Nepal Earthquake & R.S.S. by Rahul Kanwal


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 30, 2015          11.45 P.M.


Devastating earthquake has taken its toll in Nepal and has attracted attention of the whole world. Everyone rushed to help and rescue. I heard and read that a big team of R.S.S. [ RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEVAK SANGH ] led by Sah Sar Karyavah Shri Dattatreya Hosable is rushing to Nepal. I was eager to read the news about R.S.S. relief work but national and international media was silent. TV channels also ignored it. Luckily Mr. Rahul Kanwal tweeted about R.S.S. relief work and posted some pictures also. I am re-posting his tweets so that who wants to know about the subject must read it.



Managing Editor, TV Today Network – Anchor Newsroom & Seedhi Baat.



All set for chat at 6 pm on rescue & relief efforts in Nepal. Thamel stirring back to life

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Here’s my ground report on rescue operations in Kathmandu. Do see the excellent work our teams are doing

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Away from the gaze of cameras workers have been doing yeoman’s service in providing relief material in quake hit Nepal. Commendable


Residents queue up at relief camp in quake ravaged Bhaktapur. 20000 people provided aid in this area.

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Here’s the story. Pakistan sends beef masala as aid to quake hit Nepal!

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RSS hits out at Pakistan for sending beef masala to Nepal. ‘Highly insensitive & condemnable’ says Dattatreya Hosable

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1000 swayamsevaks working round the clock on relief operations. 500 tons of relief material being brought in.

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RSS helpline received more than 10000 calls seeking help. So far 6000 people have been rescued by swayamsevaks.

1,755 retweets 764 favorites


RSS’ 2nd senior most functionary Dattatreya Hosable personally supervising relief operations in Kathmandu.



[ I am re-producing tweets and photos from the twitter-handle of Shri Rahul Kanwal and that too without seeking his permission. I express my gratitude. ]


Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I offer my heartfelt sympathy to the people of Nepal.

May God bless them and let us resolve to re-build a new Nepal.




‘Terrific response’ for Narendra Modi’s Shanghai speech on China visit


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 28, 2015           11.59 P.M.

When Narendra Modi got elected as the Prime Minister of India, many people, mainly his opponent and detractors thought that foreign policy will be his Achilles Heels. But they were for rude shock. Narendra Modi made giant leap in foreign policy affairs and now criss-cross the world arena as a colossus.

His lectures in front of India Diaspora in United States of America and Australia last year and more recently in Canada this year made history.

Next month he is going to China. As per news paper reports, same euphoric welcome awaits him in Shanghai. Here is the report :

Madison Square GardenNew York , U.S.A. / September 28, 2014

Allphones ArenaSydney , Australia / November 17, 2014

Ricoh ColiseumToronto , Canada / April 16, 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Madison Square-style event in Shanghai during his upcoming visit to China has generated a “terrific response” from Indian professionals and students based in various cities in the Communist nation.

Modi plans to give a speech in Shanghai similar to the one at New York’s Madison Square Garden last year on his US visit.

This will be the first time an Indian leader has attempted such an event in China which until recently had very few Indians.

From across China there has been a “terrific response” for the prime minister’s event being organised by the Indian community on May 16, a social media message by the Indian Association of Shanghai said, ahead of the last day for registration tomorrow.

“This will be the biggest Indian get-together ever to happen in China,” the association notice’s said.

With burgeoning trade links following gradual improvement in relations, the number of Indians in different Chinese cities is now estimated to be around 45,000 which includes over 13,000 students while the rest comprises businessperson and professionals working for local and multinational firms.

Indian associations from various cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangdong with large concentration of Indians, have sent notices a fortnight ago asking people to register for Modi’s event.

About 4,000 people are expected to attend the event.

Modi will be arriving on a three-day visit to China on May 14, his first after taking over as prime minister.

As per the programme being worked out, he would begin his trip with a visit to the ancient city of Xian, the hometown of President Xi Jinping who will host Modi with informal get together showcasing Chinese hospitality, culture and Buddhism.

Xi plans to reciprocate Modi’s hometown diplomacy in Ahmedabad when the Chinese leader visited India in September.

The scene will shift to Beijing the next day with Modi scheduled to have talks with Xi and Premier Li Keqiang. Modi is also expected to address Chinese students at Tsinghua University here besides taking part in a colourful Yoga and Chinese martial art Tai Chi along with Li.

