Romesh Bhandari ; Death of a Sycophant


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           SEPTEMBER 10 , 2013           00.20 A.M.

Romesh Bhandari

29 March 1928 – 07 Sep 2013

Former Indian Foreign Secretary and former controversial Governor of Uttar Pradesh , Romesh Bhandari , died on September 07 , 2013 at the age of 85 . But the news came 2 days later in today’s newspapers .

He was born in Lahore , Pakistan . His father Amar Nath Bhandari was a Punjab High Court Judge , who was part of the bench which decided Gandhi Assassination case .

He served as Lieutenant Governor of Delhi  and  Andaman and Nicobar Islands . Later on he was appointed governor of Tripura  ,  Goa and finally  Uttar Pradesh .

He died on the night of 7th September 2013 after a prolonged illness . As I have stated earlier , news came two days after his death . And it was insignificantly consigned in the small column of the newspapers .

To secure this much coverage , he mortgaged his dignity . He became a servile flatterer and a fawning parasite . During his tenure of the governor of Uttar Pradesh , he became a shameless sycophant of his political masters and allowed , hatched and supervised all kind of machinations to topple democratically elected BJP government of Kalyan Singh . In a midnight coup , he dismissed Kalyan Singh and appointed his stooge Jagdambika Pal , as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh . Today Jagdambika Pal is a prominent member of the Congress party .

It is another story that the illegal government of Jagdambika Pal did not survive and Romesh Bhandari had egg on his arrogant face . He was audacious enough to carry on as the governor of Uttar Pradesh even after this fiasco . When BJP government was formed at the centre , he meekly submitted his resignation and ran away from Uttar Pradesh .

In my life I have watched and read about many governors of various provinces . But Romesh Bhandari was allegedly the most shameless and cunning of them all . He was an unabashed sycophant . Little wonder that his death evoked no sympathy . Even present day mandarins of Indian National Congress chose to ignore his inconsequential and controversial legacy . He did every thing to please his masters . He subverted every tenet of the constitution of India . He allowed Raj Bhawan of Uttar Pradesh to become a chamber of conspiracy . He himself became a doormat of his political masters . And yet , after his death , he got just few lines tucked in the inner pages of the national newspapers and that too , after two days .

Ignominy , thy name is Romesh Bhandari !

I am sorry that I have to write this about him after his death . It is said that you should speak only good about the dead . But Romesh Bhandari is the exception . That is the reason I have not posted my photograph in sad mood , which I always post when I write an obituary .



 VIDUR Acting Institute , which is known as Vidur’s Kreating Charakters  along with all the members of the staff of VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Theatre would strive not to be like him in any way .

It is better to live for principles and live the life with dignity than to become a stooge and factotum for power and pelf .




6 Responses

  1. Dear Mr.Vidhur ,if Late .Mr.Romesh Bhandari had done something Wrong then Why did not anyone File a Case against him and Put him in Jail,so if You do not have any facts to Prove his Guilt please Apologize for your Post since in India a True Indian would never write Such a Post about a Person after his Death. Apologize if you are a True India. Jai Hind.


    • Dear Mr. Robin ,

      Sorry but you seem to be ignorant of the deeds and conspiracies of Mr. Romesh Bhandari , the then governor of Uttar Pradesh . Or is it the case of convenient amnesia ? For your knowledge , the case was indeed filed in the Allahabad High Court and illegal Jagdambika Pal government was dismissed by the honourable High Court and Kalyan Singh was reinstated as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh .

      As a proof , I am posting a piece from Wikipedia about the unconstitutional activities of Mr. Romesh Bhandari .

      ” Jagdambika Pal was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for 3 days from 21 February 1998 to 23 February 1998.

      When, the Uttar Pradesh state government led by Kalyan Singh was dismissed on 21 February 1998 by Governor of Uttar Pradesh Romesh Bhandari, he became Chief Minister. Kalyan Singh moved Allahabad High Court which termed the dismissal of government unconstitutional on 23 February 1998, thereby reinstating the Kalyan Singh government. ”

      As a true Indian my loyalties are with the Constitution of India and Indian people . I am not subservient to a whimsical and arrogant person like Mr. Romesh Bhandari . Though I have expressed regret that I am writing these things about a person when the person in question has departed . It is there in the post itself .

      I hope it will assuage your hurt feelings for Mr. Romesh Bhandari .


  2. Vidur Sir,
    What do u have to say about present crisis/tussle going on between Aam Aadmi Party and Lt. Governor (Najeeb Jung). Is Mr. Jung behaving in the same way as Romesh Bhandari did in UP?


    • Hi My Friend, you have to correct yourself a bit. Uttar Pradesh is a state, so the elected Chief Minister has all the powers while the governor has limited powers. So Romesh Bhandari erred in many ways. Compared to U.P., Delhi is a Union Territory. In all the Union Territories, elected Chief Ministers have limited powers and Lt. Governors have greater powers. So In Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is fighting a battle, which is not backed by the Constitution of India.


  3. Excellent article sir. Totally factual and to the point. I am embarrassed the first commentator is such a spineless and dumb rat. he seems to think the truth takes second seat to Hindu traditions. He dare not even use his actual name, so i wish you did not dignify this sick outburst by replying to it. Yours was the best article i could find on Romesh Bhandari, and you and people like you are filling a vital gap in journalism by writing with such clarity and high moral standards. Many thanks sir, bless you.


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