Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination & R. S. S. : Facts & Fiction

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Mahatma Gandhi

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JANUARY 31 , 2012           01.25 A.M.

January 30 , 2012 just ended .  On this very day , 64 years ago , Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse  . It was January 30 , 1948 .

Nathuram Godse

No murder can be justified . violence has no place in today’s civil society . And Mahatma Gandhi is considered the apostle of peace and non – violence . It is irony that this apostle of non – violence was violently assassinated .

Funeral Procession of Mahatma Gandhi

I am not writing this blog to express my condemnation of this gruesome murder . No one can justify it . This blog is to refute the accusation that some Hindu organizations like Hindu Mahasabha and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [ R. S. S. ] were behind this murder .

Congress , The Indian national Congress has a well oiled dirty trick propaganda machinery . They started their rule in 1947 with immense goodwill . But an astute politician Jawahar Lal Nehru knew that this goodwill is not going to last till eternity . So they wanted to eliminate all possible opposition . Nehru was particularly wary of Hindu Nationalist movement and its leaders . So in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination , he found a perfect opportunity to defame and denigrate Hindu Nationalist leaders.

Shri Golwarkar - 2nd R.S.S. Chief

Veer Savarkar - Leader Hindu Mahasabha

Public adulation for Mahatma Gandhi was at its peak . After his assassination sympathy was all – pervading and public outcry was unprecedented . To utilize this public outcry and make maximum use of public anger , the dirty trick machinery of Congress , The Indian National Congress was activated . Congress blamed R. S. S. for the murder and several respected Hindu leaders were implicated in the Gandhi Murder Case .

Mahatma Gandhi Assassination Trial in Court

All the accused were put to trial . Case was filed in the court on May 27 , 1948 and reached to its logical end on November 08 , 1949 . Nathuram Godse was sentenced to death . After a week Godse , along with Narayan Apte , a co – conspirator , was hanged at Ambala Jail on November 15 , 1949 . It should have been the logical conclusion of this infamous case .

Veer Savarkar , who was also charged with the conspiracy , was acquitted and subsequently released from prison . Rashtriya Swayamsevak sangh [ R.S.S. ] , which was banned by Congress , The Indian national Congress , was found not guilty by the Commission of Inquiry . Ban was subsequently lifted in 1949 .

Group photo of Hindu Mahasabha. Standing: Shan...

Veer Savarkar & Godse with Hindu Mahasabha Leaders

For any law – abiding organization the case should have been ended here . But Congress leaders of the day knew that they have a good stick to beat Hindu leaders , particularly the R. S. S. Therefore they continued the tirade . They accused that Godse was a homosexual and propagated this theory and they further made insinuation that he was a swayamsevak of R. S. S.

Nathuram Godse left R. S. S. in the 30s . It was 20 years before he assassinated Mahatma Gandhi . Even if we accept that he was a member , should all his actions be attributed to the organization ? Present day General Secretary of Congress , The Indian National Congress , Digvijaya Singh a.k.a. Diggi Raja says something about Batala Encounter case and The Congress says that it is his personal view . He keeps on burping his personal views on every matter under the Sun , which are contrary to the official views of Congress , though he is the office bearer . If Diggi Raja is entitled to his personal views and actions and Congress , The Indian National Congress is not responsible for his controversial personal ( ? ) views , how could R.S.S. be responsible for the controversial action of  a person , who left the organisation 20 years prior to the assassination ? But no , Congress knows that it is a suitable stick to beat the opposition .

In para 27 of his statement in the court , Godse mentioned names of Dadabhai Naoroji , Swami Vivekanand , Gopal Krishna Gokhale and  Bal gangadhar Tilak as his idols . In the same para he stated that he was very much inspired by the ancient and modern histories of India , England , France , U.S.A. and Russia . He proclaimed that he adheres to the tenets of Socialism and Marxism .

Nathuram Godse

Not only Hinduism but Socialism and Marxism were also his tenets of political belief . May I ask why Congress never highlights this fact ? Why Communists are not held responsible for Godse’s actions ? A play called ” Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy ” also amplifies his views .

But not giving publicity to the expressed and clear views of Godse , Congress , The Indian National Congress still harps on the false propaganda that Hindu organizations and R.S.S. killed Mahatma Gandhi . In my opinion they fear the might of R.S.S. and hence the dirty trick machinery of Congress , The Indian National Congress still shamelessly propagates the falsehood .

R.S.S. Congregation

I wrote this blog to express my respect for Mahatma Gandhi and make my point clear on some facts and some fictions of his assassination . I wanted to make it clear that Congress , The Indian National Congress exploits even Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination for its benefit .



5 Responses

  1. without ending caste system amongst hindus. All the above that Godse has told is wrong and only provoking, far away from realities and truthness. One thing from history that I want to write that mass conversion from hindus to muslims was only due to caste system(lower caste hindus converted to islam), untouchability(pl. refer again mass conversion of untouchable hindus in 2 kerala districts and in Tamilnadu into islam during 1980-1983) and social boycot ,rape and abduction of hindu women that were never accepted back by their own hindu families.
    Mahatma gandhi witnessed all these events in his entire life that’s why he always tried to avoid any aggressive movement during India’s freedom struggle. That would ultimately turned to Hindu- Muslim riot and again mass conversions of lower caste hindus to Islam and thereafter there retaliation to upper caste hindus, abduction and rape of hindu women, social boycot etc. that he saw in his entire life.
    So. my friends only last thing that i am writing here that caste system, social boycot, untouchability and discrimination was/is the root cause of all evils.
    All bigotry Hindu organisatoins are supporters of all above mentioned evils whether it is RSS(pl. read M. S. Golvarkar’s “Hindutva” in which he appreciated all aforesaid evils a lot and also recommending “Manusmriti” which was burnt bt Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, to make constitution of india and writing overwhelmingly that all aforesaid evils are the God’s gifts to hindus and all lower caste people must follow this till their next birth when he will take birth to any upper caste),VHP,Hindu mahasabha etc.
    So we should make an egalitarian society first (as initiated by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Gautam Buddha etc.), free from all aforesaid evils than only we can make a strong nation.


  2. It is not a propaganda, it is a well established fact that the Hindu fundamentalists were behind the killing if Mahatma because he worked hard for Hindu Muslim unity. If his dream became reality and Hindu Muslim unity was strengthened, there would be no space for Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists in Indian society.
    Actually both Hindu and Muslim fundamental groups helps each other. in every communal clash both are getting advantage and strengthen their organizations. It is now happening in Musaferpur and Patna. Hinduthva is targeting political power and Muslim fundamentalists try to grab minority youths to international terror network. Don’t make up the ugly face of fundamentalism.


  3. So ur saying dat godse was a very good man? Or a (psycho) :)…or godse didn’t killed anyone? 😀 or M gandhi died of a fever :)? Its clear from this that ur trying to justify MG s murder in some way or other, coz u completely lost ur sense.If he followed tenets of marxism then what’s he doing with bunch leaders in tye pic. Those leaders like marxism too? They were anti marxists.wats godse doing with them…. (those leaders had proof of poison inside heart ).watever u say u could never justify the murder of our father of nation nor godse…


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