Besides the Indian community, Modi will also address a ‘Make in India’ business meet to woo Chinese investors.

His visit is expected to firm up several agreements and announcements. Expectations are also high here that he may extend an e-visa facility to Chinese nationals to attract larger numbers of tourists from China.

Several countries have wooed Chinese tourists as about 100 million of them travelled abroad last year, spending billions of dollars.

India this year is organising a ‘Visit India Year’ to attract Chinese tourists 1.70 lakh of whom visited India last year while over 5 lakh Indians visited China.

Chinese officials have proposed initiatives like Buddhist circuit as well as group tours linked to Sri Lanka and the Maldives to attract more Chinese tourists to India.

Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate my Prime Minister and wish him all the success.

May be during his China visit he can accomplish, what Jawahar Lal Nehru , Indira Gandhi and other Prime Ministers could not achieve.

[ Major portion of this blog is being re-produced from a news item published in The New Indian Express. I express gratitude. ]



3 Boys From Deoria : ज़िन्दगी की जीत पर यक़ीन


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 26, 2015           11.55 P.M.


अपि स्वर्णमयी लंका रोचते मम लक्ष्मण ,
जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी  ।।

[ O Lakshman , I do like this golden city of Lanka . But mother and motherland are superior than even heaven . ]


Map of Deoria District of U.P. showing Salempur where our Village Sonbarsa is located

Map of Deoria District – Uttar Pradesh


It was a VIJAYA DASHAMI Day in the month of October 1989. On that fateful day, early in the morning, I left my native place Deoria for Mumbai. Cold breeze of early October morning, though not very chilling , was caressing my body and making me numb . Few close friends came to the station to see me off. I didn’t utter a word, didn’t shed tears but I was on the verge of crying. I got emotional. In my heart I knew that I was leaving my birthplace for ever. Even though I might visit it once or twice in a year, but it would be just a visit. It can’t be, in fact it won’t be same again.

Train chugged out of Deoria station and slowly left the city. I landed in Mumbai next day in the night. From a shaky start to a firm footing of today, it took me 25 long years to accomplish my dream . When I re-visit my last 25 years in Mumbai , I find that it was a tumultuous journey, full of numerous pitfalls, littered with few milestones.

I have 3 type of people in my social circle in Deoria. There are friends, who were sad and concerned for my uncertain future. Then there are enemies, who were happy. My banishment was an unimagined windfall, an uncalled riddance.

There is another group in Deoria. I call then FRENEMIES [ Friend + Enemy ]. They are friends in my presence but become heartless enemies in my absence. They were ecstatic. They were feeling orgasm. They were sure that I was heading for a disaster. They were sure that I am doomed beyond redemption.

For my FRENEMIES, I became subject of ridicule and insult. I was humiliated profusely in front of whole town and became butt of jokes. I was aware of it but thought not to respond. In my earlier years in Mumbai, I lived like a recluse. I lived incommunicado. No one knew about my job or about my whereabouts.

Away from the prying eyes of my FRENEMIES, I was slowly climbing the stairs of success. I was diligently scaling the heights of fame and When I earned a name for myself, I thought that I must do something to make my FRENEMIES realise that their ecstasy was futile. That their orgasm was in vain. That I didn’t perish in an alien land. I thought to share my gain of knowledge with the city of my birth.

Since I train actors , so my contribution could have been in that field only. I decided to give acting training to young aspiring boys and girls of Deoria. It was in a way my answer to all my FRENEMIES. It was a gentle way to say, “look my dear FRENEMIES, I have not perished. I have not failed. I have not degenerated either.”

In these 25 years I have trained 03 boys from Deoria. 03 is definitely not a very impressive number but a small city like Deoria doesn’t have very conducive atmosphere for fine arts.

RAJNEESH GORE : [ Batch No. 38 ] 

Joined September 2009 – Finished December 05, 2009


Rajnish Gore

With Rajneesh Gore in My Previous Office


Rajneesh is my first student from Deoria . He joined me when I was completing 20th year in Mumbai.

His father Shri Shri Chand Gore is a famous journalist and used to write for famous Hindi daily ” Janasatta “. He was lecturer of English Literature in Marwari Inter College, Deoria. Gore sahab is a very dear friend and a respected, reputed figure in the social circle of Deoria.

