daughter & the Basement Cell

Whenever I see this photo , I hang my head in shame . But the head of child welfare services of Europe will still take pride in their social services . Incestuous father Josef Fritzl convinced Social Service  Authorities and became foster-father of his own child with his daughter . Now authorities say that they erred in their judgement .

Mugshot of Josef Fritzl on the night of his ar...

Josef Fritzl of Austria

Authorities can go wrong  . So in my humble opinion Norwegian authorities have erred in this case . Kids should be returned to their biological parents . They need care of their parents . They shouldn’t be deprived of the benefit of being brought up in their ethnic , religious and cultural milieu .

If Norwegian authorities take pride in the infallibility of their judicial system , then they should remember Fritzl case  .



Adieu Nikhat Kazmi : A Film Critic Par Excellence

Nikhat Kazmi

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 23 , 2012           11.15 P.M.
Renowned film critic of Times of India , Nikhat Kazmi died on January 20 , 2012 in Delhi . She was only 53 at the time of her death and was suffering from breast cancer .
Born in 1958 in Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh , she was associated with Times of India for almost 2 decades . Starting as reporter in 1987 , she then became special correspondent and finally she became Head of Sunday Times of India and then Delhi Times . She was one of the few film critics who started star – rating  trends . Despite her ill-health , she continued watching films and writing reviews till the end . Her last reviewed films were last week released ” Ghost ” and ” Sadda Adda “ .
Many luminaries of Hindi film world mourned her death through micro – blogging site  twitter :
Amitabh Bachchan
SrBachchanAmitabh Bachchan

T 629 – But before the tune a sad passing away of Nikhat Kazmi, film critic with TOI .. sincere, full of life, and never too harsh ..
Abhishek Bachchan
juniorbachchanAbhishek Bachchan

The 1st ever review I read of Refugee, my 1st film, was by Nikhat Kazmi. She always pointed out the road to improvement to me. RIP ma’am.
Neil Nitin Mukesh
NeilNMukeshNeil Nitin Mukesh

Nikhat kazmi ji the one person who has always encouraged me. Wrote so beautifully and one film critic I respected a lot !May her soul RIP 😦
Mahesh Bhatt
MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt

Nikhat Kazmi was generous! Having come to terms with mortality she made it a point to look for something good in every film she viewed.
Karan Johar
kjohar25Karan Johar

Was truly shocked to hear about the untimely death of nikhat kazmi…the TOI critic of several years…prayers and thoughts with her family.
She had written two books on cinema ; ” Ire in the Soul ” and ” The Dream Merchants ” . She had also written a play ” If Shakespeare Was A Gun ” .
She had been on the National Film Jury and the selection panel of the International Film Festival of India .

Nikhat Kazmi

I am pained to see many disparaging comments about her on the net . People have all the freedom to have a negative attitude about her writing . But I agree with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan , ” …… and never too harsh ……… “.

Jasmine Revolution in Burma [ Myanmar ]

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 21, 2012           01.00 A.M.

2011 will be known in the world history as the year of Jasmine Revolutions . It started with Tunisia .The despotic ruler of Tunisia , Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced to quit his post after 24 years of tyrannical rule .

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia

Egypt was the second nation to be engulfed by the Jasmine Revolution . After having an iron grip on Egypt for 30 long years , Hosni Mubarak was thrown out of power by the rampaging masses .

Hosni Mubarak of Egypt

Soon the revolution reached at the door – step of Muammar al – Gaddafi . After fierce resistance of few months , Gaddafi was thrown out of power and was subsequently killed . His despotic and tyrannical rule lasted for 42 long years .

Muammar al - Gaddafi of Libya

Soon after Libya , Jasmine Revolution reached at the doors of other despotic rulers of Syria , Yemen and China . Syria’s Bashar al – Assad is currently facing the brunt of the masses . 10 years of Bashar al – Assad and 30 years of his father Hafez al – Assad‘s rule is now deeply resented .

