Maharashtra Municipal Elections 2012 : Congress’ Rout ; Saffron Juggernaut

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 24 , 2012           02.40 A.M.

Municipal and Local Body elections 2012 in Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra just got over and now process of installing the mayors and other office bearers are underway .  These elections gave some very startling and surprising results this time .

It was initially thought by left – liberal intellectuals / journalists and slowly it became general perception that this time the saffron front is facing rout . It was widely believed that in the ensuing municipal corporation elections in Mumbai the ruling front ; the Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata Party , is playing on sticky wicket . BMC [ Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ] is the richest corporation of India . Its annual budget is bigger than the budget of some of the state assemblies of India . So these elections are considered prestigious and this time it was keenly watched .

English: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumb...

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

In Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation , the ruling Front of Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janta Party was in power for unbelievable 3 consecutive terms . Therefore the Congress and NCP [ Nationalist Congress Party ] came to conclusion that incumbency factor will harm the ruling front and invariably brighten the prospect of opposition front . It was also felt that MNS [ Maharashtra Navanirman Sena ] will eat into Saffron Front votes and thus going to deprive them of victory . But unseen hands of destiny had few shocker for the Congress and NCP this time also .

Election Symbol of Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP Symbol

Shiv Sena

Symbol of Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena patriarch Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray and acting president Shri Uddhav Thackeray , along with Mumbai BJP President Shri Raj Purohit and some other state level BJP leaders , devised some new strategies to thwart the freshly hatched game plan of the Congress and NCP of Sharad Pawar . Their ” KARUN DAKHWALE ” campaign was brilliant . They roped in RPI [ Republican Party of India ] headed by Shri Ram Das Athwale , in the front . So the joint strength of Shiv Sena , Bharatiya Janta Party and Republican Party of India [ SS , BJP , RPI ] fought elections unitedly and comfortably trounced the Congress and NCP front .

English: NiTin Gadkari - President of Bhartiya...

Shri Nitin Gadkari President BJP

English: Photo of Uddhav Thackeray, taken at B...

Shri Uddhav Thackeray Working President Shiv Sena

When results were declared , it became apparent that SS , BJP , RPI have got the maximum number of seats in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation . Though they fell short of 7 seats , still they won the BMC fort . Congress , NCP alliance came a distant second with 65 seats and MNS [ Maharashtra Navanirman Sena ] , perceived to be king – maker , was third with 28 seats in its kitty .

Out of 10 Municipal Corporations of Maharashtra , BJP and SS have won 5 . These are ; Mumbai , Thane , Ulhasnagar , Nagpur and Akola . NCP of Sharad Pawar is the clear winner in Pimpri – Chinchwad . NCP can capture Pune , Solapur and Amarawati also with the help of Congress . MNS has won maximum number of seats in Nashik . But here are some more shocker .

BJP has won more number of seats compared to Shiv Sena  in Pune , Solapur , Nagpur and Akola , BJP has outnumbered Congress also in Nagpur and Ulhasnagar and has equal number of seats in Akola . BJP has outnumbered NCP also in Nagpur , Mumbai , Solapur and Akola . In BMC BJP has won 31 seats compared to 28 in 2007 . BJP tally has improved everywhere .

Sharad Pawar , known as Maratha warrior , Maratha strongman in Marathi news papers , have bitten dust . Other so – called NCP stalwarts and strong men like Dy. Chief Minister Ajit Pawar , R. R. Patil and Chhagan Bhujbal , both former Dy. Chief Ministers , have eggs on their faces . Supriya Sule has simply vanished from the scene .

English: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodha...

Sharad Pawar - President NCP

It’s sheer luck that because of assembly elections in 5 states , Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi can not visit Maharashtra . So they have some face – saving excuses . But Congress Chief Minister Prithvi Raj Chavan , ex Shiv Sainik and former Chief Minister Narayan Rane and Mumbai Congress Chief Kripa Shankar Singh have nothing to say . So they have gone into shell . They are incommunicado and blame game has started .

Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Rahul Gandhi

In 2007 BMC elections Congress and NCP had no alliance and they fought separately . So according to some left – liberal journalists , SS and BJP won because of the division of secular votes . But in 2012 , Congress and NCP fought the elections as alliance partners and still they lost . SS and BJP have won convincingly . Now left – liberal journos have to eat crow . They have nothing to say .

BJP and Shiv Sena flags

BJP and Shiv Sena flags in a Rally

Shri Nitin Gadkari and Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray can take pride that they have snatched victory from the opponents and that too against all odds . It is satisfying fact that MNS [ Maharashtra Navanirman Sena ] instead of eating into saffron votes , ate Congress , NCP votes and dealt severe blow to their nefarious designs .

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections along with 9 other civic body elections of 2012 are eye opener in real sense . It heralds saffron juggernaut and decimation of pseudo – secular forces.



Don’t Have Heart to Say Happy Losar My Tibetan Friends !

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 22 , 2012           02.45 A.M.

Today , it is the Tibetan New Year ; known as Losar . This , the most important festival of Tibet , is celebrated in Tibetan diaspora with great fervour and festivity .

The Gompa being performed in Lachung during th...

Gompa Dance on the Occasion of Losar

Basically a pre – Buddhist tradition of Bon era , Losar later on became the most important Buddhist festival during the reign of the 9th king of Tibet . Celebrated in Tibet for 15 days , Losar is also celebrated in various parts of India and Nepal , where Buddhist population is concentrated .

