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MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           FEBRUARY 08 , 2012           02.15 A.M.

Tibet is in turmoil again . In the month of February 3 more monks immolated themselves . It brings total number of self – immolated monks to 19 . I am greatly pained by the news of self – immolation of monks . My grief propelled me more to write this blog , when I went through the following post :

The Tibet Post International

[ Dharamshala: A Tibetan woman died on Monday after setting herself on fire in Ngaba county of eastern Tibet.

Ven. Kanyak Tsering, of Kirti monastery’s ‘mirror’ institution in Dharamsala, India, told the Tibet Post, “Tenzin Wangmo, a 20-year-old Buddhist nun from Dechen Choekor Ling Nunnery in Jakorma, Ngaba county, staged a self-immolation protest at the Sumdo bridge below the nunnery, about 3 km from the county town.

” She shouted ‘Let His Holiness the Dalai Lama return to Tibet!’, and ‘We Want Religious freedom in Tibet!,’ then set herself on fire and marched for about eight minutes.”
Wangmo is the first Tibetan woman from the region to self-immolate in protest against Chinese atrocities against the Tibetan people.

Witnesses say other nuns from Dechen Choekor Ling refused to hand over Wangmo’s body to the Chinese authorities.

“Since no armed military forces and police personnel were present at the protest site,” said Ven. Tsering, “her body was taken back by nuns.”

“Local Chinese authorities demanded that the nun’s body either be handed over or buried the same day,” he continued, “but we have not been able to learn what happened after that.

” Shortly afterwards, soldiers and police deployed, and sealed off the nunnery and surrounding villages.”

Dechen Choekor Ling nunnery, also known as Mama nunnery, is situated around 4km northwest of Ngaba county town. It belongs to the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is the largest nunnery in Ngaba, with a community of 350 nuns.

Prior to Wangmo’s death, the last self-immolation attempt took place on Saturday when a 19-year-old man set himself alight in the central market in Ngaba town.

According to sources inside Tibet, another Tibetan man who committed a self-immolation protest on October 15 has been removed from Ngaba county, but details of his present whereabouts and state of health are unknown.

Tibetan shops and restaurants in the county remained closed on October 16 in solidarity with the protest.

In a separate incident on Sunday, two Tibetans, Gonga and Druklo, were shot and wounded by security forces during a peaceful protest outside a police station at Tseshul in Serthar, Karze, eastern Tibet.

During the protest, five other Tibetans were arrested: Rindhoe (age 26), Choega (23) Bori (19) Rigzoe (18) and Tsewang Kyi (19).

The Chinese government has now deployed heavy-armed forces in Tseshul.

A total of nine Tibetans have self-immolated within Tibet in protest against Chinese rule and continued repression in the Himalayan region.

Several events, including mass prayers, rallies and candlelight vigils, organised by Tibetans and supporters around the world, have highlighted the situation. ]

Protesting Tibetans

Last couple of months were really traumatic for Tibet . China’s brutal reign in occupied Tibet continues unabated and her tyranny goes on un – challenged . World community remain mute spectator . Liberals of the world make noises about even obscure countries of the world but when it comes to Tibet and Chinese brutal regime there , they look elsewhere or feign ignorance .

Flag of Tibet

Flag of Tibet

Most of the people in India and the world , who though sympathise with Tibet , do not know that current map of Tibet is incomplete . Amdo and Kham are not shown in the current map of so – called Tibetan Autonomous Region . Tibet is not complete and can never be complete without Amdo and Kham regions , which were annexed by China and are now merged with the other provinces of China . When I talk about Tibet , it is not only about the current Tibet , which is known to Tibetan people as U – Tsang . When I talk about Tibet , it includes U – Tsang , Amdo and Kham , all the three provinces of Tibet .

An SVG map of China with the Tibet autonomous ...

Map of Present Day Tibet Without Amdo & Kham

Truncated Tibet in The Map of China - Without Amdo & Kham

If you read the history , you will come to know that U-Tsang , Amdo and Kham are the three regions , which constitute cultural and historical Tibet. These days only U-Tsang is known as Tibet or the so – called Tibetan Autonomous Region [ TAR ] of China . Amdo , the North – Eastern part of cultural Tibet , is ethnically and culturally a Tibetan area . In 1928 Amdo was incorporated into the Chinese rule and thus became part of Qinghai province of the Republic of China of the Nationalists . In 1952 Amdo became part of the Peoples Republic of China of Communists . And the tyranny of Communists started and still continues unabated .