Bashar al - Assad of Syria

Yemen is another country , ruled by a totalitarian ruler , Ali Abdullah Saleh. His 21 year – old rule is going to end soon . Jasmine Revolution is furiously knocking at his door .

Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen

At present China is trying to control the Jasmine Revolution . But the question remains , will she be able to check the marching footsteps of the disgruntled masses ?

It is very surprising that in the last quarter of 2011 , Burma [ Also Known as Myanmar ] got rid of  the military rule of 49 years , but the world is slow to react to the new reality . Many in India don’t know much about our eastern neighbour .

Than Shwe , The Military Ruler of Burma

To know about Burma , we should look at the map of British Indian Empire . Map of British India is very interesting . In comprises present day India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Burma [ Present Day Myanmar ] and Ceylon [ Present Day Sri Lanka ] . People know that West Pakistan [ Now Pakistan ] and East Pakistan [ Now Bangladesh ] were part of India before 1947 . But today’s generation do not know that Burma [ Now Myanmar ] , and Ceylon [ Now Sri Lanka ] , were also part of British Indian Empire .

English: Map of the British Indian Empire from...

IMap of British Indian Empire

1864 Johnson's Map of India (Hindostan or Brit...

Map of British India

At the time of Independence of India in 1947 , British rulers divided the Indian Empire into 4 free and sovereign states . India , Pakistan , Burma and Ceylon became 4 independent states .

Britain's holdings on the Indian subcontinent ...

Proposed Divisions of British Indian Empire

India and Pakistan became two independent states in 1947 . Burma became independent on January 04 , 1948 . Burma is the 40th largest country in the world and 2nd largest country in South East Asia . Burma is also the 24th most populous country in the world .

Political Map of Burma

Locator map showing India and Burma

Location Map Showing India & Burma

After independence in 1948 , Burma was a democratic country for 14 years but unfortunately , on March 02 , 1962 military ousted civilian rulers in a coup . Military junta ruled Burma till 2011 . Then junta was dissolved and a civilian government was installed again .

The 14 states and regions of Burma

14 Provinces of Burma

During it’s 49 year rule military junta changed many things in Burma . The name of country was changed to Myanmar . Though it is not recognised by the world community and the majority population of Burma . Name of the capital Rangoon was also changed to Yangon . Later on capital was shifted to Naypyidaw in Mandalay province .

Aung San Suu Kyi

After 15 years of detention , Burma’s pro – democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was released on November 13 , 2010 . In October 2011 many political prisoners were freed and trade unions were legalised . Jasmine revolution seems to be booming in Burma and the country is on the verge of democratic rule .

I have a childhood fascination for Burma . My maternal grand-uncle and maternal grand-aunt lived in Rangoon , Burma during 2nd World War . They used to tell many thrilling stories about Burma . Their stay in Rangoon was also full of very interesting anecdotes . Whenever I used to visit their place along with my mother , I used to sit with them and used to hear their stories of Burma . Now I know that many stories were fabricated but they kindled my fascination about Rangoon and Burma and my childhood fascination still continues .

When I started my studies , I read about Bahadur Shah Zafar and about his imprisonment and his subsequent death in Rangoon . Then I read about Lokmanya Tilak’s infamous jail term and 6 years [ 1908 – 1914 ] that he spent in Mandalay jail . My relationship with Burma was fortified in my mind .

A Hindi film song of ” Patanga ” [ 1949 ] also helped to build up the Burmese fascination . The song MERE PIYA GAYE RANGOON ; WAHAN SE KIYA HAI TELEPHONE , TUMHARI YAAD SATATI HAI …….. still reverbarates in the corridors of my sub – conscious . I haven’t seen this Shyam , Nigar Sultana , Yakub , Gope and Cuckoo starrer , which was directed by H. S. Rawail . But whenever I used to hear C. Ramchandra’s immortal song , specially its lines ; TUM BURMA KI GALIYON ME HO , AUR PHIROON MAIN DEHRADUN ………. TUMHARI YAD SATATI HAI …… I used to feel that I am also roaming in the lanes and by – lanes of Rangoon and Burma .