Rajneesh was in the Batch No. 38 of my previous institute . He, after completing training,  is struggling to make a mark in the tinsel town. He is soft and gentle and can easily fill the void, created by the sad demise of Bharat Bhushan, the star of films like “Baiju Bawra”. Rajneesh Gore is also capable of doing roles, which Amol Palekar used to do during his hey-days.

His only obstacle could be the evil influence of self-proclaimed reincarnations of Stanislavsky. The ill-advice of upstarts of facebook acting institute can derail his journey.

KARAN TRIPATHI : [ Batch No. 83 ]

Joined March 14, 2014 – Finished  July 18, 2014


With Karan Tripathi in My Institute

With Karan Tripathi in My Institute


Karan, my second student of Deoria, is also son of a dear friend of mine . Shri Sudhakar Mani Tripathi is a renowned public figure of Deoria. He used to edit and publish a Hindi weekly ” JAN CHAKSHU “. He is lecturer in B. R. D. Degree College , Deoria and currently the President of  NAGARI PRACHARINI SABHA , Deoria .

Karan was in Batch No. 83 of Vidur Acting Institute . He completed the course in 2014 and working hard to accomplish his dream . He is capable of playing negative and positive roles in Hindi and Bhojpuri serials and films .

If he works hard, plans his moves intelligently and with precision and doesn’t leave the film line in haste, he could be another Pran, the legendary actor. But the “if” is very big “IF” indeed.

CHANDAN RAUNIYAR : [ Batch No. 90 ]

Joined Dec. 05, 2014 – Finished April 10, 2015


With Chandan Rauniyar in My Institute

With Chandan Rauniyar in My Institute


Third boy of Deoria, Chandan, is the son of an acquaintance of mine . His family runs fruit juice shop at Moti Lal Road, Deoria. He was planning to come to Mumbai since long but could manage to came only in 2014 .

He was in Batch No. 90 of Vidur Acting Institute . He completed his course in March 1015 and has started his journey as an actor . He is capable of acting in negative and positive roles in Hindi and Bhojpuri films and serials.

Karan and Chandan joined me in the Silver Jubilee year of my career.



Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate my above mentioned 03 students of DEORIA.

I wish them a brilliant future. Their success will make me proud and will always remind me that my 25 year-long banishment from Deoria was not in vain. It was a risk worth taking.

Even if they don’t accomplish what I see and wish for them, still their existence in Deoria will be a gentle reminder to my FRENEMIES that away from the confines of my well-settled life of Deoria, I struggled hard in an alien place and make a name for myself.

But RAJNEESH GORE, KARAN TRIPATHI and CHANDAN RAUNIYAR can’t fail. They have to succeed. They have to succeed for me. They have to succeed for their own dreams.

तू ज़िन्दा है , तू ज़िन्दगी की जीत पर यक़ीन कर




Barack Obama on Narendra Modi


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 17, 2015           01.25 A.M.

This is not an original blog written by me. It is profile of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi  , written by the 44th President of U.S.A. for magazine. The 166-word piece, written as part of the magazine’s annual ritual of coming out with its list of 100 Most Influential People is being re-produced here.

India’s Prime Minister “transcends the ancient and the modern,” writes President




The article written


Barack Obama

Narendra Modi
By Barack Obama

India’s reformer-in-chief

As a boy, Narendra Modi helped his father sell tea to support their family. Today, he’s the leader of the world’s largest democracy, and his life story—from poverty to Prime Minister—reflects the dynamism and potential of India’s rise.

Determined to help more Indians follow in his path, he’s laid out an ambitious vision to reduce extreme poverty, improve education, empower women and girls and unleash India’s true economic potential while confronting climate change. Like India, he transcends the ancient and the modern—a devotee of yoga who connects with Indian citizens on Twitter and imagines a “digital India.”

When he came to Washington, Narendra and I visited the memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We reflected on the teachings of King and Gandhi and how the diversity of backgrounds and faiths in our countries is a strength we have to protect. Prime Minister Modi recognizes that more than 1 billion Indians living and succeeding together can be an inspiring model for the world.


Shortly after the article appeared on the Time magazine’s website, Prime Minister  Narendra Modi took to Twitter to express his gratitude at the rare gesture :

Dear your words are touching & inspiring. Thanks .