It is natural to wish our Tibetan friends on this auspicious occasion . But till date 26 Tibetans have died for the cause of independent Tibet . Some of these martyrs are even teenagers . When almost everyday news is tickling out of OCCUPIED TIBET that young boys and girls are self – immolating themselves and world is watching with stoic silence , how can you celebrate New Year ? Even if you would like to wish Tibetan brothers and sisters on the occasion of Losar , how on earth you would wish them , when a teenager self – immolated himself just 2/3 days ago ? How there could be a happy Losar when Potala Palace is without HH Dalai Lama  and Tibet has become a virtual prison ?

Potala Palace of Dalai Lama in Lhasa

At least I don’t have heart to say Happy Losar my Tibetan friends . I am ashamed that I live in a world where no one cares for young , teenager Tibetan monk‘s lives . I am anguished that my country and most of my countrymen are either silent or ignorant of the happenings in Tibet .

I think it my duty to educate my countrymen about the Tibetan cause . In spite of being a non – entity , I would strive to ignite a flame among the ignorant youngsters of India for the independence of Tibet . I wish to state through this blog that , though I would love to visit Kailash and Mansarovar Lake for pilgrimage but I don’t wish to visit these two holy places as long as Tibet ia under illegal occupation of Peoples Republic of China . I wish to visit Kailash and Mansarovar Lake on Tibetan visa . It seems implausible at present but 25 years back no one even thought that USSR [ Union of Soviet Socialist Republic ] would be dissolved and instead of one monolithic state there will be 15 independent , sovereign countries .

Mount Kailas

Mount Kailash

Lake Manasarovar

If USSR could dissolve , if Eastern Europe could be free from the communism , so could be Peoples Republic of China . My friends , Independent , sovereign Tibet will be reality very soon .

Map of Cultural & Historical Tibet with Amdo & Kham

My friends , I have no heart to wish you on this New Year . I have only prayers for Independent , Sovereign and Unified Greater Tibet .




Al – Vidaa Shahryar Saheb !

Shahryar Taking Jnanpith Award from Amitabh Bachchan

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 18 , 2012           01.45 A.M.

A renowned poet of Urdu language , Shahryar a.k.a. Akhlaq Mohammad Khan , who also won Jnanpith Award in 2008 for his contribution to Urdu literature , died on February 13 , 2012 in Aligarh , Uttar Pradesh . He was suffering from lung cancer . He was the 4th Urdu writer to win prestigious Jnanpith Award .

Born in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh on June 16 , 1936 , he went to Aligarh Muslim University for higher education and later on became a lecturer of Urdu Literature in the same university and retired as Head of Department of Urdu Literature . He was co – editor of  ” Sher O Hikmat ” , a literary magazine .

Bab-e-syed, the gateway to AMU

Gate of Aligarh Muslim University

He , apart from writing ghazals and nazms , also wrote lyrics for highly successful films like ;  ” Gaman ” [ 1978 ] , ” Umrrao Jaan ” [ 1981 ] and ” Anjuman ” [ 1986 ] , all directed by Muzaffar Ali .

Who can forget ghazal of  ” Gaman “  ” Seene me jalan , saanson men toofan sa kyon hai ; Is shaher me har shakhs pareshan sa kyon hai ……

Or these immortal ghazals of ” Umrao Jaan ”  :

In aankhon ki masti ke mastane hazaron hain …… or

Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan leejiye ; bas ek baar mera kaha …….. …or

Jab bhi milti hai mujhe ajnabi lagti kyon hai ……… or

Ye kya jagah hai dosto ; ye kaun sa dayar hai …….. or

Zindagi jab bhi teri bazm me laati hai hamen ……..

Lyrics of ” Umrao Jaan “ are immortal and they are still popular among the connoisseurs of Hindi film music and ghazal lovers of this country and Urdu speaking diaspora .

He got Sahitya Akademy Award in Urdu for his poetry in 1987 . Later on in 2008 , he got prestigious Jnanpith Award . As stated earlier , he was the 4th Urdu writer to get Jnanpith Award . Firaq Gorakhpuri was the 1st to get this award in 1969 . Qurratulain Hyder was the 2nd and got the award in 1989  . Ali Sardar Jafri was the 3rd , who got Jnanpith in 1997 .

Firaq Gorakhpuri

Firaq Gorakhpuri


Qurratulain Hyder

Ali Sardar Jafri (1913-2000)

Ali Sardar Jafri

Some famous books of Urdu poetry written by Akhlaq Mohammed Khan alias Shahryar :

1 – Ism – E – Azam [ 1965 ]

2 – Satvan Dar [ 1969 ]

3 – Hijr Ke Mausam [ 1978 ]

4 – Khwab Ke Dar Band Hain [ 1987 ]

He got Sahitya Akademy Award in 1987 for his book ” Khwab Ke Dar Band Hain ” .

With his death the last doyen of Urdu literature , the last titan of modern Urdu ghazal is gone . World of Urdu poetry will never be the same again .




Maldives : A Coup ; Not Power Transfer

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 13 , 2012           12.15 P.M.

Last few days were really fluid in the neighbourhood of India . Tibet is burning and self – immolations continue unabated . World community is watching silently . I posted a blog about Tibet and was watching and reading about Tibet and was trying to get more information about the land of HH Dalai Lama . Suddenly Maldives was in the news and that too for all the wrong reasons . Democratically elected president was removed in bloodless coup and world is again watching with stoic silence .

