1oo Years of Sliced Bread

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 04 , 2012           00.15 A.M.

Just read a very interesting news item in today’s ” Mumbai Mirror ” and was tempted to write a blog .

Sliced bread completes 100 years in 2012 . It has become a part of our lives and no one thinks that it was non – existent before 100 years . But the fact of the matter is that sliced bread first surfaced in 1912 . Now it has become an inseparable part of our lives .


Sliced bread

Sliced Bread

American jeweller Otto Rohwedder is credited to invent the machine to cut the loaf into pieces . He invented the machine in 1912 . But unfortunately this primitive machine was destroyed in a fire .


English: Birthplace of Sliced bread in Chillic...

Birth Place of Sliced Bread in Missouri , U.S.A.

Otto Rohwedder took another 16 years and made another bread slicer machine in 1928 . This machine sliced the bread as well as wrapped it too .


1930 photograph from the magazine Popular Scie...

Bread Slicing Machine in 1930

Within 5 years of this invention unsliced breads started fading .

I remember my childhood days in Deoria , Uttar Pradesh . I used to visit a Sindhi bakery shop to buy loaf , unsliced bread . The Sindhi baker used to cut that loaf into pieces as per our demand . Later on in the 60s sliced bread made its entry in Deoria and since then it has become almost a part of my life .


Two loaves of pain de mie. The loaf at right w...

Unsliced Bread

Difficult to imagine a life without sliced bread . And now I know the full meaning of the proverb ; ” the best thing since sliced bread “ or ” the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped “.

Thrilled and happy that 2012 is its centenary year .









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  1. Very interesting post. Thanks for the ping back and all the best to you.


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