3 Boys From Deoria : ज़िन्दगी की जीत पर यक़ीन


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           APRIL 26, 2015           11.55 P.M.


अपि स्वर्णमयी लंका रोचते मम लक्ष्मण ,
जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी  ।।

[ O Lakshman , I do like this golden city of Lanka . But mother and motherland are superior than even heaven . ]


Map of Deoria District of U.P. showing Salempur where our Village Sonbarsa is located

Map of Deoria District – Uttar Pradesh


It was a VIJAYA DASHAMI Day in the month of October 1989. On that fateful day, early in the morning, I left my native place Deoria for Mumbai. Cold breeze of early October morning, though not very chilling , was caressing my body and making me numb . Few close friends came to the station to see me off. I didn’t utter a word, didn’t shed tears but I was on the verge of crying. I got emotional. In my heart I knew that I was leaving my birthplace for ever. Even though I might visit it once or twice in a year, but it would be just a visit. It can’t be, in fact it won’t be same again.

Train chugged out of Deoria station and slowly left the city. I landed in Mumbai next day in the night. From a shaky start to a firm footing of today, it took me 25 long years to accomplish my dream . When I re-visit my last 25 years in Mumbai , I find that it was a tumultuous journey, full of numerous pitfalls, littered with few milestones.

I have 3 type of people in my social circle in Deoria. There are friends, who were sad and concerned for my uncertain future. Then there are enemies, who were happy. My banishment was an unimagined windfall, an uncalled riddance.

There is another group in Deoria. I call then FRENEMIES [ Friend + Enemy ]. They are friends in my presence but become heartless enemies in my absence. They were ecstatic. They were feeling orgasm. They were sure that I was heading for a disaster. They were sure that I am doomed beyond redemption.

For my FRENEMIES, I became subject of ridicule and insult. I was humiliated profusely in front of whole town and became butt of jokes. I was aware of it but thought not to respond. In my earlier years in Mumbai, I lived like a recluse. I lived incommunicado. No one knew about my job or about my whereabouts.

Away from the prying eyes of my FRENEMIES, I was slowly climbing the stairs of success. I was diligently scaling the heights of fame and When I earned a name for myself, I thought that I must do something to make my FRENEMIES realise that their ecstasy was futile. That their orgasm was in vain. That I didn’t perish in an alien land. I thought to share my gain of knowledge with the city of my birth.

Since I train actors , so my contribution could have been in that field only. I decided to give acting training to young aspiring boys and girls of Deoria. It was in a way my answer to all my FRENEMIES. It was a gentle way to say, “look my dear FRENEMIES, I have not perished. I have not failed. I have not degenerated either.”

In these 25 years I have trained 03 boys from Deoria. 03 is definitely not a very impressive number but a small city like Deoria doesn’t have very conducive atmosphere for fine arts.

RAJNEESH GORE : [ Batch No. 38 ] 

Joined September 2009 – Finished December 05, 2009


Rajnish Gore

With Rajneesh Gore in My Previous Office


Rajneesh is my first student from Deoria . He joined me when I was completing 20th year in Mumbai.

His father Shri Shri Chand Gore is a famous journalist and used to write for famous Hindi daily ” Janasatta “. He was lecturer of English Literature in Marwari Inter College, Deoria. Gore sahab is a very dear friend and a respected, reputed figure in the social circle of Deoria.

Rajneesh was in the Batch No. 38 of my previous institute . He, after completing training,  is struggling to make a mark in the tinsel town. He is soft and gentle and can easily fill the void, created by the sad demise of Bharat Bhushan, the star of films like “Baiju Bawra”. Rajneesh Gore is also capable of doing roles, which Amol Palekar used to do during his hey-days.

His only obstacle could be the evil influence of self-proclaimed reincarnations of Stanislavsky. The ill-advice of upstarts of facebook acting institute can derail his journey.

KARAN TRIPATHI : [ Batch No. 83 ]

Joined March 14, 2014 – Finished  July 18, 2014


With Karan Tripathi in My Institute

With Karan Tripathi in My Institute


Karan, my second student of Deoria, is also son of a dear friend of mine . Shri Sudhakar Mani Tripathi is a renowned public figure of Deoria. He used to edit and publish a Hindi weekly ” JAN CHAKSHU “. He is lecturer in B. R. D. Degree College , Deoria and currently the President of  NAGARI PRACHARINI SABHA , Deoria .

Karan was in Batch No. 83 of Vidur Acting Institute . He completed the course in 2014 and working hard to accomplish his dream . He is capable of playing negative and positive roles in Hindi and Bhojpuri serials and films .

If he works hard, plans his moves intelligently and with precision and doesn’t leave the film line in haste, he could be another Pran, the legendary actor. But the “if” is very big “IF” indeed.

CHANDAN RAUNIYAR : [ Batch No. 90 ]

Joined Dec. 05, 2014 – Finished April 10, 2015


With Chandan Rauniyar in My Institute

With Chandan Rauniyar in My Institute


Third boy of Deoria, Chandan, is the son of an acquaintance of mine . His family runs fruit juice shop at Moti Lal Road, Deoria. He was planning to come to Mumbai since long but could manage to came only in 2014 .

He was in Batch No. 90 of Vidur Acting Institute . He completed his course in March 1015 and has started his journey as an actor . He is capable of acting in negative and positive roles in Hindi and Bhojpuri films and serials.

Karan and Chandan joined me in the Silver Jubilee year of my career.



Vidur Acting Institute Logo


On behalf of all the students & staff of VIDUR Acting Institute , VIDUR Editing Studio , VIDUR Club and VIDUR Merchandise, I congratulate my above mentioned 03 students of DEORIA.

I wish them a brilliant future. Their success will make me proud and will always remind me that my 25 year-long banishment from Deoria was not in vain. It was a risk worth taking.

Even if they don’t accomplish what I see and wish for them, still their existence in Deoria will be a gentle reminder to my FRENEMIES that away from the confines of my well-settled life of Deoria, I struggled hard in an alien place and make a name for myself.

But RAJNEESH GORE, KARAN TRIPATHI and CHANDAN RAUNIYAR can’t fail. They have to succeed. They have to succeed for me. They have to succeed for their own dreams.

तू ज़िन्दा है , तू ज़िन्दगी की जीत पर यक़ीन कर












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