Map indicating locations of India and Maldives

Map Indicating Location of India & Maldives

First news flash informed us that a group of policemen have revolted and have taken control of some government installations and TV station . Then came news of the resignation of The President of Maldives , Mohamed Nasheed . The then Vice President Dr. Mohamed Waheed took charge immediately and thus became the new President of Maldives . Later on it became apparent that it was a well orchestrated PR exercise of the coup leaders that  some policemen revolted and to quell the unrest and to avoid the bloodshed President of Maldives has resigned .

English: Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Mal...

Mohamed Nasheed ; President of Maldives

English: Profile picture of Dr. Waheed - First...

Mohamed Waheed ; Vice President of Maldives

Everything , in the beginning , looked innocuous and democratic . But news started filtering after few days . Things were not as simple as they looked or made out to look . It was a pre – meditated and pre – planned coup . President Mohamed Nasheed was trying to root out corruption and obviously some of the beneficiaries were aggrieved  and agitated . Moreover President Nasheed was considered a liberal and was close to India . So the hard-liners and some loony-fringes of the island  country were not too happy with him . And so they conspired , staged a coup and deposed the president . It was not a police revolt as it was made out in the beginning for the world community . It is the work of fundamentalists and some jehadi hard-liners . It is also alleged that former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom  is the architect of the coup , a charge ,  he vehemently denies .

English: Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, President of th...

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom - President 1978 - 2008

It would be pertinent to re-visit some of the incidents preceding the coup . On January 12 , 2012 President Nasheed removed and got arrested Abdulla Mohamed , the Chief Justice of the Maldives Criminal Court on the charges that he was protecting the corrupt officers of President Gayoom’s regime . It was also alleged that the Chief Justice was blocking human rights cases of the Gayoom supporters . After arrest of the Chief Justice Abdulla Mohamed , opposition started agitation for President Nasheed’s resignation . Soon President Nasheed’s supporters were also on the streets and situation became grim and volatile . President Nasheed ordered police and military to control and quell the anti – government protests . Instead of following his order , some section of the police and military disobeyed orders of the President and joined the opposition instead . According to me it is dereliction of duty on part of rebellious policemen and army soldiers . You are not supposed and permitted to disobey the orders of the head of the government of the day .

Rebellious soldiers took control of National TV station and called for President’s resignation . Soldiers took President Mohamed Nasheed under custody and gave him the choice of stepping down or to face consequences . President of the day Mohamed Nasheed rsigned and went home . Vice President Mohamed Waheed was immediately sworn in and thus became the new and 5th President of Maldives . And thus the first elected President of Maldives was forcefully removed and the world remains a mute spectator as they are in the case of Tibet . It is also alleged that he was removed at the gun point and was beaten blue and black .



Enchantingly beautiful , Maldives consists of approximately 1190 coral islands , which are grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls . Maldives is the lowest country in the world and the smallest in Asia in both population and land area . Maldives was a British protectorate from 1887 to 1965 . On July 26 , 1965 Maldives became independent and remained a Sultanate under King Mohamed Fareed Didi [ 1965 – 1968 ] , who became 1st president . In 1968 monarchy was replaced by a republic and Ibrahim Nasir Rannabandeyri Kilegefan [ 1968 – 1978 ] became the 2nd  president . This period is known as Second Republic of Maldives .

Mohamed Fareed Didi President 1965 - 1968

Ibrahim Nasir President 1968 - 1978

After Ibrahim Nasir , Maumoon Abdul Gayoom of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party became the 3rd president of 2nd republic in 1978 and remained President till 2008 . During his 30 year tenure , there were several attempts to topple him . In 1988 , Indian soldiers were airlifted into Male , the capital of Maldives , to save President Gayoom and restore order and normalcy . The operation was named ” Operation Cactus  ” .

In 2008 a new constitution was approved and first direct presidential election occurred . Mohamed Nasheed of Maldivian Democratic Party won the election and became president . Mohamed Waheed of  Gaumee Ittihaad Party  became Vice President . Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s departure was greeted with much fanfare . Following board is the ample proof of the widespread jubilation .

Welcome to a Maumoon Free Maldives

Welcome to a Maumoon Free Maldives

Apart from being the 1st democratically elected president of Maldives and being the 4th president of the 2nd republic , Mohamed Nasheed has several other distinctions to his credit . He is a fighter for democracy . He was imprisoned for writing an article in a political magazine . That is why he was made an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience in 1991 . He was arrested repeatedly in 1990 , 92 , 93 , 94 and 95 . In 2000 , he was elected as a member of parliament . In 2001 , he was tried and sentenced for 2 and half years for theft  of government property . In 2003 he formed Maldivian Democratic Party in exile in Sri Lanka and Britain . He was recognized a political refugee by Britain in 2004 . In 2005 Mohamed Nasheed returned to Maldives from self – imposed exile and  was again arrested for terrorist activities .

In 2008 he ran for presidential election and won . He is the 4th president of the 2nd republic and the 1st elected president of Maldives . As a president he held one of his cabinet meeting underwater . It was first in the world .