Vidur Acting Institute Logo


I am happy that our Prime Minister is being honoured by world-famous magazine and is being written about by the most influential man on this earth, the President of United States of America .

On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate our Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  .

May he attain greater glories in future!!




Times Celebex Ranking For The Year 2014


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 15, 2015           01.45 A.M.


Times Celebex, a monthly rating index of the stars of Hindi cinema, was started by Times of India in September 2012. Data is collected from 60+ publications and 250+ TV channels. It is being published in Bombay Times on the monthly basis. After end of the year, an annual list is also published.

I have already written 2 blogs about my students, who got featured  in Times Celebex. From this year I have decided to write on it on yearly basis. So this the 1st blog about 2014, the year gone by.


They stand at 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 41st & 42nd position respectively.


So my success rate in 2014 is 24% among the male stars.

Among the 3 Box Office winners, my student ARJUN KAPOOR stands 3rd.

Among the 3 most searched online stars, my student HRITIK ROSHAN stands 3rd.

Among the 5 most followed stars on Social Media, my student HRITIK ROSHAN stands 5th.

And finally among the 5 stars having most Brand Endorsements, my 3 students RANBIR KAPOOR, HRITIK ROSHAN & SAIF ALI KHAN stand 3rd, 4th & 5th.

Top 50 Male Actors

Rank T. Score
Salman Khan 1 552.8
Shah Rukh Khan 2 440.3
Amitabh Bachchan 3 363.6
Akshay Kumar 4 344.5
Hrithik Roshan 5 299.7
Ranbir Kapoor 6 295.9
Aamir Khan 7 295.3
Saif Ali Khan 8 240.1
Arjun Kapoor 9 209.8
Abhishek Bachchan 10 201.9
Varun Dhawan 11 191.4
Ajay Devgn 12 183.4
Ranveer Singh 13 179.5
Farhan Akhtar 14 173.5
Shahid Kapoor 15 150.6
Sidharth Malhotra 16 138.9
Anupam Kher 17 138.8
Riteish Deshmukh 18 138.7
Imran Khan 19 132.2
John Abraham 20 129.5
Boman Irani 21 115.7
Emraan Hashmi 22 104.6
Arjun Rampal 23 96.2
Randeep Hooda 24 96
Sonu Sood 25 93.3
Sanjay Dutt 26 89.9
Yo Yo Honey Singh 27 88.6
Tiger Shroff 28 83.5
Ayushman Khurrana 29 83.3
Rajinikanth 30 82.8
Ali Zafar 31 82.4
Anil Kapoor 32 82
Irrfan Khan 33 81.6
Ram Kapoor 34 76.8
Vir Das 35 70
Dhanush 36 67.4
Govinda 37 66.9
Aditya Roy Kapur 38 65.4
Sushant Singh Rajput 39 61.9
Sunny Deol 40 60.6
Kunal Kapoor 41 56.4
Jimmy Shergill 42 50.6
Rajkummar Rao 43 50.1
Arshad Warsi 44 49
Fawad Khan 45 48.7
Himesh Reshammiya 46 48.3
Jackky Bhagnani 47 42.9
Abhay Deol 48 41.9
Siddharth 49 40.1
Manoj Bajpayee 50 39.1


They stand at 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 24th, 33rd, 38th & 50th position respectively.

So my success rate in 2014 is 20% among the female stars.

Top 50 Female Actors

Rank T. Score
Deepika Padukone 1 476.3
Priyanka Chopra 2 389.2
Katrina Kaif 3 381.3
Kareena Kapoor 4 378.2
Alia Bhatt 5 292.5
Sonakshi Sinha 6 262.6
Sonam Kapoor 7 258.8
Madhuri Dixit 8 256.1
Anushka Sharma 9 243.7
Parineeti Chopra 10 237.8
Yami Gautam 11 218.7
Aishwarya Rai 12 212.9
Vidya Balan 13 209.4
Sunny Leone 14 203.7
Shraddha Kapoor 15 193.4
Kangana Ranaut 16 184.9
Juhi Chawla 17 171.1
Kajol 18 160.6
Nargis Fakhri 19 151.3
Bipasha Basu 20 151.1
Shilpa Shetty 21 145.2
Hema Malini 22 138.8
Ileana Dcruz 23 137
Jacqueline Fernandez 24 117
Preity Zinta 25 110.4
Tamannaah Bhatia 26 100.7
Karisma Kapoor 27 100
Kajal Aggarwal 28 96.2
Rani Mukherjee 29 93.4
Huma Qureshi 30 84.1
Shruti Haasan 31 80.1
Sridevi 32 71.1
Soha Ali Khan 33 65.4
Neha Dhupia 34 63.5
Poonam Pandey 35 63.3
Raveena Tandon 36 61.1
Sushmita Sen 37 59.1
Kalki Koechlin 38 58.9
Neha Sharma 39 58.8
Diana Penty 40 56.1
Hansika Motwani 41 53.9
Mallika Sherawat 42 53.4
Veena Mallik 43 52.8
Kriti Sanon 44 51.6
Sherlyn Chopra 45 50
Aditi Rao Hydari 46 49.6
Rekha 47 48
Tabu 48 47.2
Chitrangada Singh 49 46.1
Sonali Bendre