English: A simple map of the three traditional...

Map of Tibet with Amdo & Kham

Map of Cultural & Historical Tibet with Amdo & Kham

Kham , also a part of cultural Tibet , officially became a Chinese province in 1939 . It is now divided between present – day Tibetan Autonomous Region [ TAR ] , Sichuan , Yunnan and Qinghai provinces of China .

Tibet , the highest region on earth , first emerged as an empire in the 7th century .Though as per the myth , humans inhabited Tibetan plateau 21,000 years ago . In 7th century Songtsan Gampo , the first historical king of Tibet , unified all the provinces of Tibet and founded Tibetan Empire . His first wife was Princess of Nepal and the second one was Princess of China , niece of powerful Tang emperor . If Tibet was always a part of China , as claimed by the Communist rulers of China , how come the Tibetan king married a Chinese princess ? How come powerful Tang King of China agreed to this union ?

In fact Tibetan empire was so vast that it included several Chinese provinces also . In 821 / 822 CE China signed a peace treaty with Tibet and thus acknowledged the sovereignty of Tibet . This treaty clearly defines the border of two nations . From Tang Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty , Tibet remained a sovereign and independent nation .

During the time of Phagmodrupa Dynasty in 1578 , Sonam Gyatso was named as Dalai Lama . Dalai is the Mongolian translation of Gyatso , meaning ocean .

Trouble started during Qing Dynasty . They annexed Amdo and Kham regions of Tibet and merged them into Chinese Empire and sent their Resident Commissioner to Lhasa . But supremacy of H.H. Dalai Lama continued even during Qing rule over Tibet . Tibet was not a province of China even during Qing Dynasty .

Qing Dynasty tried to annex Tibet completely only in 1910 during the reign of 13th Dalai Lama . He took shelter in British India . When Qing Dynasty was overthrown and Chinese troops were driven out of Tibet , 13th Dalai Lama proclaimed himself Ruler of Tibet and refused to accept any Chinese suzerainty . 13 th Dalai Lama ruled Tibet for 36 years .

After defeating Kuomintang government and after taking control of China , Communist rulers started flexing their muscles again . In 1950 Peoples Republic of China incorporated Tibet and negotiated 17 Point Agreement with the 14th Dalai Lama [ Present HH Dalai Lama ] .

In 1959 HH Dalai Lama took refuge in India and stablished Tibetan Government – In – Exile .

Since then , Chinese oppression continues in Tibet . Almost 20,0000 Tibetans got killed during Great Leap Forward and about 6,000 monasteries were destroyed during Cultural Revolution .

Communist China tried hard to convince the world community of its noble intentions in Tibet . But spate of self – immolation show the true situation of Tibet and her tyrannical rule in Tibet . Following map shows the annexed countries and world community should try to liberate these countries from the illegal rule of China .

The Map of Red China with Annexed Tibet , East Turkestan & Inner Mongolia

Tibet’s liberation and freedom of other annexed countries would be beneficial for the world and the true Han China , as shown in the following map , will be very conducive for the world peace .

Original Han China

I pray for liberation of Tibet and wish to see independent Tibet in my life time .

Map of Free Tibet

These are very basic information , which are known to every Tibetan . I wrote this for the Indian people , who though , support the cause of independent Tibet , don’t know the facts and history of Tibet .

[ For this blog I have taken some information from WIKIPEDIA and other internet postings . Some News Paper reporting were also of much help .  I have re – produced a posting of  ” The Tibet Post International ” . I express my gratitude . ]





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  1. Reblogged this on TibetanVideoProject and commented:
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    intelligent,educational. GD maps


  2. hellow..thank you so much for writing about tibet and its current problems…it really feels good to know that people care about things happening in tibet


  3. I am an Indian and I support the Tibetian freedom movement, I dont knew about the original regions of Tibet and other countries which are being illegally ruled by China, I learned al that oly through this write up


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