Under Water cabinet Meeting of President Nasheed

It is sad that he was deposed in a coup. He sought India’s help but our government was not very responsive . Indian government launched ” Operation Cactus ” to save a despot and totalitarian like Maumoon Abdul Gayoom but failed to lauch similar operation to save a democratically elected president . I am sad . Maldives will not be same again without Mohamed Nasheed . There are reports of rampaging mob entering the museum and destroying Buddha statues . Ominous signs are there for everyone to see .

Supporters of Mohamed Nasheed are protesting . They are being attacked by police and army personnel . Biggest town of Maldives , Addu , which is also a stronghold of Mohamed Nasheed , is under virtual seize . House to house searches are going on and people are being arrested and tortured .

Supporters of President Nasheed

World leaders should put pressure on the government for the inquiry , as demanded by Mohamed Nasheed . According to me he should be immediately reinstated . If it is not feasible then election should be immediately declared . Arrest and persecution of Nasheed supporters should be stopped immediately . And I would like to add that I am not casting aspersions of any kind on Mohamed Waheed  , the then Vice President .

According to my personal view , Maldives come under the natural area of influence of India . And if the elected president of a friendly country seeks help , it is our duty to rush . Few days back similar coup was averted in Bangladesh . And now news comes of the coup in Maldives .

Our neighbourhood is becoming restive and volatile by each passing day . Inimical forces are at work but we are complacent as usual . I feel ominous days are ahead for India .

I am nobody but I denounce the coup in Maldives in strongest terms . I pray for the safety and well – being of Mohamed Nasheed and his supporters .



Adieu Sharada Dwivedi : A Historian Becomes History

Sharada Dwivedi

Sharada Dwivedi

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 11, 2012           02.45 A.M.

It is sad and depressing that of late , I have to write so many obituaries . Last quarter of 2011 was full of sudden and sad demise of the so many eminent people of all walks of life . Now the first quarter of 2012 is also no less harsh .

Sharada Dwivedi , eminent historian , researcher and chronicler of Mumbai , died on February 06 , 2012 in Mumbai . She was only 69 at the time of her death .

Map of Mumbai

It is unfortunate that I could not meet her personally but I am familiar with her work . Born , brought up and educated in Bombay [ now Mumbai ] , she was in love with the city . She was familiar with every minute details of the old and neo – gothic style buildings of Mumbai . Every little piece of even hidden history was also known to her . She belonged to the city and her Bombay belonged to her .

She researched the history of all the famous monuments and buildings of Mumbai and was always caring for the conservation work and during conservation work , was very strict and particular regarding the minutest details .

English: Skyline of Mumbai from across Back Bay.

Skyline of Mumbai from Back Bay

English: The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, India.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Deutsch: Gateway of India in Mumbai in Maharas...

Gateway of India

English: Gateway of India in Mumbai, India. Fr...

Gateway of India

English: The David Sassoon Library in Mumbai, ...

David Sassoon Library

Česky: Nádraží čhatrapatiho Šivádžího v Bombaj...

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Formerly Victoria Terminus

Victoria Terminus Railway Station, Mumbai, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Formerly Victoria Terminus

English: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumba...

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Formerly Victoria Terminus

Fort Market

Royal Asiatic Society

Museum - Formerly Prince of Wales Museum

Watson Hotel

High Court

Rudyard Kipling Bungalow

Elphinston College

Flora Fountain

A Road in South Mumbai

Eros Cinema

Capitol Cinema

Bandra Local Railway Station

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

She  was always eager to help and advise , when it came to the old buildings . She was part of Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee and was member of Urban design Research Institute . She was responsible for the inclusion of Opera House in the 2012 World Monument Watch . It was due to her efforts that Fort – Churchgate Precinct was included in the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage Monument .

Chawls of Mumbai

The above mentioned chawl and this below mentioned famous Ambani building , Antilia are also a part of her beloved Bombay . She was interested in the city of Mumbai and wanted to preserve every aspect of the city . No one knows her reaction or what she actually felt about the chawls of Mumbai and what she thought about some of the present day structures like Antilia . Though her views about the centuries old Elephanta Caves are well – known and well chronicled .

Antila - Ambani House

Elephanta Caves

Apart from taking part in conservation work , she wrote and co – wrote many books on Mumbai and the historically important British era buildings . Her famous books are :

1 – Bombay , The City Within [ 1995 ]

2 – Banganga , Sacred Tank [ 1996 ]

3 – Fort Walks [ 1999 ]

4 – Anchoring A City Line , The History of The Western Suburban Railway And Its headquarters in Bombay [ 2000 ]

5 – The Jehangir Art Gallery [ 2002 ]

6 – The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind [ 2002 ]

6 – Taj Mahal Palace Hotel [ 2011 ]

Her other famous books are :

1 – Lives of the Indian Princes [ 1984 ]

2 – Reach for the Stars [ 1993 ] – the corporate history Blue Star Ltd

3 –  The Broken Flut [ 1994 ] – a Children’s Novel

4 – The Maharaja [ 1999 ]

5 – A Celebration of Style [ 2000 ] Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosa

It is sad that a chronicler and historian of this eminence left us and that too , so soon . A historian par – excellence , herself , became history .



Bleeding Tibet , Silent India & Indifferent World

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 08 , 2012           02.15 A.M.

Tibet is in turmoil again . In the month of February 3 more monks immolated themselves . It brings total number of self – immolated monks to 19 . I am greatly pained by the news of self – immolation of monks . My grief propelled me more to write this blog , when I went through the following post :

The Tibet Post International

[ Dharamshala: A Tibetan woman died on Monday after setting herself on fire in Ngaba county of eastern Tibet.