Among the 3 Box Office winners, my 2 students ANUSHKA SHARMA & JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ stand 1st & 2nd respectively.

Among the 3 most searched online stars, my student KATRINA KAIF stands 2nd.

Among the 5 most followed stars on Social Media, my 2 students PRIYANKA CHOPRA & SONAM KAPOOR stand 2nd & 5th.

And finally among the 5 stars having most Brand Endorsements, my 3 students KATRINA KAIF , KAREENA KAPOOR & PRIYANKA CHOPRA stand 1st , 2nd & 4th.


Thus my 12 students appeared in TIMES CELEBEX list of 50 MALE STARS  and 10  students appeared in TIMES CELEBEX list of 50 FEMALE STARS in 2014 .

Thus total percentage of students , who worked in the year 2014  and featured in the TIMES CELEBEX LIST FOR THE YEAR 2014 , comes to 22% . 

22%  is an impressive percentage considering the fact that every day numerous acting institutes are mushrooming in Mumbai and many of them have no quam in adopting unethical means. Several upstarts are also there, crowing their neck out and cawing loudly to get heard and counted.


Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate my above mentioned 22  students .

May God bless them to attain more success in the coming year !!




Vidur’s Film Diary – March 2015


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 01, 2015           06.00 P.M.

[ DECLARATION : In my film diary, since May 2014, I have started mentioning names of only those students, who respect me as their teacher and accept and regard my contribution in their journey of life. All the other students, who worked this month but are not mentioned here, are the ones, who refuse to acknowledge me in any way. I can sense their abhorrence to my personality. I am not a sweet-talker. So I know that somewhere they were rubbed the wrong way . I also feel their attachment to the people, who claim to be the re-incarnation of Constantine Stanislavsky and are sweeter than any sweet delicacy on this earth . Such students are free from any obligation from my side. GOD BLESS THEM ! ]


My journey continues without such students . It marches ahead without their support . It flourishes despite their criticism and false propaganda . For the full understanding of my body of work in 2013 – 2014 & 2014 – 2015, please watch the 05 video posted below :
1 : ” Jai Ho ” :
2 : ” One By Two ” :
3 – ” O Teri ” & ” Main Tera Hero ” : 
4 – ” Khatron Ke Khiladi – 5 ” : 


Obituary :


 D. Rama Naidu :


A Telugu and Hindi film maker of repute,  Daggubati Rama Naidu died on February 18, 2015 at the age of 79.

He was the founder of Suresh Productions and has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most films produced by an individual, having produced more than 150 films in 13 Indian languages. He also served as a member of parliament for the Bapatala constituency of Guntur District in the 13th Lok Sabha from 1999 to 2004.

In 2012, Ramanaidu was conferred with the third highest civilian award in the Republic of India, the Padma Bhushan, in recognition for his contribution to Telugu cinema . In 2009, he was conferred with the Dada Saheb Phalke Award, the highest award for films in Indian cinema.

