So Soon Mohit Ji ?

At the Chautha of Mohit Ji

At the Chautha of Mohit Ji

MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           JULY 11 , 2013           00.15 A.M.

From the annual trip to my home town Deoria , Uttar Pradesh , I returned to Mumbai on July 02 , 2013 . On July 03 when I reached my acting institute in the morning , I got the shocking news of passing away of Mohit ji . He died of cardiac arrest in the early morning of July 02 , 2013 at the age of 51 .

I was stunned . I was dumbfounded and numb . It was beyond imagination . He was 9 years younger to me . How could he leave us so soon ? 51 is too young to go . 51 is no age to leave this world . 51 is not the age to say good-bye .

In the evening I got a message from his sister that he would be cremated on July 04 , 2013 at electric crematorium , Shivaji Park , Dadar . I reached there in the morning . After some time an ambulance entered in the compound . It was carrying his dead body . Mohit ji in an ambulance ? So unbearable ! So painful ! So sad !

His body was carried out on a stretcher and ah , it opened floodgates of memory to inundate me completely .

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait in the Office of My Institute at Patliputra Nagar

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait in the Office of My Institute at Patliputra Nagar

I vividly remember my first encounter with him . I left Assha Chandra ji in the beginning of 1990 and started working with Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor . If I am remembering correctly , it was the beginning of 1992 when Mohit ji came to meet Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor with Mr. Jag Mohan Mattoo , a film director . Later on he started working there as an acting instructor . And slowly our friendship grew .

So it was a 20-year-long association with Mohit ji . We were in the same field , in the same profession and for most of the time in the same institute . But there was no jealousy , animosity or rivalry between us . I can say with all honesty that somewhere I might have erred in my association with him . At some juncture of life , I might have failed him as a friend . But he never ever erred or failed me as a friend .

In later years he left Mr. Kishore Namit Kapoor and joined Mr. Anupam Kher for a brief period . During last years of his life he was mostly freelancing and training some very brilliant and bright star-kids .

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at Inauguration pooja of My Institute at Mhada

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at Inauguration pooja of My Institute at Mhada

It is painful to say good-bye to such a dear friend . It is heart-wrenching to bid adieu to a colleague , who was much younger . It was agonizing  to see him dead . It was sad to see his lifeless body being carried into the electric chamber and coming out as ash in an earthen pot . His smiling face was lost forever . He will not be seen ever again .

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at the 2nd Anniversary Bash of the Institute

With My Friend Mohit Tugnait at the 2nd Anniversary Bash of the Institute

It seems surreal even today as I am writing this blog . It all seemed unreal when I saw his dead body . Though hallucinatory , but it seems that Mohit ji is still alive . I feel that any moment he will walk in and say , ” hello , Vidur ji , how are you ? ” This is the way he used to address me always .

It is painful to address him in past tense . It is sad to even think that he is gone and we will never meet again in this life .


After his cremation I returned with heavy heart . Then there was chautha and prayer meeting on July 05 , 2013 at Arya Samaj temple , Santacruz . It is painful that so many old acquaintances didn’t turn up either for the cremation or for chautha . A Lab Assistant was conspicuous by his absence . He had no time for a departed colleague and associate , who had given his sweat , blood and youth to him and his now declining institution .

It is sad . It is cruel . It is cussed . But this is life . This is the way film industry works . This is the way the Lab Assistant operates .



Some friends have forgotten you Mohit ji but I shall always remember you as a dear friend .

Farewell my friend !

Good-bye Mohit ji !

You were extremely talented acting trainer . You were definitely better than me . But destiny was cruel to you . You never got what you so rightly deserved . Sorry to say but you were destiny’s neglected child .

Adieu destiny’s neglected child !


On behalf of all the students and staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  , I express my profound grief and sorrow at the sad demise of Mohit ji . VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would also like to pray for the departed soul and offer condolences .

May you attain everlasting peace Mohit ji ! May your near and dear ones get strength to bear this loss . You will be sorely missed . There will be no one like you ever again . A tearful farewell from a friend , who will keep on remembering  you till the last breath .



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