Ven. Kanyak Tsering, of Kirti monastery’s ‘mirror’ institution in Dharamsala, India, told the Tibet Post, “Tenzin Wangmo, a 20-year-old Buddhist nun from Dechen Choekor Ling Nunnery in Jakorma, Ngaba county, staged a self-immolation protest at the Sumdo bridge below the nunnery, about 3 km from the county town.

” She shouted ‘Let His Holiness the Dalai Lama return to Tibet!’, and ‘We Want Religious freedom in Tibet!,’ then set herself on fire and marched for about eight minutes.”
Wangmo is the first Tibetan woman from the region to self-immolate in protest against Chinese atrocities against the Tibetan people.

Witnesses say other nuns from Dechen Choekor Ling refused to hand over Wangmo’s body to the Chinese authorities.

“Since no armed military forces and police personnel were present at the protest site,” said Ven. Tsering, “her body was taken back by nuns.”

“Local Chinese authorities demanded that the nun’s body either be handed over or buried the same day,” he continued, “but we have not been able to learn what happened after that.

” Shortly afterwards, soldiers and police deployed, and sealed off the nunnery and surrounding villages.”

Dechen Choekor Ling nunnery, also known as Mama nunnery, is situated around 4km northwest of Ngaba county town. It belongs to the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is the largest nunnery in Ngaba, with a community of 350 nuns.

Prior to Wangmo’s death, the last self-immolation attempt took place on Saturday when a 19-year-old man set himself alight in the central market in Ngaba town.

According to sources inside Tibet, another Tibetan man who committed a self-immolation protest on October 15 has been removed from Ngaba county, but details of his present whereabouts and state of health are unknown.

Tibetan shops and restaurants in the county remained closed on October 16 in solidarity with the protest.

In a separate incident on Sunday, two Tibetans, Gonga and Druklo, were shot and wounded by security forces during a peaceful protest outside a police station at Tseshul in Serthar, Karze, eastern Tibet.

During the protest, five other Tibetans were arrested: Rindhoe (age 26), Choega (23) Bori (19) Rigzoe (18) and Tsewang Kyi (19).

The Chinese government has now deployed heavy-armed forces in Tseshul.

A total of nine Tibetans have self-immolated within Tibet in protest against Chinese rule and continued repression in the Himalayan region.

Several events, including mass prayers, rallies and candlelight vigils, organised by Tibetans and supporters around the world, have highlighted the situation. ]

Protesting Tibetans

Last couple of months were really traumatic for Tibet . China’s brutal reign in occupied Tibet continues unabated and her tyranny goes on un – challenged . World community remain mute spectator . Liberals of the world make noises about even obscure countries of the world but when it comes to Tibet and Chinese brutal regime there , they look elsewhere or feign ignorance .

Flag of Tibet

Flag of Tibet

Most of the people in India and the world , who though sympathise with Tibet , do not know that current map of Tibet is incomplete . Amdo and Kham are not shown in the current map of so – called Tibetan Autonomous Region . Tibet is not complete and can never be complete without Amdo and Kham regions , which were annexed by China and are now merged with the other provinces of China . When I talk about Tibet , it is not only about the current Tibet , which is known to Tibetan people as U – Tsang . When I talk about Tibet , it includes U – Tsang , Amdo and Kham , all the three provinces of Tibet .

An SVG map of China with the Tibet autonomous ...

Map of Present Day Tibet Without Amdo & Kham

Truncated Tibet in The Map of China - Without Amdo & Kham

If you read the history , you will come to know that U-Tsang , Amdo and Kham are the three regions , which constitute cultural and historical Tibet. These days only U-Tsang is known as Tibet or the so – called Tibetan Autonomous Region [ TAR ] of China . Amdo , the North – Eastern part of cultural Tibet , is ethnically and culturally a Tibetan area . In 1928 Amdo was incorporated into the Chinese rule and thus became part of Qinghai province of the Republic of China of the Nationalists . In 1952 Amdo became part of the Peoples Republic of China of Communists . And the tyranny of Communists started and still continues unabated .

English: A simple map of the three traditional...

Map of Tibet with Amdo & Kham

Map of Cultural & Historical Tibet with Amdo & Kham

Kham , also a part of cultural Tibet , officially became a Chinese province in 1939 . It is now divided between present – day Tibetan Autonomous Region [ TAR ] , Sichuan , Yunnan and Qinghai provinces of China .

Tibet , the highest region on earth , first emerged as an empire in the 7th century .Though as per the myth , humans inhabited Tibetan plateau 21,000 years ago . In 7th century Songtsan Gampo , the first historical king of Tibet , unified all the provinces of Tibet and founded Tibetan Empire . His first wife was Princess of Nepal and the second one was Princess of China , niece of powerful Tang emperor . If Tibet was always a part of China , as claimed by the Communist rulers of China , how come the Tibetan king married a Chinese princess ? How come powerful Tang King of China agreed to this union ?

In fact Tibetan empire was so vast that it included several Chinese provinces also . In 821 / 822 CE China signed a peace treaty with Tibet and thus acknowledged the sovereignty of Tibet . This treaty clearly defines the border of two nations . From Tang Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty , Tibet remained a sovereign and independent nation .