Krishna Kalle :


A playback singer of Hindi and Marathi films of 1960s and 1970s, Krishna Kalle died at the age of 74 on March 15, 2015 in Mumbai . Posted a blog on her after her death . Here is the link of the same :

Remembering Krishna Kalle




New Hindi Film Releases & Me :



First Week – March 06


1 – Hey Bro …………………………………………………………… Maninder Singh

………………………………………………………………………………. Hritik Roshan

2 – Coffee Bloom  ………………………………….. Ishwari Bose Bhattacharya

3 – Dirty Politics ……………………………………………………. Darshan Rathod

4 – Badmashiyan – Fun Never Ends  …………………………. X



Second Week – March 13


1 – NH 10 …………………………………………………………….. Anushka Sharma

…………………………………………………………………………….. Darshan Rathod

2 – Lucknowi Ishq ………………………………………………… Karishma Kotak


Third Week – March 20

1 -International Hero …………………………………………………. Jatin Grewal

2 – Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend ……………………………. Divyendu Sharma

3 – Hunterrr ………………………………………………………………. X

4 – Black Home …………………………………………………………… X

5 – Dozakh In Search Of Heaven ………………………………… X


Fourth Week  – March  27

1 – Barkhaa …………………………………………………… Priyanshu Chatterjee

……………………………………………………………………….. Shweta Pandit

……………………………………………………………………….. Ashok Beniwal

2 – Blind People ……………………………………………….. X

3 – Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai ………………………………… X



In total …………… 14 …………….. films got released in March . Out of these ………….. 14 ………… released films ……….. 08 ………… films have …………… 11 ……………. artistes , who are trained by me .

Out of these ………. 11 ……… persons , ………. 09 ……… are actors . And the remaining …………. 02 ………… Darshan Rathod of Sanjeev Darshan fame,  is the music director of  ” NH 10 ” &  ” Dirty Politics ” . He appears twice .



TV Trivia & Me :



1 – Mrunal Jain  is playing an important role in  ” Bandhan …. Sari Umar Hame Sang Rehna Hai “ on Zee TV .

2 – Rohit Khurana is playing an important role in  ” Chatur Aur Chalak , Birbal Aur Viraat “ on Big Magic  .

3 – Kishwar Merchant is playing an important role in  ” Chatur Aur Chalak , Birbal Aur Viraat “ on Big Magic  .

4 – Tarun Khanna is playing an important role in  ” Bharat Ka Veer Putra …… Maharana Pratap “ on Sony TV .

5 – Ankur Nayyar is playing an important role in  ” Mahadev “ on Life OK .

6 – Manav Gohil is playing an important role in  ” Yam Hain Hum “ on Sab TV .

7 – Alan Kapoor is playing an important role in  ” Piya Basanti Re “ on Sony Pal .

8 – Rohit Shetty is hosting  ” Khatron Ke Khiladi – Season 6 “ on Colors .

9 – Nathalia Kaur is participating in  ” Khatron Ke Khiladi – Season 6 “ on Colors .

10- Hussain Kuwajerwala is participating in  ” Khatron Ke Khiladi – Season 6 “ on Colors .



My ……….………. 10 …………….….. students in ………………… 07 ……………. shows on TV .



Theatre & Me :


1 – Chandni Rav  is playing a role in  ” One Coin Please “.

2 – Adhir Bhat  is playing a role in  ” Rafta Rafta “.

3 – Adhir Bhat  is playing a role in  ” The Government Inspector “.

4 – Pratik Kothari is playing a role in  ” Master Builder “.



My …………. 03 ………….. students in ………… 04 …………. plays .



Commercials & Me :


1 – Kareena Kapoor is the  Brand Ambassador of  ” Vivel Soap ” .

2 – Tarun Khanna is the Brand Ambassador of  ” BOI”

3 – Kalki Koechlin is the Brand ambassador of ” Olay Day Cream ” .

4 – Alia Bhatt is the Brand Ambassador of  ” Caprese Hand Bags “.

 5 – John Abraham is the Brand Ambassador of  ” Sofit Soya Milk “.

6 – Varun Dhawan is the Brand Ambassador of  ” Campus Shoes “.

7 – Jacqueline Fernandez is the Brand Ambassador of  ” Scholl Footcare & Hygiene Brand “.


My ………….. 07 …………… students in …………… 07 …………… commercial campaigns .


My 11 students appeared in 08 films , 10 students in 07 TV shows , 03 students in 04 plays and 07 students appeared in 07 Ads also . Thus total number of students working in the month of March, 2015 comes to 31. It was 27 in July 2014 and 20 in August .

31 is a good number considering the fact that I have eliminated names of so many students . It is more that the numbers of July & August 2014 , when I used to include all my students .

Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate my above mentioned 31 students .

May God bless them and they shine in their chosen field .





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