Another Hindi film ” Burmah Road ” [ 1962 ] again inflamed my imagination about Burma . This Ashok Kumar and Kumkum starrer film was forgettable but a song DAGHABAZ HO , BANKE PIYA KAHO NA , DAGHABAZ HO ……. is still fresh in my memory . Lata Mangeshkar’s voice made this song immortal and Majrooh Sultanpuri’s lyrics were set to tune by Chitragupta .

Since the country is on the road to democracy , I hope to visit Burma one day and would love to roam around in the lanes and by – lanes of Rangoon . May be this will happen soon , may be very soon .or may be in far distant future . I would love to visit Burma , visit Rangoon and would love to meet Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi .

Long live Aung San Suu Kyi !!!

Aung San Suu Kyi



Manipur : Election 2012 & Indian Communists

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 18 , 2012           02.15 A.M.

Elections have been declared in 5 states of India . Uttar Pradesh , Uttarakhand , Punjab , Goa and Manipur will go to polls on various dates this year . Manipur assembly election will take place on January 28 , 2012 . Punjab and Uttarakhand will go to polls on January 30 , 2012 . Polls will take place in Uttar Pradesh on February 08 , 11 , 15 , 19 , 23 , 28 and March 03 . Election will occur in Goa on March 03 , 2012 . Results will be out on March 06 , 2012 .


Latest Political Map of India

Let us take the case of assembly elections of Manipur first .


Seal of Manipur

Manipur merged with Indian Union in 1949 . It became Union Territory of India in 1956 and became a province of India on January 21 , 1972 . It is part of 7 North – Eastern States of India , known as 7 sisters .

7 Sister States with Sikkim

At present Manipur has 9 administrative districts . They are ; Bishnupur , Churachandpur , Chandel , Imphal East , Imphal West , Senapati , Tamenglong , Thoubal and Ukhrul .

Political Map of Manipur

Assembly election of 2012 is the 10th assembly election of Manipur . First assembly elections were held on July 01 , 1963 .Mairembam Koireng Singh became the first Chief Minister of Manipur .

Okram Ibobi Singh is the 11th Chief Minister of Manipur . He is the first Chief Minister of Manipur to complete a full term as the Chief Minister . He is the first one to get mandate for the second consecutive term also . So he becomes the first Chief Minister of Manipur to last in the office for 10 long years .

This blog is not about the historic feat of Mr. Okram Ibobi Singh . It is about the opportunistic stand of two Communist parties of India . C. P. I. , C. P. M. , Forward Block and R. S. P. have formed a front . This is known as Left Front in Indian Politics . This Left Front ruled West Bengal for almost 5 decades . It has ruled Kerala also for several terms . It is still ruling Tripura . West Bengal , Tripura and Kerala are the known Communist bastions of India . Left Front exists in these three states .

In Manipur , surprisingly , Left Front does not exist . Communist Party of India [ C. P. I. ] is with the ruling Congress and is part of the ruling front . Communist Party of India – Marxist [ C. P. I. M. ] is with the main opposition party ; Manipur People’s Party and is part of the M. P. P. led opposition front .

May I demand to know about the cause of non – existent Left Front in Manipur . The Indian National Congress and The Communist Party of India [ C.P.I. ] fight with each other in West Bengal , Tripura and Kerala . How come they are friends in Manipur ? How come The Communist Party of India – Marxist [ C.P.I.-M. ] does not oppose this opportunistic stand of C. P. I. ? Or are they partners in this game of sin and crime ?

Once they tried to paint India red . They took part in democratic elections as per their convenience . They waged armed struggle with the central government as per their strength . To be in different fronts and alliances is also part of their strategy . The dream of painting India red lies in shambles . But the effort is still on .