During the time of Phagmodrupa Dynasty in 1578 , Sonam Gyatso was named as Dalai Lama . Dalai is the Mongolian translation of Gyatso , meaning ocean .

Trouble started during Qing Dynasty . They annexed Amdo and Kham regions of Tibet and merged them into Chinese Empire and sent their Resident Commissioner to Lhasa . But supremacy of H.H. Dalai Lama continued even during Qing rule over Tibet . Tibet was not a province of China even during Qing Dynasty .

Qing Dynasty tried to annex Tibet completely only in 1910 during the reign of 13th Dalai Lama . He took shelter in British India . When Qing Dynasty was overthrown and Chinese troops were driven out of Tibet , 13th Dalai Lama proclaimed himself Ruler of Tibet and refused to accept any Chinese suzerainty . 13 th Dalai Lama ruled Tibet for 36 years .

After defeating Kuomintang government and after taking control of China , Communist rulers started flexing their muscles again . In 1950 Peoples Republic of China incorporated Tibet and negotiated 17 Point Agreement with the 14th Dalai Lama [ Present HH Dalai Lama ] .

In 1959 HH Dalai Lama took refuge in India and stablished Tibetan Government – In – Exile .

Since then , Chinese oppression continues in Tibet . Almost 20,0000 Tibetans got killed during Great Leap Forward and about 6,000 monasteries were destroyed during Cultural Revolution .

Communist China tried hard to convince the world community of its noble intentions in Tibet . But spate of self – immolation show the true situation of Tibet and her tyrannical rule in Tibet . Following map shows the annexed countries and world community should try to liberate these countries from the illegal rule of China .

The Map of Red China with Annexed Tibet , East Turkestan & Inner Mongolia

Tibet’s liberation and freedom of other annexed countries would be beneficial for the world and the true Han China , as shown in the following map , will be very conducive for the world peace .

Original Han China

I pray for liberation of Tibet and wish to see independent Tibet in my life time .

Map of Free Tibet

These are very basic information , which are known to every Tibetan . I wrote this for the Indian people , who though , support the cause of independent Tibet , don’t know the facts and history of Tibet .

[ For this blog I have taken some information from WIKIPEDIA and other internet postings . Some News Paper reporting were also of much help .  I have re – produced a posting of  ” The Tibet Post International ” . I express my gratitude . ]





My Denunciation : Shame Communists for Insulting Christ !!

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 07 , 2012           03.00 A.M.

I am a Hindu . But I do respect all the religions equally . I read Holy Bible during my adolescent years and I was hugely impressed by ” The Sermon on the Mount ” . In fact I read about ” Sermon on the Mount ” in the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi . Since then I am deeply impressed and touched by the life of Jesus Christ . I still keep New Testament in my library and read ” Sermon on the Mount ” as and when I get time .

Sermon Mount Jesus Mormon

Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ

So I was deeply pained and anguished , when I read in today’s papers that Communist Party of India [ Marxist ] did a blasphemous act  in Thiruananthpuram in Kerala and insulted Christ .

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Jesus Christ

Leonardo Da Vinci had made an immortal mural painting in 15th century , depicting ” The Last supper ” . In this painting Christ is sitting with his 12 apostles before his Crucifixion . As the myth goes , Jesus announced that one of his twelve apostles will betray him . Leonardo Da Vinci has beautifully painted reactions of all the 12 apostles after this prophesy of Christ . Some are in anger , some are in shock . And there is Judas Iscariot , feigning ignorance . He looks withdrawn and taken aback by the revelation .

tempera on gesso, pitch and mastic

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

This incident , The Last Supper , is very tragic incident in the life of Christ . It happened just one night before his Crucifixion . It should be revered . It should be respected . But the Communists of India , though they proclaim that they are secular , have done the impossible .

CPM has put a flex board during the current convention of the party in Thiruananthpuram , Kerala . In that flex board they have put this above mentioned painting . In place of Christ  , they have put Barack Obama and in place of his apostles , they have put photos of Rahul Gandhi , Narendra Modi , French President Nicolas Sarkozy and several other leaders . According to them this is the Last Supper of Capitalism .

In another exhibition , they have put photos of Karl Marx , the founder of Communism , with Jesus Christ . By putting atheist Marx along with Christ , they have not only insulted Christ but also put question mark on the atheism propagated by Karl Marx and which they proclaim to follow religiously .

This is blasphemy of high order and sheer opportunism . This atheist organization propagates theory of class – less and cast – less society . They proclaim that they are secular of high order . But here , to get acceptance of  the Christians of Kerala , they are taking shelter in the world of Christ . It was their goal to make India Red . For them India was fertile ground for the Bolshevik Revolution . But they failed in a big way .

A dream never fulfilled

Red India - An Idea That Failed

I denounce the Communists of India , specially the Communist Party of India [ Marxist ] CPM , for this blasphemous act . Followers of dictators and despots like ; Joseph Stalin of USSR , Mao Zedong of Peoples Republic of China , Kim Il – Sung of North Korea and Pol Pot of Cambodia are now trying to hide their infamous fang and going for a make – over for wider acceptance . Followers of violence are taking refuge in the world of apostle of non – violence , Jesus Christ .

Shame Communists for desecrating Jesus Christ , the son of God !

May God’s curse be on you !



Raj Kanwar : A Journey From ” Deewana ” to ” Sadiyaan “

Mr. Raj Kanwar

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 05 , 2012           11.15 P.M.

Death is always painful . It is more painful if a young life is lost . I was shocked when I heard about the sad demise of Mr. Raj Kanwar . He died on February 03 , 2012 at the age of  51 in Singapore . He was suffering from kidney ailment from the past year . It is uncanny that his elder brother Mr. K. Pappu also died of kidney ailment  and that too almost at the same age .

He started his film journey as an assistant to Shekhar Kapur and Raj Kumar Santoshi . He started as independent director with ” Deewana ” [1992 ] , a Rishi Kapoor , Shah Rukh Khan and Divya Bharti starrer . This film is Shah Rukh Khan’s first and major hit in Hindi film industry .

After stupendous success of ” Deewana “ [ 1992 ] , he made another blockbuster ” Laadla ” [ 1994 ] . And then followed ” Kartavya ” [ 1995 ] .

After 3 hits in a row , he made ” Jaan ” [ 1996 ] and ” Jeet ” [ 1996 ] . Both the films were released in 1996 .

Next year , he returned with 2 films ;  ” Judaai ” [ 1997 ] and ” Itihaas ” [ 1997 ] .

” Itihaas “ was followed by ” Daag : The Fire ” [ 1999 ] and ” Badal ” [ 2000 ] .

2000 was the only year in the entire career of Mr. Raj Kanwar , when he made 3 films . Apart from ” Badal “ , he made Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega ” [ 2000 ] andDhaai Akshar Prem Ke ” [ 2000 ] .

” Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke “ shall always be remembered by the connoisseurs of Hindi films because it brought Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai together on the screen for the first time . After this film , he came with ” Farz ” [ 2001 ] .

After ” Farz “ , he returned withAb Ke Baras ” [ 2002 ] . Unfortunately this film bombed at the box office . In this film he introduced Aarya Babbar and Amrita Rao . Incidentally , Aarya babbar is my student .

Ab Ke Baras

Image via Wikipedia

After ” Ab Ke Baras “ , he came with ” Andaaz ” [ 2003 ] , one of the biggest hits of his career . He introduced Priyanka Chopra  and Lara Datta in this film . And again incidentally Priyanka Chopra is my student .

After 3 years hiatus , he returned with ” Humko Deewana Kar gaye ” [ 2006 ] .

Then again he returned after a gap of  4 years with ” Sadiyaan ” [ 2010 ] . It is sad that his last film bombed badly . Despite all the brickbats it got , it will always be close to my heart because it introduced 2 of my students ; Luv Sinha and Ferena Wazeir .

In total he made 16 films in a career spanning 20 years . He gave break to many new comers . Among his discoveries 4 are my students . They are ; Priyanka Chopra , Aarya Babbar , Luv Sinha and Ferena Wazeir .

During the making of ” Sadiyaan “ , I met him in his office . He wanted to know about Ferena’s progress and I went to meet him along with Ferena . I still remember the evening I spent with him .

Then again I met him at the music launch of  ” Sadiyaan “ at The Club . I never knew that it was my last meeting with him .

At The Music Launch of Sadiyaan

Rest In Peace Sir ! You will be missed .




Vidur’s Blog Translated in Portuguese Language

250 anos de “A Terceira Batalha de Panipat”

Postado em 16 de janeiro de 2011 por Vidur [Kamal Nayan Chaturvedi]
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Em 14 de janeiro de 2011, quando hindus em todo o mundo estavam celebrando Makar Sankranti, muitos não se lembrar que neste mesmo dia 250 anos atrás Sadashivrao Bhau juntamente com o seu exército estava lutando uma batalha perdida para nós no Amb Kala perto de Panipat . Conhecido na história como a Terceira Batalha de Panipat “, onde o exército de Marathas lutou afegão Ahmed Shah Durrani invasor aka Ahmed Shah Abdali. Batalha terminou em poucas horas e cerca de 60.000 / 70.000. soldados foram mortos. A linha de Maratha foi de 12 km.transversalmente, com a artilharia na frente, protegido por tropas de infantaria, enquanto a cavalaria foi instruído a esperar atrás da artilharia. Este erro tático foi fatal.Sem qualquer instrução cavalaria de espera começou a avançar causando vítimas entre os soldados Maratha que levam à derrota infame. Embora Marathas perdeu a batalha devido a erro estratégico, ninguém se atreveu a atacar a Índia após esta batalha há muitos anos.

The flag of the Maratha Empire.

Image via Wikipedia

Imagem via Wikipedia – Bandeira do Império Maratha

A Terceira Batalha de Panipat ocorreu em 14 de Janeiro de 1761, em Panipat(Haryana Estado, Índia), cerca de 60 milhas (95,5 km) ao norte de Delhi . A batalha opôs o francês fornecido artilharia e cavalaria dos Marathas contra a pesadacavalaria e artilharia montada (zamburak e jizail) dos afegãos liderado por Ahmad Shah Durrani , um grupo étnico pashtun , também conhecido como Ahmad Shah Abdali. A batalha é considerada uma das maiores batalhas travadas no século 18.