A dream never fulfilled

Red India - A Failed Communist Dream

The Communist can go to any length to accomplish their dream . Though the fossilised leaders are the only hindrance .

CPI(M) leaders at the 18th party congress

C.P.I.M Leaders at 18th Party Congress



Jarawa Tribe of Andaman & Pan – Indian Mentality

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 17 , 2012           02.40 A.M.

Apart from Hindus , Muslims , Christians , Jews and Parsis India has a sizable chunk of animist tribal population also . Andaman & Nicobar Islands have a large tribal population , some of them are even pre – historic . Some of these aboriginal tribes have been declared endangered . It means they are on the verge of extinction .

English: Map of the Nicobar and Andaman Islands.

Map of Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Jarawa tribe is one of the most endangered tribes of Andaman & Nicobar Islands . There are just 240 Jarawas left . That is the reason Administration of Andaman & Nicobar Islands has declared them endangered tribes and have initiated several welfare schemes for the preservation of their identity and culture .

Map of Andaman and Nicobar Islands showing loc...

Map of India Showing Location of Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Last week  some tourists filmed a video , which showed that Jarawa women are dancing for food . When the news became public there was tremendous public outcry . Several mainstream channels carried the clippings and they were indignant that Jarawas were degraded by this dance – for – food act  and that  filming of the act was inhuman and insensitive . Demands for inquiry were raised and the administration of Andaman & Nicobar Islands promptly ordered  the inquiry .

Blurred Vision of Jarawa Dance Video Shown on Times Now

Blurred Vision of Jarawa Dance for Food

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are enchantingly beautiful . Azure sea , breath – taking greenery and primitive surroundings are beyond words .

Andaman Islands

Sunset and Sunrise also attract tourists . This pristine and virgin beauty has to be preserved from senseless urbanization . These eco – sensitive and fragile beauty can’t be open for unbridled modernization . Pre – historic jungles shouldn’t be allowed to become a concrete jungle .

Sunset in Andaman

A Seashore of Andaman & Nicobar Islands

We have a policy for tribals . It calls for their protection and for the preservation of their tradition and culture . This issue of preserving tribal culture is so vexed that initially I was swayed by the views of various anchors of news channels . In the Times of India of January 15 , 2012 , I read a column ” Swaminomics ”  , written by columnist Mr. Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar . Thanks to Mr. Aiyar’s column , my views on this issue is clear now .

We do need to preserve our tribal culture . We should and must try to protect our endangered tribal population . But keeping them in quarantined atmosphere is not preservation . I am posting few photos of the Jarawa tribals . Watch these Jarawa men and women and then decide :

A Jarawa

A Jarawa


According to me our tribal population should be allowed to mix with the mainstream . They should be encouraged to study , to live a decent life . They are entitled to proper medication and they have every right to have all the modern amenities . Just look at the photograph of Port Blair , the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands :

A Market of Port Blair

Main Road of Port Blair

Port Blair is not a metropolitan city .It is not like New Delhi , Mumbai or Bengaluru . But definitely it is a bustling town with all the modern amenities . Now compare this with the condition of the tribal population of Andaman & Nicobar Islands :

A Jarawa Family

A Jarawa Couple

Is it not inhuman to keep our tribals in the primitive condition of pre – historic days ? It is argued that exposing them to civil society will be injurious for their existence . Total land area of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is 6,496 km. Total population , as per recent census statistics of 2011 is 3,79,944 .There are only 5 tribes in Andaman Islands . They are ; Great Andamanese , Jarawa , Jangil , Onge and Sentinelese . Their total number is 7,000 . There are only 2 tribes in Nicobar Islands . They are ; Nicobarese and Shompens .Some of Nicobarese are educated and have been exposed to modern civilization ;

Tribal Population of Nicobar Islands

Out of all the 572 islands , only  38 are inhabited . Out of these 38 islands less than a dozen have some kind of tribal population . Can’t we keep watch on them and protect them from exploitation ? Tribals of North – East India are well – educated . They have been exposed to modern culture . They live in cities with all the modern trappings . They didn’t disappear and become extinct . In fact they are more rooted and still preserve their identity and thriving ethnic culture . Tribal People of Arunachal Pradesh , Nagaland , Manipur , Meghalaya , Mizoram and Tripura are modern , well – educated and city – centric . They don’t live in their pre – historic primitive conditions . Yet their tribal culture is intact , in fact it is more strong .

So the bogey of losing tribal culture is misplaced . If we insist that tribals of Andaman & Nicobar Islands should be kept in virgin and primitive preservation , we are treating then as animals of a zoo . I totally agree with Mr. Swaminathan Ankalesaria Aiyar that this zoo mentality should not be allowed to continue . Our constitution gives us right to work , right to vote and right to education . By keeping these trbals in a ghetto and trying to keep them away from modern civilization is depriving them of their fundamental rights . Sure , making them dance for food and filming the act is inhuman . But can any one answer why these Jarawas could be tantalized for food ? A well – fed population can’t be lured for food . So it is clear these Jarawas are deprived . They are famished . And thus were lured by tourists .

A Jarawa Child

A Jarawa Girl Child

A Jarawa Man

The Jarawas

Tribals in A Natural Habitat

Above posted photos tells everything . These tribals lack basic amenities . They are poor and famished . They must be craving for two decent meals a day and they are not getting that . So they gave in when tempted by the tourists . Can any one lure a Naga , a Khasi , a Garo , a Jayantia or a Mizo from the North – East India for food  ?Everyone knows the answer . It’s a firm no .

So same treatment will be beneficial for the tribals of Andaman & Nicobar Island also . We need a modern , well – educated , well – fed tribal population , who are well – integrated with the mainstream . We do need to preserve distinct tribal identity and not a quarantined , secluded and ghettoized existence. Definitely tribals of Andaman & Nicobar Islands could be another Naga , Mizo , Khasi or Jayantia .

Tribals of Andamans



Vidur’s Year End Musings : Films – 2011

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 15 , 2012           02.15  A.M.

Combination of Nuvola apps aktion.png + Flag o...

Clap of Films

2011 ended on a mixed note .  A very disturbing trend emerged in 2011 . Revenue from theatres went down . Revenue from other sources like ; audio , video and satellite rights are accruing to the overall earning of a film and making it profitable . Subsidies from foreign countries are also very substantial .

As usual 2012 looks promising . Film historian and critic Bhawana Somaaya tweets :

Bhawana Somaaya
BhawanaSomaayaBhawana Somaaya

2011 proved a lucrative year for cinema. 2012 has some more to look forward to. Abbas Mastan known for craft n suspense start with Players
Top grosser of 2011 :
Bodyguard ………………………………… 3.15
Ready ……………………………………….  2.80
Singham …………………………………….  2.40
Ra.One ………………………………………  2.30
The Dirty Picture …………………………  1.65
Yamla Pagla Deewana …………………..  1.35
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ………………..  1.25
Rockstar …………………………………….  1.20
Murder 2 ……………………………………  1.15
Delhi Belly ………………………………….  1.15
Double Dhamaal ………………………….  1.10
Desi Boyz …………………………………..  1.00
Haunted ……………………………………  0.80
Classification of Top grosser of 2011 :
AA – SUPER HIT : ” Bodyguard “
A 1 – HIT : ” Ready ” , ” Singham ” , ” Murder 2 ” , ” The Dirty Picture “
A – SEMI HIT : ” Yamla Pagla Deewana ” , ” Ragini MMS “
B B – OVERFLOW :Tanu Weds Manu ” , ” Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ” , ” Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl “
B 1 / B B – COMMISSION EARNER TO OVERFLOW : ” Delhi Belli ” , ” Don 2 ” , ” Ra.One ” , ” Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge ” , ” Double Dhamaal “
B 1 – COMMISSION EARNER :Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ” , ” Dhobi Ghat ” , ” Haunted ” , ” No One Killed Jessica ” , ” Pyaar Ka Panchnama “
B / B 1 – COVERAGE TO COMMISSION EARNER : ” Desi Boyz ” , ” Chalo Dilli ” , ” Bheja Fry 2 ” , ” Yeh Saali Zindagi ” , ” Saheb Biwi Aur gangster ” , ” Stanley Ka Dibba ” , ” Damadamm “