Flag of the Emirate of Herat, and of the Durra...Imagem via Wikipedia – Bandeira do Império do Afeganistão

O declínio do Império Mughal levou a conquistas territoriais para a Confederação Maratha. Ahmad Shah Abdali, entre outros, não estava disposto a permitir que os ganhos dos Marathas ir desmarcada. Em 1759, ele levantou um exército das tribos pashtun e fez vários ganhos contra as guarnições menores. Os Marathas, sob o comando do Sadashivrao Bhau , respondeu, reunindo um exército de entre 70.000-100.000 pessoas com as quais eles saquearam a capital Mughal de Delhi . Seguiu-se uma série de escaramuças ao longo das margens do rio Yamuna em Karnal eKunjpura que finalmente se transformou em um cerco de dois meses de duração conduzido por Abdali contra os Marathas.

High Resolution Flag of the Mughal Empire in SVGImagem via Wikipedia – Bandeira do Império Mogol

O local específico da batalha em si é contestada por historiadores, mas a maioria considera ter ocorrido em algum lugar perto de moderno-dia Kaalaa Aamb e Estrada Sanauli. A batalha durou vários dias e envolveu mais de 125.000 homens.Prolongadas escaramuças ocorreram, com perdas e ganhos em ambos os lados. As forças lideradas por Ahmad Shah Durrani saiu vitorioso após destruir vários flancos Maratha. A extensão das perdas em ambos os lados é fortemente contestada por historiadores, mas acredita-se que entre 60.000-70.000 foram mortos em combates, enquanto o número de feridos e prisioneiros tomados variam consideravelmente. O resultado da batalha foi a suspensão dos avanços Maratha do Norte.

English: The Indian subcontinent in 1760.

Image via Wikipedia

Imagem via Wikipedia – Índia em 1760

O Império Mughal estava em declínio desde a morte do imperador mogol Aurangzeb , em 1707. A queda foi acelerada pela invasão da Índia por Nadir Shah em 1739.Rebeliões continuado pelos Marathas no sul, ea separação de facto de um número de estados (incluindo Hyderabad e Bengal ), enfraqueceu o estado ainda mais.Dentro de alguns anos de morte de Aurangzeb, os Marathas havia revertido todos os seus ganhos territoriais no Deccan, e tinha conquistado quase todo o território Mughal na Índia central e norte. Mughals tinha, assim, tornar-se apenas as cabeças titulares de Delhi. Em 1761, eles queriam expandir mais ao norte e noroeste, onde o seu caminho cruzou Ahmad Shah Abdali – o governante do Afeganistão, que tinha vindo a fazer incursões no Punjab e nomeou seu filho como seu governador.

An approximate political map of the Indian sub...Imagem via Wikipedia – Mapa do Império Maratha

Os Marathas ganhou o controle de uma parte considerável da Índia no intervalo (1707-1757). Em 1758, eles ocupavam Delhi, capturado Lahore e expulsou Timur Shah Durrani , o filho e vice-rei do governante afegão, Ahmad Shah Abdali. Este foi o ponto alto da expansão Maratha, onde os limites de seu império se estendia do norte para o Indus eo Himalaia, e no sul quase até a extremidade da península. Este território foi governado pelo Peshwa , que falou de colocar seu filho Vishwasrao no trono Mughal. No entanto Delhi ainda permaneceu sob o controle nominal de Mongóis, os principais intelectuais muçulmanos, incluindo Shah Waliullah e outros clérigos muçulmanos na Índia e no Punjab, que estavam alarmados com estes desenvolvimentos. Em desespero, eles recorreram a Ahmad Shah Abdali, o governante do Afeganistão, para deter a ameaça.

Ahmad Shah Durrani, founded Afghanistan in 1747.

Image via Wikipedia

Imagem via Wikipedia – Ahmad Shah Abdali

Assim, após convite devido Ahmad Shah Abdali atacado Índia e no dia auspicioso de Makar Sankranti Sadashivrao Bhau perdeu a batalha de Panipat. A derrota infame ainda agita os Marathas. Há um ditado em Marathi Tyanche Panipat Jhale [Ele sucumbiu à sua Panipat] Metaforicamente Panipat tornou-se para Marathas, o que Waterloo foi para Napoleão. Ele quebrou o orgulho Maratha, ele interrompeu seus avanços em direção norte da Índia e, finalmente, a sua imagem prejudicada.Mas uma coisa estava intacta e continua intacta até hoje e que é o seu valor e seu orgulho. Mesmo depois de derrotar A Terceira Batalha de Panipat continua a ser um capítulo glorioso da nossa história, porque não foi por falta de coragem ou bravura, mas isso aconteceu devido a um erro tático e estratégico.


MUMBAI-Porto – ÍNDIA / VidurChaturvedi / profile / VidurChaturvedi

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[Enquanto pesquisava para este blog, eu visitei vários sites na internet e tomei algumas coisas e alguns parágrafos de diversas fontes. Quero expressar minha profunda gratitute. ]

My Column ” Kal Aur Aaj ” in Bhojpuri City – [ 8 ]

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 04 , 2012           00.15  A.M.

This is my 8th article for the fortnightly Hindi column , which I write in ” Bhojpuri City ” , a magazine being published from Mumbai .

This is a trade magazine , dedicated to the Bhojpuri film industry .

I was not able to write regularly but last time I promised to myself that I would be regular in future . So my 8th article comes close to my 7th article .

7th article came into the December 2nd issue of 2011 . 8th article is published in the latest , that is , February 1st issue of 2012 . There was one issue of January 2012 in between but the editor decided not to publish my article in that issue because of the crunch of space . So my promise to be regular stands fulfilled .

This article deals with the sad state of affair in the Bhojpuri film industry , which is plagued with mediocrity .




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