B – AVERAGE : ” F.A.L.T.U. ” , ” Force ” , ” Dil To Baccha Hai Ji “
So in 2011 total 229 films were released . And out of 229 film , only 38 films were money earners . Rest 191 were flops . Success ratio of the films released in 2011 is 17 % .  It means 83 % films were flop . This year’s 229 films are less in numbers than 250 films of 2010 . It is 21 less than last year .
According to trade analyst Mr. Taran Adarsh following is the ranking of stars in 2011 :
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

India ranking – based on *Boxoffice*:  1 – Aamir Khan , 2 – @BeingSalmanKhan  , 3  – @iamsrk  ,  4  – Ranbir  , 5  – @ajaydevgn  , 6  – @iHrithik  , 7  – @akshaykumar … contd.
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

India ranking – based on *Boxoffice*:  8  – Emraan Hashmi  , 9  –  Saif  , 10  – Imran Khan  , 11 – @shahidkapoor  , 12  – John Abraham  , 13  – @juniorbachchan
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

Overseas ranking – based on *Boxoffice*:  1 – @iamsrk  , 2  – Aamir Khan  , 3  – @iHrithik  , 4  – @BeingSalmanKhan  , 5  – Saif  , 6  – Ranbir  , 7  –  @akshaykumar … contd.
taran adarsh
taran_adarshtaran adarsh

Overseas ranking – based on *Boxoffice*:  8  – Imran Khan  , 9  – @ajaydevgn  , 10  – John Abraham  , 11  – @shahidkapoor  , 12  – @juniorbachchan  , 13  – Emraan Hashmi
Stalwarts Who Left Us in 2011
So many luminaries and stalwarts of film industry left us in 2011 .
Actors :
Dev Anand , Shammi Kapoor , Rasika Joshi , Vivek Shauq , Navin Nishchol , Bob Christo , Goga Kapoor , Rami Reddy , Pratap Sharma and Sunil Rege .
Singer – Music Directors :
Jagjit Singh , Bhupen Hazarika , Srinivas Khale , Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Sultan Khan .
Producer – Directors :
Radhakant Sharma , Mani Kaul , Jagmohan Mundhra , Surinder Kapoor , Tony Walker , M. F. Husain and Shandar Amrohi .
Writers : 
Sachin Bhowmick , K. K. Singh and Kumar Shailendra .
Cinematographer :
Somak Mukherjee and Harish Patel .
Choreographer :
Subal Sarkar ,
Art Directors :
Samir Chanda and Shanti Das .
Photographers :
Gautam Rajadhyaksha and Durga Prasad .
Film Historian :
B. D. Garga .
Theatre Personality  :
Pandit Satya Dev Dubey .
Highlights / Achievements of 2011
1 – In 2011 Yash Raj Productions ‘ ” Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge ” completed 850 weeks in Maratha Mandir of Mumbai .
2 – In 2011 Aditya Chopra launched a New Banner Y Films . It will cater to youth films .
3 – In 2011 Aditya Chopra launched another banner , Yash Raj Entertainment . It will cater to Hollywood films .
4 – In 2011 Hritik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor were immortalized in wax at Madame Tussauds Wax Studio , London .
[ Some of the statistics of this blog are taken from ” Film Information ”  , a trade magazine . I express my gratitude . ]
[ I have quoted tweets of Ms. Bhawana Somaaya and Mr. Taran Adarsh to illustrate my point of view . I am indebted . ]



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